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Boyle Casino not playing fair – everyone please read


Boyle casino responded quickly and fully to this complaint, demonstrating that the term that was breached by the player was in fact readily available and easy to find.

Read out Boyle Casino Review.

Player's Complaint

I have had an account with Boyle since 2008. On the 3rd of April they selected me and e-mailed me with a big casino bonus offer. I guess they thought they could take some money off me assuming me to be a mug punter. I didn't seek this bonus they took it into my house via email. I decided to take the gamble and over the next few days lost several thousand pounds. Whoever created the bonus and chose me must have been really smiling.

But then I got lucky and turned a £350 deposit into £4467. I read the terms and conditions and adhered to them. I was shocked when they confiscated my winnings. They said I built my funds on low risk games and strategies. Except, I didn't. I was playing roulette and was betting my entire balance on just a few numbers each spin. The first spin covered just 5 of 37 numbers. Someone please tell me I haven't been teleported to OPPOSITE WORLD because unless my brain has turned to into scrambled egg this is clearly very high risk. NOT LOW RISK. Especially as I continued and gambled the whole balance again on a similar bet.

Quit while you are ahead! So I switched to slots but now it seems playing slots which counts 100% towards the wagering and has a huge house edge is a breach. I understand these terms are there to protect the casino but clearly in this case the casino is simply using the terms as a tool not to pay out winnings. Its good business for them. It's extremely mean spirited though especially considering I already gave them a few grand that week. But most of all it is applied incorrectly this time considering the facts above. Or are we living in opposite world?

Read the casino review

8 Responses

Apr 13, 2013

Thanks for getting in contact Ih24 - we'll get in contact with Boyle and see what we can do.


Apr 15, 2013

Hi Ih24,

Just to keep you up to date, we have made contact with Boyle casino. However the person in charge of dealing with these types of issues is currently on holiday. They've been good enough to get in touch with us anyway, but please be patient as there may be a few delays to begin with.



Apr 15, 2013

Ih24 - could you provide your username and email address so that we can identify your account? These details will be edited out before the report is published.


Apr 16, 2013

hi thanks for looking into this.

my username is ********** and my email address is *********@*********

Apr 16, 2013

Boyle have sent me a new message and it seems they have changed my breach. I guess they realised their first attempt was on shaky ground. So they are now implementing this term:

"If a player wins twice the value of their bonus they must continue to play on a game with the same weighting until the wagering requirement has been met. EG If a player is awarded a 10 bonus and wins 20 or more while playing Blackjack, they must continue playing Blackjack or a game with a similar game weighting like Craps until they have met the necessary wagering requirement."

Funny how they didn't use this when they first took my money. Anyway, these horrible term which make life extremely difficult for any player to play a bonus without falling foul is part of the terms here:


But they are terms for 'Deposit Bonus 100'. I was playing 'Boylecasino's Back-2-Back Bonanza! bonus which was apparently "set just for me". And the email they targeted me with simply says I must multiply by 20 times. There is no mention of any other rules and no mention of standard bonus rules applying and no links to any other rules. Just a message from Tim the VIP Host trying to get me to part with my cash. So did you hide these rules on purpose, or they didn't apply until now, or you just cocked up? If I am playing with secret rules then I would want all of my deposits back or my winnings paid up fair and square.

Apr 16, 2013

Thanks for getting back in contact lh24 - let me talk to Boyle casino and I'll get back to you.


Apr 16, 2013

Hi lh24, could you forward me a copy of the original promotional email including any correspondence you entered into regarding this promotion with your VIP manager? Send them to [email protected]



Apr 16, 2013

Hi lh24,

I've spent some time today reviewing the Boyle casino website and you are correct that the stated promotional term - while being part of the 'Standard Terms and Conditions apply to all bonuses' on promotional pages - does not appear in the general terms and conditions and moreover can only be found in the within the promotional terms for other bonuses.

However, the Boyle management team were good enough to set up a bonus on a test account so that we could look specifically at what happens when a player claims a bonus. Below you can see a video of that test (it should be noted that as this is the test account set up during the creation of our video review for Boyle casino, none of the details attached to the account are real and as such no funds will be withdrawable);

As you'll be able to see in that video, before a bonus is added to your account, a pop-up is displayed stating the wagering requirement, showing a link to the game weightings and - crucially in this case - displaying a link to the terms and conditions. This link - as shown in the video - does lead to a page where the Standard terms and Conditions that apply to all bonuses are displayed. In this pop-up you are also asked whether you 'Accept' or 'Decline' the bonus.

While the title of these terms currently is 'Deposit Bonus 100', given that this page was specifically linked from the pop-up you received when claiming the bonus, it's fair to assume that these rules apply to the bonus you were claiming. Furthermore, if you were unsure about this you should have spoken with customer support before you played.

Before you could have claimed this VIP bonus you would have had to 'Accept' the bonus and as such agree to the terms and conditions. While it's understandable that you may not have read the terms and conditions fully - how many of us do when downloading or signing up to one of the multitude of online products we do today? - we can't fault Boyle if you did not review the rules of the promotion fully.

This will no doubt be very frustrating to hear, but as you've accepted that you've broken this rule by moving from Roulette to Slots and the rules were clearly pointed out at the time of claiming the bonus, there really is nothing further that we can do for you.

During our discussion, Boyle casino did however agree that it would be an improvement to include the Standard Promotional terms and conditions in their General terms and conditions and this is being actioned presently.

Unless there is some substantial information that you have not yet provided me with, I'll close this case as 'Found for the Casino' within the next week.


If a casino wishes to enforce any term or conditions, the term in question must be easily accessible to the player. This means that the rule either has to be included in the General Terms and Conditions or be attached to the specific promotional page related to the promotion. The exception to this is if the player is prompted in software at the time they receive said promotion with a link to the terms and conditions.

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