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BlueLions – Failure games


Found for the Player - Despite our repeated efforts to contact this operator, Blue Lions Casino offered no response to this complaint. The players testimony seems fairly damning and as a result of this complaint this operator's properties have been moved to Not Recommended status.

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Player's Complaint

I played months ago at BlueLions. Since the first day there were problems with one game. Unfortunately the game I like the most. Very often winnings were displayed but the winnings weren't credited to the balance, games didn't start but the wager was billed or games crashed with different error messages. I have made a lot of screenshots of this issue and I have many emails/chat sessions written by the support, that these problems happened.

The first time the support credited back some missing funds, but they couldn't find out what went wrong and I can understand that they are not responsible for failures of the 3rd party games if this is the case. But they are my only contact to solve this issue.

They credited me the missing funds of the winnings in some cases without getting it back from the provider, they told me. The games, that didn't start or crash, I had to pay on my own.

The software provider itself said by information of the support there is no error, but that is not correct. I have hundreds of screenshots with gaming errors etc as I mentioned above.

After a longer break I started playing again at BlueLions and at Play7777 (sister casino) thinking the problem is solved, because there was an update.

I deposited round about 1000,- Euro but the problems at both casinos were still there.

In two weeks winnings and failure games occur again one day very often; the other day nearly without failures. It is not reproducible with a structure. It happens randomly. Many winnings (small and bigger ones) weren't credited to the balance, spins were billed without a game etc., so every time my balance went down and I never got back the missing funds. I received only a free small bonus which does not fit to the missing funds. All in all the missing funds were much higher as my deposits, which is really frustrating, because it is a loss of my money.

After contacting the chat in two cases this week, the support agents could see the missing winnings for the first time, and so they were listed in their logfile. So it is definitely an issue with the software.

I received those failure games with different computers and different internet connections.

Support wanted to contact the software provider again to clarify this with the new information, but a relevant answer from the provider is missing or is not delivered to me, they told me. Every time they say, they will check the issue but a final information they do not give. Now they do not respond anymore.

Most of the time their support is very friendly and they tried to help. But actually there is no way to solve this issue. It concerns only the issue with one game and the only thing i want is to get my deposits of the time after the break at both casinos and not my missing winnings (much more) back and then I am fine with this issue.

Because I finally not know 100% if the problem is caused by the casino or by the provider I don't want to mention the concerning game at this time and I don't want to accuse anybody when I am not sure, who is responsible for this issue.

This is my first complaint in years of gambling activity and I only want to have a fair solution.

If you need further information like screenshots, emails, chat sessions and username, please inform me accordingly how to provide it.

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8 Responses

Oct 29, 2016

Hi thecreativegambler - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

The first thing to say is that to do anything about this issue I will need to know which game you were playing.

Moving on, it would be very helpful if you forward everything you've gathered, including the username and email address you use at BlueLion on to webmaster@thepogg.com.

Finally, while I can't make conclusive statements not having gathered and reviewed the full case file, if there have been errors that have cost you money there is NO onus on you to cover that expense. If the provider refuses to refund the operator for the issue, that's on the operator. They need to make clear to the provider that non-payment for an error with their game in unacceptable.



Oct 29, 2016


i have sent you two emails with account information you need and a couple of screenshots with failure messages of the concerning game. Did you receive them?

Thanks a lot for your fast reply and your support in this case.

Kindest regards


Oct 29, 2016


because i do not know if you have received my emails here are the usernames and further information.

Blue Lions Casino: [EDIT]
Play7777: [EDIT]

The used email is the same i use at ThePogg.

The game i played you can see in the screenshots i have sent to you by email.

Just to clarify: Before my pause at Blue Lions Casino they refunded most of the missing funds.

After the break they told me that they think it is a problem with my computer, what in my opinion can't be, because i used different computers and internet connections with the same problems. The games are only displayed on my computers, but they will be processed on their platform. So how could my computer affect the crediting?

In the last weeks after the break i have spent nearly 1000,- Euros. More than the same amount wasn't creditet by missing winnings. Because they told me it is a problem with my computer, i tried to accept this.

But if in avarage every 20th winning game is not credited to the balance etc, the whole amount exeeded a limit for me that is totally too heavy. I have played thousands of spins.

Small winnings like 4,-,8,-,16,- Euro or bigger ones like 75,-, that are lost in the width of their platform sum up to much more than 1000,- Euro.

Nearly everyday i wrote them this information, but they didn't answer.

At the beginning of this week i contacted the chat, because it was available at that time.

Then suddenly they confirmed me, that they could see the last missing winning. They checked it and they credited the missing 20,- Euro only in this one case. I have a screenshot containing this conversation.

The next one they confirmed too, but no refund did happen, last information i got is, that they will contact the provider again, but still no answer.

The only thing i got was a 100,- Euro Bonus with wager after many complaints written to the suport.

But this fits never ever to the missing funds.

Just to find a fair solution, i offered them to refund my deposits of the last weeks, because in my opinion i am in no way responsible for these problems.

Unfortunately every request ended up in no communication.

That is quite frustrating.

Nov 05, 2016

In the meantime i have played the same game at different casinos. Not only one error occured there.

Nov 13, 2016


are there any information in the meantime?


Nov 17, 2016

After a while i deposited 100,- again. And the errors occur again immediately. I have sent you a mail with an error screenshot and i tried to contact the support again. I would like to escalate this issue now, because this can't be. If you have any advice, please let me know.

Nov 28, 2016

Hi thecreativegambler,

Just to update you, I've repeatedly attempted to contact Blue Lions casino and received no response. I've set a deadline of this Friday for them to respond.

I'll let you know if I hear anything.


Dec 05, 2016

Hi thecreativegambler,

Unfortunately BlueLions casino, despite our repeated efforts to contact them, has declined to offer any response to this complaint what-so-ever.

I'm sorry we couldn't be of more help.


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