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Black Label - Ripped Off


Resolved - The submitting complainant has informed us that this issue has been resolved and that they have received their funds.

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Player's Complaint

I wish I had read the reviews on Black Label over a year ago . I am someone with a gambling problem I will freely admit this . It is why I joined Black Label as they accept players from who are Gamstop Registered and banned from playing legitimate casinos. Anyway to cut a long story short I have lost about £8000.00 on Black Label and never won a penny back. I validated my account about 1 year ago with them . A few days ago I finally got to the stage I could withdraw and asked for £100.00 back . They sent me an email asking to validate my account ( which I did over a year ago ) and also add the SEVEN various cards I had previously used . I do not even have some of the cards any more so they said it can't go ahead unless I do as they say . I have lost 8 grand and only asked for a measly £100 back and this is how they have treated me . I have now seen your review and can see why they are doing what they do . My username on Black Label is [EDIT] .

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7 Responses

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August 27, 2021

Hi must be unlucky - welcome to!

Please ensure you have read our Complaint Guidance to ensure that you fully understand how our complaint management process functions.

As a UK citizen you should only be playing with operators that hold a UKGC license. Black Label Casino do not hold a UKGC license and as such are breaking UK law by accepting your custom.

Unfortunately you have chosen to play with an operator that is both negatively listed with this service and who has historically been non-cooperative with complaints submitted to us. While we will try to contact the operator on your behalf the chances of a successful mediation are low.

Before we go any further - why do you not have the cards in question?

You may find our free Responsible Gambling app BetBlocker useful. It allows users to restrict their internet capable devices from accessing over 12k gambling operator websites for between 24 hours and 5 years.



User icon
August 27, 2021

They are asking for seven different credit and debit cards . Some of the card numbers no longer exits as I had to cancel them with my bank as money was going out my account with out my consent so these card numbers no longer exist . I have about 5 of the cards now they are asking for but they are demanding all seven which is now impossible for me to do . I have been back on and told them I am never playing on that site again in fact I am stopping online gambling,

Thank you for your reply

I do not hold any hope of them ever replying or giving anything back even now I know they have been braking the law .

User icon
August 29, 2021

Hi must be lucky,

If you contact your bank they will be able to provide proof of ownership of the previously discarded cards.

Once you've provided this let us know and we'll follow-up with the operator.



User icon
August 31, 2021

I have had more email correspondence from this casino. They have said they will pay me 500 euro compensation . in one email they say it will be paid in 5 day's then in another email they say it will take up to 14 days . I have verified my account now with them . I do not believe they will pay me anything at all and I think I have a case for a cashback claim with VISA / and also will be speaking with the SEPA Payment scheme. They know they are in the wrong and are probably worried about payments to the merchant they use being blocked . this is not my fault I have gave them more than enough chances to sort all this out . If you have any other recommendations I would be happy to read and consider them thank you .

User icon
September 1, 2021

I have just checked my bank statement and to my horror I have discovered all this time my payments have been going to different places all the time . this is an obvious scam . what would you do now ? call the fraud team at banks ?

17/08/2021 CARD PAYMENT TO LEAHS DRIED FRUITS,46.92 USD, RATE 0.72/GBP ON 12-08-2021 NON-STERLING TRA £35.00 £0.00

17/08/2021 CARD PAYMENT TO L HOMME NIGERIAN,58.65 USD, RATE 0.72/GBP ON 12-08-2021 NON-STERLING TRANS £43.75 £35.00

17/08/2021 CARD PAYMENT TO BAGS AND LEATHER WORKS,58.66 USD, RATE 0.72/GBP ON 12-08-2021 NON-STERLING £43.75 £78.75

17/08/2021 CARD PAYMENT TO SIMBA CARGO TRANSPORTA,58.65 USD, RATE 0.72/GBP ON 12-08-2021 NON-STERLING £43.75 £122.50

User icon
September 3, 2021

I Have been paid 500 Euro today by Black Laabel casino . I will consider this matter now closed and take it on the chin regarding the other money I lost . something is better than nothing so it's done and dusted . Thank you for looking at my complaint

User icon
September 5, 2021

Hi must-be-unlucky,

Where you play with unlicensed operators, they will use inaccurate descriptors on the payments. Otherwise the banks would not process the payments.

We have had no response from Black Label casino to date. I'm glad to hear you've managed to some of your funds returned.


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August 27, 2021

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