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Bitstarz - will not pay out


Declined - This player has once again failed to confirm that they are in fact willing to abide by our terms and conditions. As such this complaint has been declined.

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Player's Complaint

Hey first of all i would like to apologise for the first time i tried this, i do have a horrible temper and no patients!! None the less its no excuse for the way i acted, so sincere apologies.

Bitstarz will not reply to my emails, grant me a phone call or pay out my winnings that i won fair and square.

They have put foward false allegations regarding my bank card, a letter from my bank and saying i had multiple accounts when i have never nor has anyone ever used same computer, tablet, phone or laptop i have used to play on bitstarz before.

I can provide emails proving that there was no issue with my account or I.D before i won this 42,000 AUD and tried to withdraw 35,500. I was able to withdraw and deposit for the past 12 months but as soon as i have this big win, there's all of a sudden an issue with my I.D and then i had to start showing cards that i had not used in some cases nearly 12 months!!

I was upset and angry at having to do this most of the reason for that being there was no issue like previously stated above. So yes i do agree i may have been rude at times, annoying to them and there managers but i just couldn't believe this was the casino that i had come to not only like the best but have the most trust in. So yes i do agree with bitstarz decesion to close my account on me being rude to them, how ever i do not think this justifys or is any rule as them being allowed to confiscate any amount of money let alone that big amount on the account of a player being rude to them. Because if that was a rule no one would ever get paid, there the business that are suppose to be professional, elegant, polite and treating customers like they matter. As i stated above yes i was rude but they were just as bad to me they mocked me, made fun of me and the situation then continued to taunt me saying ill never see a dollar of my winnings.

Next part is although i was not happy i supplied all documentation to them as they asked got to the last document (yes i do have proof of what im claiming next) and they told me on several occasions as soon as i supplied this last bank letter they would process my withdrawal immediately. so i still was not happy argued about this letter until finally i went and got the letter proving this particular card that had been lost weeks prior to this and replaced by my bank, i even got them to sign it and stamp it with there stamp so it could be dated with no issues. I supplied this document to never receive an email back still to this day let alone receive there promise as soon as it was sent in id have my money.

Now they are claiming i fraudulently wrote this letter myself, docked the stamp, and banks logo and put it all together. Although they never replied and said that just said it 2 days ago when tried to lodge a complaint against them. They are trying to say the card belongs to someone else cause of a google auto fill mistake that put the wrong name in.

now i have 2 things to say about this-

1. Why and how do they let a card go through there system with the wrong name then whats on the card?

2. Where is this proof i forged the letter cause im willing to take you into my bank with me so you can be told in person face to face.

Mind you all of this when my account was fully verified for 6 months plus prior to this big win and the card they are questioning was not even the card i made the deposit from, resulting in the 42,000 AUD win. They never even asked for the card i had used until i made a big deal about it, then they where like oh yeah we will have that one to.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully help me out. i hope you are having a wonderful day/evening where ever yous are. sincerely [EDIT]

P.S. I dont care how long this takes or what i have to do for yas to say thankyou

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1 Responses

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September 27, 2017

Hi bannister003,

Before I go any further I need you to confirm that you understand and agree not to post any accusations within this thread. This includes asserting that the operator has engaged in illegal activity. While I appreciate the tone of your post is a significant improvement on last time round, I've still had to edit out some content.

If you're happy to agree to that I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out.



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September 27, 2017

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