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Casino Cruise - wont pay out ligitimate winnings


Resolved - While there were charge-backs on the player's account, the player managed to obtain a letter from their bank stating that the charge backs were initiated by the bank and not the player for reasons unrelated to the player.

Subsequently eCOGRA, Casino Cruise's official ADR, were able to contact the player's bank and verify the authenticity of the letter and have now ruled in this player's favour. The player has been paid by Casino Cruise.

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Player's Complaint

This company will not pay out my 15000 I won fair square they blaming it on there platform provider every matrix as I had account with casino luck which there were few bank issue with casino luck. but these companys are not the same or joined and everymatrix confiscated my funds from my account wit casino cruise when no terms conditions were broken I even have email letter bank confirming that casino cruise there was no payments raised as dispute. this company both casino cruise and everymatrix ignore me and do not give me any solid proof they cannot remove funds from account that no terms conditions broken trying to pull fast one.

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5 Responses

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June 18, 2016

Hi smash2323 - welcome to!

Before we go any further let me clarify that yes Casino Luck and Casino Cruise have different ownership, however, both utilise EveryMatrix for their platform, license and most importantly in this issue payment processing.

You need to be very clear about exactly what the "bank issue" with Casino Luck was. If you mean that you've charged back a deposit at this casino then I'm afraid there's nothing what-so-ever we can do to help you. If that's what's happened then EveryMatrix - who are the top level authority on these issues as they're the license holder - will view you as a bad debtor and will not accept any further play from you at any property they own.

Please clarify what the "bank issue" is and provide your username and email address at Casino Cruise and I'll talk to the operator.



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June 18, 2016

Hi smash2323,

Unfortunately if you've previously issued a charge back at Casino Luck, you haven't honoured a deposit at an EveryMatrix casino. That being the case EveryMatrix will not honour wins at any of their properties. As you are known to charge back losses this would create a situation where the operator cannot win - you expect to be paid wins, but charge back deposits when you lose.

There's nothing we can do to help you in this instance. If you still feel that you've got a legitimate case - and to be clear we do not agree with that - I'd recommend taking your complaint to eCOGRA.


User icon
June 22, 2016

Hi smash2323,

I've received your email, but I will state from the outset that I have significant reservations regarding your claims. When asked if the "bank issue" was a charge back you responded as follows:

"[EDIT] and the bank issue is a charge back with casino luck. And yes they have the right to shut all accounts but they do not have the right to take confiscate funds from casino cruise when there were no charge backs with them so they at least have pay out my winnings as they are separate company's and I won fair and square and issue not with casino cruise with charge backs"

Today's email reads as follows:

"After speaking direct with every matrix they confirmed that casino cruise confiscated my funds saying that my bank contacted them saying there were charge backs. This is absolute lie there has never been any charge backs with my bank and casino cruise they constantly ignore me won't give me proof and shut me off chats this been 6 months I won fair and square and I can get a letter headed paper confirming the amounts paid to casino cruise were never charged back there was no charge backs at all they have lied since day one owe me 15000 plus"

These two statements are entirely contradictory in nature. In the first you acknowledge issuing charge backs against Casino Luck and in the second you claim there were no charge backs at all. I specifically asked if you'd issued a charge back at an EveryMatrix casino and you confirmed this going so far as to accept that they had the right to close all your accounts'. There was no suggestion what-so-ever that the operator were claiming you'd done this and you were refuting it, rather an emphatic acknowledgement.

I'll speak to Casino Cruise, but I'll be frank at the outset - this chain of events does not inspire confidence in your narrative.


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June 27, 2016

Having discussed this issue at length with Casino Cruise the following information has come to light regarding this case:

1) This player has issued charge backs against multiple EveryMatrix properties, all following successful deposits and loss of funds during regular gaming activity. These charge backs initially only occurred on deposits with operators where the player lost - i.e. this was in no way a banking error. Deposits that were associated with a win were initially left to stand.

2) The player has already taken their case to the UKGC appointed Alternative Dispute Resolution service for EveryMatrix and Casino Cruise, eCOGRA, alongside submitting their complaint to 2 other major casino complaint mediation portals. In all 3 cases the complaint has been returned in favour of the operator.

3) After having their winnings confiscated and their deposits returned by Casino Cruise the player initiated further charge backs for the deposits that were already returned. These charge backs were disputed by the operator and the charges were upheld by the bank.

In light of the above this complaint will be closed as 'Found for the Casino' and we will take no further part in the representation of this player.


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September 9, 2016

We have been communicating with this player since the closure of this complaint.

The player managed to get their bank to provide a letter stating that it was the bank rather than the player that initiated a charge back due to an issue unrelated to the player. When the player brought us this new information they had already opened a complaint with eCOGRA. As such we stepped back to allow Casino Cruise's official ADR manage the complaint.

eCOGRA managed to contact the player's bank and confirm the validity of the letter. As such a ruling from eCOGRA has just come through in favour of the player and Casino Cruise have paid this player in full.

Based on the letter provided by the player's bank we whole heatedly agree with and support eCOGRA's ruling.


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June 18, 2016

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