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CashPoint - Bet declared lost when in fact won


Resolved - This player has acknowledged that their issue has been resolved and while they've expressed dissatisfaction with CashPoint and have informed us that they've closed their account, the bets that this player has place do appear to indicate an unprofitable account for the operator and as such the wagering restrictions put in place are likely nothing more than industry standard practice to limit exposure to this type of player.

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Player's Complaint

I placed a bet in game on a Swedish Div 2 match.

This was the Assyriska BK vs Dalsorps match on 7.09pm, 30th June 2016. I place a bet of 85 pounds at odds of 6/5.

The bet was for Assyriska to WIN. Assyriska did win the game 3-1 yet I was told my bet lost. This is quite unacceptable. I would like my winnings paid.

The Bet ID was 3.000.000-17.272.398

Not only this, it seems that I am unable to withdraw my money from the betting shop. I want to know why this is.

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5 Responses

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June 30, 2016

Hi scatat - welcome to!

Before we go any further I have 3 questions for you:

1) Have you tried to resolve this issue with CashPoint support yet? Given that this match can't have finished more than a few hour ago, if that. The complaints service here is intended to resolve issues that you cannot reasonably resolve directly with the operator. We're not front line customer service for CashPoint, so if you've not yet spoken to CashPoint customer support you need to go back and speak to them before we would intervene.

The next two questions are only relevant if you've already taken this issue to CashPoint support and cannot reach a reasonable solution:

2) Which country are you located in?

3) What are the email address and username you use at CashPoint?



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June 30, 2016

1. I have sent a message on the site which has been answered in German - I don't read German. It seems to be a standard message. I'm sorry if I jumped the gun, but when you are hung out to dry like this, it's infuriating. 2. I am in the UK 3. My email used to register is: [EDIT]. Username is [EDIT].

User icon
June 30, 2016

Hi scatat,

It's no problem and I understand the frustration. CashPoint are a primarily German operation so the language of the auto response is understandable. Let's give CashPoint till Monday to resolve this issue and if it's not happened by then I'll contact the operator and see what I can do for you.

All the best,


User icon
July 2, 2016

Well, Cashpoint did respond in the end and the loss was due to their terrible interface, so I grudgingly accepted the loss. This wasn't the actual response to the ticket - this was following up on their request for ID proof! So I was still not happy.

However, I have since come across ANOTHER massive issue which is this:

- when you join, you have the option to get a "100 pound bonus" which is paid on condition of placing over 6 x times the bonus.

- I have tried to withdraw some of my money and have been told that unless I have fulfilled the condition of the bonus I can't withdraw any money.

- I have tried to place 2 bets of 200 pounds since to try and fulfill this condition, but Cashpoint declined the bet!

- This leads me to the conclusion that the House is trying to cherry pick bets and prevent me from getting any money back at all

I have sent another support ticket asking to have the bonus removed as under these terms, it's impossible and unfair for me to be able to meet their terms.

No response yet. I have over 250 pounds locked in Cashpoint which I need to now get back. They are the worst people I have had to deal with. I have accounts with over 12 other bookmakers and have not had such problems.

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July 4, 2016

Hi scatat,

To be clear - are you saying that due to their interface you actually bet against Assyriska to win?

With regards to the bonus - if it has already been added to your account I'm afraid to say they will not remove the bonus once wagering has commenced. At least not without the voiding of any winnings generated since the point that it was added to your account.

Finally regarding the declined bets, while this may be frustrating the bets you've tried to place are significant, many bookmakers would decline bets of that size from newly signed up players. When considered alongside a UK player that has placed reasonably large bets on the 4th tier of Swedish football - a bet that's going to have very low uptake in the UK - and it starts to look like a player who is looking for weak lines rather than betting recreationally. If that's the case, having seen your betting pattern CashPoint will more than likely have reduced your betting limits. They're well within their rights to do that in the circumstances and the only point where we'd have grounds to request the removal of the bonus is if the betting limits were reduced to the point where it was realistically unreasonable to expect you to complete the wagering requirements.



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June 30, 2016

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