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Bitstarz - Softswiss disable any my account on platform


Declined - There do not appear to be any funds in contention with this issue. As such this is not an appropriate issue for ADR review.

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Player's Complaint

Hello all

As I understand it, softswiss took action and unilaterally disabled my accounts in all casinos on the softswiss platform. Iam can not login at any account on platform. At casino any company N1group, Hollycorn NV, Dama. I have been a regular customer of the casino on their platform for more than seven years. What caused the decision to disable my accounts, I do not understand. My game was conducted within the rules of the casino and I did not violate them. It is a mystery to me how I offended the softswiss platform, that such a decision was made without notification of the intention to do so. I was a player for seven years and this is how they treat their regulars? Why did they do this without even giving a chance to solve the situation??? If you can help me with my question, please let me know. Softswiss ignores my messages.

Best regards,

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5 Responses

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January 29, 2023

Hi dolphin777 - welcome back.

Every private business has the right to decline any person's custom for any reason that is no discriminatory. Unless the operator has confiscated funds from you, we would not take any role in discussing why your account was closed.



User icon
January 29, 2023

Hello, the Pogg!

Thanks for the comment.

I know this rule. You play, make deposits, you are unlucky, you have a low RTP - 40% in slots. You keep playing expecting that in the long run, your RTP will come to the stated 95%, but you get blocked. When a big win is close. And you have no chance to increase your RTP and return part of the deposits.

Not fair.

User icon
January 30, 2023

Hi dolphin777,

RTP does not work like that. No individual player is 'due' to end up at any game's RTP. It is an average across all players. Some will end up far below the stated RTP. Others will end-up above it.

And it doesn't matter where you play the game. As long as it has the same RTP setting, it is the same. The individual licensee makes no difference what-so-ever. Play the game at N1 Casino, Betsson, Bet365, it makes no difference. So if one closes your account, you lose nothing.

Also, it is dangerous to think that simply because your RTP has been below the stated average up till now that you are 'due' a win to move you closer to the RTP. Past events have no impact on the future in the vast majority of gambling games. The house always has an edge. On every bet. The more you play, the more that you are likely to lose. I'd recommend you read our article on the Gambler's Fallacy - Why 'Due' is a Lie to gain a deeper understanding of this issue.



User icon
February 1, 2023

Yes, I agree with you. Of course, the reason for this discussion is not because of RTP)))

Today, there are very few decent platforms left that accept players from my country. Betsson, Bet365, WHG, Aspire Global and more other, either closed access to players from Belarus or is blocked by an Internet provider, and you can’t play with VPN. There was only softswiss left.... And suddenly a blocking on their part, without violations, I was not financially profitable. 95% of my game was in the casino of their platform... My goal is to find out if there is a way to fix the situation. Playing at Softswiss Casino, I was sure that if the rules were not violated, I would be able to get my funds.

There is no desire to play in dubious casinos that will not pay the winnings if it happens (((( Where play now((((

If you can help I would be grateful. If not, then the case can be closed.

Thanks Pogg

User icon
February 4, 2023

Hi dolphin777,

I'm afraid we would not impose ourselves on an operator's lawful decision regarding which customers they are willing to accept play from.



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January 29, 2023

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