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Bob Casino - does not want to recognize my win


Found for the Casino - After a thorough review of this player's account activity records - which have been verified by the software provider - we can find no evidence to support the player's claim.

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Player's Complaint



I played January 27 on the Bob casino site for a few hours, and I won a massive payout of around $ 8,500 on a Gem Splitter slot machine.I remember very well I was overjoyed, j continued to play and increased my balance to around $ 12,000. I continued to play a bit suddenly the system made a bug and I was asked to reconnect, I did indeed update my browser (refresh) and what I saw was just unreal my balance was decreased to around $ 4,300 without being able to play as much. I was in my mess and tried contacting bob casino's online chat, waited a long time to get them and they asked me to write an explanatory email, something I did with the details I had in my possession, and I did not know that the saga has just started, they ignore my gain so much, they do not want to recognize it, they told me that the gain is not in the history of my play. I then requested a report of my play history on January 27, 2021, they provided it to me, surprise all the bets are there except the big gain of about $ 8,500, c is there that I understood that something is happening, I exchanged more than forty emails with the support service of this casino but unfortunately the problem is still not resolved and still they just want to bury my winnings. They asked me for details of the exact game time to the second ready, balance before and balance after, screenshots, game ID etc ,,, this is information impossible to remember given the speed at which we play. I gave as much detail as I could I even went a long way in giving them the result of the Gem Splitter game that came out with this gain of over $ 8,500, but they just don't want to listen and take my request seriously. , I'm so frustrated, angry and with no way to defend myself.

I respectfully ask you to shed some light on this situation and recover my [EDIT] right, they (the casino) have abused their authority by asking me these kinds of details to recognize a gain, but I for my part have no control over machines and games, I can just answer their questions as best I can remember. But this gain is impossible to forget because I even jumped for joy but unfortunately it does not appear anywhere in the history that the casino had provided me. Is it fair that the casino is engaging in questionable practices like this?

Thank you for your understanding !


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11 Responses

February 10, 2021

Hi jskfcb2020 - welcome to!

As we are the ADR for the N1 Interactive Ltd license under the Malta Gaming Authority license there is certain information we have to provide you now.

You can find all the relevant information about this service here – and the terms of use for our complaint service here -

To summarise.

– Use of this service does not preclude your seeking redress through court proceedings .

– This service is free to use for both the complainant and operator.

– At any point during the procedure the submitting party retains the right to withdraw their complaint. This does not preclude our right to continue the discussion with the involved operator of general issues related to the complaint (i.e. insufficiently clear terms and conditions).

– You are not obliged to obtain independent or legal advice or representation, though you may choose to do so.

If you have any questions about the above, let me know.

Firstly, this is an English language service. You need to use freely available translation tools before you post any further information to this complaint file,

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.



March 28, 2021

Hi jskfcb2020,

We are going to need more detail from you here to move our investigation forward.

What time approximately did the win occur?

What time did the drop in balance occur?

Did you continue playing after the drop in balance?

Did you contact support immediately?



March 29, 2021


- The victory took place on January 27, 2021 between 01h00 and 05h30 UTC I am not able to give the exact moment because the game is so fast.

- The loss of balance occurred in the same time slot, between 01h00 and 05h30 UTC, once again I am unable to tell you exactly when the incident occurred.

- What I can confirm to you with exactitude is my winning of around $ 8,300 on the gem splitter machine with a stake of $ 45, I can even tell you the result of the winning game (quadruple green diamonds on all reels), unfortunately I did not take a screenshot and that is the problem, as this amount does not appear anywhere in the game history that the casino provided to me.

- Yes I contacted the casino's online support, but I did not get support quickly, after several minutes of waiting I had someone who just asked me to send an email.

- Obviously I continued to play the $ 4500 remaining in my account and I lost everything.

- Note that the balace before the incident exceeded $ 12,500, it went down to $ 4,500 or $ 4,300 after I received a message asking me to reconnect to my account, in my mind I thought it was was a simple bug, but unfortunately it was a total loss of my gain.

- The next day I started an endless series of discussions with the casino, sending e-mails, messages on the chat etc ,,, but unfortunately I did not find an agreement with them.

- What is bizarre in this whole story and what I can not understand is: how the gain does not appear on the history of my game that the casino had provided me? no bet of $ 45 with a payout exceeding $ 8,300 is included.

I am really frustrated and confused since that day the casino is normally responsible for paying out all winnings, I really can't prove them with screenshots as I haven't thought of that. The casino had asked me several times to give them screenshots, and insists and asks me for very precise details, impossible for me to provide up to the minute and to the dollar these details, they simply ignored to recognize my gain, since they did not include it in the history.

- I believed that bob casino is a reliable and professional site trusting them to play on their platform, but unfortunately after this disturbing experience with them, I highly doubt the sincerity of this casino and I wish that light be shed on this story , and that these questionable practices cease. This story has caused me a lot of trouble since January 27, 2021 and the matter is still not settled.

Thank you!

March 29, 2021


- La victoire a eu lieu le 27 janvier 2021 entre 01h00 et 5h30 heure UTC je ne suis pas capable de donner le moment exact car le jeu est tellement rapide.

- La perte d'équilibre s'est produite dans la mème plage horaire soit entre 01h00 et 5h30 heure UTC, encore une fois je suis incapable de vous dire avec exctitude le moment de l'incident.

- Ce que je peux vous confirmer avec exctitude est mon gain d'environ 8300$ sur la machine gem splitter avec une mise de 45 $, je peux mème vous dire le résultat du jeu gagnant (diamants verts quadruple sur tous les rouleaux), malheureusement je n'ai pas pris de capture d'écran et c'est là le problème, car ce montant ne figure nul part dans l'historique de jeux que kle casino m'avait fourni.

- Oui j'ai contacté le support en ligne du casino, mais je n'ai pas eu de support rapidement, après plusieurs minutes d'attente, j'ai eu quelqu'un qui m'a demandé simplement d'envoyer un courriel.

- Évidemment j'ai continué à jouer les 4500$ restant dans mon compte et j'ai tout perdu.

- À noter que la balace avant l'incident dépassait 12500$ , elle est descendu à 4500 ou 4300 $ après que j'ai recu un message qui me demandent de me reconnecter de nouveau à mon compte, dans mon esprit je croyais que c'était un simple beug, mais malheureusement c'était une suppression totale de mon gain.

- Le lendemain j'ai commencé une série interminable de discussions avec le casino, envoi de courriel, messages sur le chat etc,,, mais malheureusement je n'ai pas trouvé d'entente avec eux.

- Ce qui est bisarre dans toute cette histoire et ce que je n'arrive pas à comprendre est: comment le gain ne figure pas sur l'historique de mon jeu que le casino m'avait fourni? aucune mise de 45 $ avec un gain dépassant les 8300$ n'y figure.

Je suis vraiment frustré et confu depuis ce jour là, le casino est normalement responsable de payer tous les gains, je ne peux vraiment pas leur prouver avec des captures d'écran car je n'ai pas pensé à cela. Le casino m'avait demandé à plusieurs reprises de leur donner des captures d'écran, et insiste et me demande des détails très précis, impossible pour moi de fournir à la minute prète et au dollar près ces détails, ils ont simplement ignoré de reconnaitre mon gain, puisqu'ils ne l'ont pas inclus dans l'historique.

- Je croyais que bob casino est un site fiable et professionnel en leur faisant confiance de jouer sur leur plateforme, mais malheureusement après cette expérience troublante avec eux, je doute fortement de la sincérité de ce casino et je souhaite que lumière soit faite sur cette histoire, et que ces pratiques douteuses cessent. Cette histoire m'a causé beaucoup d'ennuis depuis le 27 janvier 2021 et l'affaire n'est toujours pas réglée.


April 4, 2021

Hi Jskfcb2020,

There's a difference between not being able to give an exact time and only being able to give a vague time. It is understandable that you cannot remember the exact point where you believe this win occurred, but only being able to narrow it down to a 5 hour window really does not help identify if an error occurred.

You state that Live Chat responded "after several minutes". Your first contact with Live Chat regarding this issue was at 05:18:52 UTC. You claim you had to wait several minutes before a response. The last round of play prior to this point was at 05:05:20 UTC and was not on Gem Splitter. In fact you had not played at all on Gem Splitter since 01:59:01 UTC. You take a short break after this last round on Gem Splitter - approximately 20min - then play effectively continuously until 05:05:20. This suggests that you actually waited 3 hours after any potential issue before contacting support. Is that correct? Did you contact Live Chat immediately after this issue or did you continue playing? Did you continue playing Gem Splitter after this issue? Or was the problem round your last round on Gem Splitter?

Without more detail regarding how event unfolded it is effectively impossible to investigate this issue.



April 8, 2021


I think what you are asking me is out of my control, indeed I can confirm to you that I tried to contact the live chat immediately after this problem, I waited several minutes without being able to speak to anyone, I continued to play other games.

I have already sent you the history of my games that the casino had provided, everything seems normal in the course of the games EXCEPT the big win that I won on Gem splitter with a bet of $ 45 this is exactly where we are sees the main problem, this win and this bet do not appear anywhere in this history, is it normal? The casino asked for several details that I provided, the problem is that they have completely deleted this part of the game, it is IRRESPONSIBLE of them.

It seems to me that the ideal is to contact the game provider Gem splitter to have the exact history of paid and unpaid winnings for this day of January 27, 2021, otherwise I have no idea and I am powerless in front of this scam , Can you help me please?

April 11, 2021

Hi Jskfcb2020,

We are not asking for unreasonable levels of detail here. Did you wait hours after the issue to contact support? Did you continue playing Gem Splitter after the issue? Or was the problem round the last round you played on Gem Splitter?

These are really basic questions and YOU are the party best placed to answer them. We're happy to try to help you, but if you cannot even provide this level of basic information our hands are tied.


April 14, 2021


Oui j'ai continué à jouer sur gem splitter après avoir contacte le chat du service à la clientèle et comme je n'ai pas pu les avoir , j'ai continué à jouer à gem splitter et d'autres jeux, jusqu'à ce que mob solde est réduit à zéro. C'est normal de se sentirfrustré parceque le casino ne veut pas reconnaître mon gain!

Merci de votre aide j'espère que la lumière soit faite sur cet incident et que mon gain sera payé.

April 18, 2021

Hi Jskfcb2020,

This is an English language service. You need to use one of the freely available online translation tools if you wish to provide information.



April 21, 2021


Yes I kept playing gem splitter after contacting customer service chat and since I couldn't get them I kept playing gem splitter and other games until that mob balance is reduced to zero. It's okay to feel frustrated because the casino won't recognize my win!

Thank you for your help I hope that the light is shed on this incident and that my winnings will be paid.

April 25, 2021

Hi Jskfcb2020,

I've reviewed this matter with the operator and sadly we will be unable to uphold your claim. The play records - which have been confirmed as accurate by the software provider in question - do not show any indications of the situation you describe.

To provide a brief outline of events:

On the 27/01 you started playing Gem Splitter at 01:37:02 server time. The last round you played on this game was at 01:59:01 (your balance at this point was €3278.19).

At this point there is a brief break in play until 02:21:23 when you start playing Jane Jones (your balance on restarting matched that of your balance when you stopped of €3278.19). You then play on Jane Jones and Aztec Spell until 03:11:15 (your balance at this point was €4330.62) when you took another break until 03:56:44 where you started playing Triple Tiger (your balance on restarting play was €4330.62). At this point, you play various games until 05:05:20.

Your first contact with Live Support regarding this matter occurs at 05:07:54. So your contact with Live Chat raising this issue occurs 2 minutes after you finish playing Triple Tiger. It's fair to assume that the contested play did not occur in the space of 2 minutes. In fact the only points where this play could possibly have occurred - as you were playing other games at all other times - is either between 03:11:15 and 03:56:44 or between 01:37:02 and 01:59:01. In either situation you waited hours after the claimed game error to contact support. This is not simply a delay in support answering, this is hours. As already highlighted, when you choose to play on rather than reporting an issue of this nature, trying to pin point what has happened becomes very challenging.

Further to this however, the matching balances at the point of stopping play and restarting precludes real money play having taken place in between. The chances of you having landed on the same balance upon restarting if play had taken place in these periods is small.

All we could suggest - given the above and the verification of the software provider - is that you have inadvertently become logged out, probably during the time period for your first break in play, and have been playing the free version of the game rather than the real play version.

Sorry we cannot be of further help.


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February 10, 2021

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