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Butler's Bingo - Refusing to cancel an unused bonus


Found for the Player - Butler's Bingo are enforcing bonus terms on play where a bonus was not associated and appear to be subjectively enforcing bonus terms to best suit themselves. They've refused to discuss player issues. Very disappointing behaviour.

Player's Complaint


I signed up earlier this year at Butler's Bingo, made a deposit and played blackjack. I won about £40. To make a withdrawal required email verification and there was some issues with this and being lazy I never chased it.

I went back to get this sorted earlier this week. I've now managed to verify my account. When I went to make a withdrawal I was told that I had not completed the bonus wagering requirement. Let me be clear I did not take a bonus.

Apparently when I made my first deposit a bonus was added to my account. I know that's not unusual when playing with online casinos and had my balance shown a bonus I would have immediately requested it to be removed - I don't play with bonuses anywhere. My balance didn't show a bonus. I guess this is because I was playing Blackjack and Blackjack apparently isn't allowed.

I've asked Butler's Bingo to refund my deposit - they can keep the £40 winnings I really don't care - but they're insisting as there was a bonus in my account I have to complete the wagering requirement. The bonus has NEVER been in play or used on any game - this is no different to having asked them to remove the bonus in the first place. I haven't had access to the bonus to use the bonus so I really can't understand why they're make such a fuss?

Alongside this I've been told that I've violated bonus terms by betting more than the maximum allowed bet. Again, the bonus wasn't in play so how can I violate the maximum allowed bet? Even if this is the case, shouldn't the bonus be void if I broke the bonus rules?

All I want is my deposit back.

This is really shoddy treatment and I'm very upset that Butler's Bingo have responded in this manner.

My username is [EDIT].

Thanks for any help you can give me.


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2 Responses

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August 21, 2014

Hi Muzza - welcome to!

I'll contact Butler's Bingo and see what I can find out for you.



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August 27, 2014

Hi Muzza,

Firstly I'd like to thank you for forwarding on the email conversation you had with Butler's Bingo.

I have spoken with Butler's Bingo and feel that no further progress will be made.

Butler's Bingo has made clear that they have no intention of discussing any complaints with or any other 3rd party mediator. As such they will be listed as 'Not Recommended'.

Pertaining to the issue itself they have not refuted anything you've stated, though would criticise me for publishing a report based on only your side of the story, but will not give their own view of events. Where one party won't cooperate with the process that ties my hands and ensures that I can only reflect negatively on that party.

Looking at the details of the case I would agree with you as a rule, but I feel you're making a stand over very little.

Butler's Bingo are technically right that you have started wagering while a bonus was in your account. In most instances I would support the casino in asserting that you have to complete the wagering requirement. Given that the bonus was neither accessible to you when you were playing not obviously apparent in your account, I would agree that the bonus has had no impact at all on your results. As the play has no relevance to the bonus I don't see any well reasoned argument that would justify enforcing bonus terms and conditions on you.

As far as I can see, Butler's Bingo are holding to this position simply because they feel they're in the right. I can't agree with them on that and from a purely marketing perspective to make such a fuss over such a small volume of winnings seems both self-defeating and childish.

I would also say given that they've stated bonus rules have been broken, their stance regarding not voiding winnings is ridiculous and highly likely subjective. It is standard practice across the industry to void winnings and return deposits where a player has broken bonus rules. Had you broken the max bet rule and hit a big win, I'm 100% confident that this group would be racing to void your winnings and return your deposit. It's only because they're trying to make a point your getting this very dubious interpretation of the rules.

All of the above accepted, the wagering requirement that's being imposed is only 500 credits. You may be morally right in your position, but I think something has to be said about picking you battles! To take a disagreement to this degree - where you've actively stated you'd abandon the balance rather than meet their requirements - is starting to look pretty silly.

Butler's Bingo have asked me to direct you to their regulator the Maltese Lottery and Gaming Authority and while I think you're right I personally would be embarrassed to take such a trivial issue to a regulator.

I'm going to rule in favour of the player in this instance. Butler's Bingo are wrong to enforce bonus terms and conditions when the bonus has not been in play and they're wrong in their approach to dealing with violation of bonus terms. Both parties are coming across as fairly ridiculous here, but one party is a professional body that should have more at the heart of its decision making policy than petty one-up manship.

Highly disappointing.


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August 21, 2014

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