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Casino Classic - Withdrawl refusal


Found for the Casino - This player's deposit was never debited from their payment account. As such any play with the incorrectly credited funds would void.

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Player's Complaint

This is my final letter asking you to release my winnings or refund ALL of my deposits across your sites. You were waiting for despits to clear on your other brands before releasing my winnings on Casino classic and they all processed. The Echeck error that happened on casino classic is no fault of my own and I have plenty of proof, including your emails, screen shots of supports chat, screen shots of when I reset up the account for deposits with time stamps, as well as, an email from echeck Confirming 150 was never instructed to debit. This was clearly a technical error.

Please see below.

I would have hoped you were a fair gaming site but unfortunately you strung a a new player along thinking they would get paid the winnings while you team made off with well over $1500 in successful deposits . Your team was waiting for my despots to clear on the other sites before releasing my winnings on classic casino. When they cleared you decided my winnings were void on classic and kept all my other successful deposits on your other brands. I have put in bullet form below my concerns:

I tried to resolve with them again explaining this is a technical error as I have screen shots showing what bank I set up for echeck and it matches my banking details.

I have also contacted Echeck and they confirmed that my account ending in 150 was never directed to them to debit.

The winnings were in early - mid February and they ensured me that this was no issue and didn't block my account until I requested withdrawal of a large amount,

They said they had to wait until my deposits on their other site cleared in which they in fact did.

This was a technical error on their part as my echeck details matched.

The casino received over $1500 in successful deposits over the course of the month . The only transactions that didn't process was no fault of my own as even echeck confirms that 150 was not the account they were instructed to debit. I have a screen shot from February and emails confirming with their banking and credit risk that all my details matched. Why it didn't pull is no fault of my own

They only refused my winnings a month later when the amount become large. I made several attempts to resolve and they could have locked and voided my winnings long ago as I had stopped using that method on casino classic as I knew something was wrong. I used apple pay and credit card and their other sites echeck and it worked just fine.

lastly, they were waiting for my deposits to clear on their other site before releasing winnings and they did and thats when they decided that my deposits from early February all of a sudden voided all winnings. The casino has refunded my other methods on casino classic but they kept all my other successful deposits on their other brands.

I feel tricked as I wouldn't have continued to play on their other brands if I knew they were going to be crooks. Today I have not been refunded ANY of my other deposits and I have not collected any of my winnings.

In my opinion I am 100% entitled to my winnings and it would be very clear if someone looked at the notes starting in Feb 5th prior to me even winning anything. My first resolution would be to release my winnings minus any refund they gave me on casino classic.

I feel very taken advantage of and at the very least they should do is be refunding all my deposits across their brand seeing that, that was what they were waiting to clear prior to release of the winnings (which cleared)

I was honest and up front and their tune only changed once I had a large withdrawal request. My account is now frozen and I can not access anything. They had several opportunities to do this as i won a significant amount on Feb 7th and they did not lock my accounts until March. I have shown them all the evidence, including bank statements showing nothing NSF or even tried to debit and showing all the successful despots on their other brand with the same account number!!!

I had the correct info in but they just keep telling me I am wrong. Its hard to argue or resolve anything when they say this as its a complete inaccurate statement.

Echeck has even confirmed that the 150 account was not the account they were asked to debit, I have a screen shot showing what I entered for deposits via your site, bank statements showing nothing tried and an email from yourselves saying that sometimes it errors when its re set up. Its not fair you took money from me but are not willing to pay me mine.

At the very least you should be returning all my despots across all your brands.

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4 Responses

User icon
April 8, 2020

Hi ckichton - welcome to!

Was the deposit in question ever actually debited from your payment account?



User icon
April 14, 2020

Hi ckichton,

I'm following-up on the above?



User icon
April 14, 2020

No it was not. Which I contacted them several times to inquire why. The banking details enttered match my banking details which I have taken a screenshot. However, the intial small deposit did have an incorrect number which I reached out and they had me fix. in one chat with support they mentioned sometimes when its re-set up after an error it glitches and not to worry we can resolve it if that happens. I have contacted echeck and they said they never tried to debut my 150 account. However, the screenshot i took of the deposit method on classic matches my correct banking details which classic casino confirms in Febuary then says the complete opposite in March.

User icon
April 17, 2020

Hi ckichton,

If the deposit was never actually removed from your account - and as such the operator were never paid for this deposit - sadly this would invalidate any wagers placed with these void funds.

Sorry we cannot be of further help.


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April 8, 2020

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