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Casino Extreme - use faulty software or unfair activity playing Roulette.


Found for the Casino - The player appears to have encountered a bug while playing Roulette. As this bug would not have impacted the outcome of their bet we cannot support a refund.

Player's Complaint

On dated 16-09-2017 time around 16.00 to 17.00 local time, I started play roulette in casino extreme. First I placed total bits us$ 09.00 the ball was spinning in the wheel and win us$ 12.00 and that time the winning no is 11 which is shown in the screen, the roulette table and also in the wheel the spinning ball placed in number 11.

Second time placed total bits us$ 11.00 the ball is spinning and lost us$ 11.00 because on the screen its show number 24, on the table its show number 24 but in wheel the spinning ball is placed in number 04 not 24.

According to my previous experience I suddenly contract with live support and take a screen-short of that moment. I attested the screen-short and full live chat.

In that live chat the casino manager mr. [EDIT] told like- “sorry about this ..I can tell you that we never had this issue ...or I could say not since I was here we are talking about 10 years…..”

I deposited total us$ 31,030.00 in that casino within 03 (three) months and very few time I can win and lost all amount here dew to their unfair activities or the software have problem- that I think.

About that issue I mail them to solve the problem but they wasted time. All mail details is attested here.

Also need to mention information which helps you to sort-out the problem-“on 21-08-2017 I complain to the casino because of About my account up-expected activities.” That mail details also attested here.

Using the faulty software they took my all deposited amount and till now they kill my time.

So, request you to please investigate the situation and If you find any problem about that issue then please take action against them.

They took all money using faulty software or unfair activity. So, if you prove it then request you please ask them to provide me the demurrage.

My Original Amount (us$31,030.00) + Return on Investment from us$31,030.00 + value of my important time=500,000.00 USD.

If need any information then please inform.

Hope I get justice from you because you always support truth and fairness gambling for online casino player.

Hope you understand my situation.

Best regards


01. Screen short of the roulette dated 16-09-2017

02. Screen short casino provide me same day 16-09-2017

03. All EMail details about the problem

04. Previous problem mail details

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6 Responses

User icon
September 22, 2017

Hi tanjilur - welcome to!

I'm a little confused with what you've written. We don't have any of the list of documents that you say you've attached. They have not been emailed to us. Have you already submitted this complaint to another service?

To be clear on our position on a case like this:

i) If I'm understanding you correctly you appear to be saying that you've found a single round or play were you saw an error in the graphic display of the outcome of the bet? Would this error even have effected whether your bet won or lost? In this type of situation we'd look for situations where you'd actually been mispaid and look for the bets to be correct. We wouldn't look for the entire balance to be returned unless the game was demonstrated to be actively cheating.

ii) the claim for $500k compensation - we're not hear to seek compensation for unhappy players. If you are looking for that you would need to pursue the operator through the legal system. We ONLY deal with rectifying the outcome of gambling transactions, not awarding damages.



User icon
September 23, 2017

Dear concern Person,

I want to attested all document but i can not fine the option to upload. So, request you where i can upload then its easy for you to understand.

In there roulette game there i can see the win number in three place.

01. IN the wheel the ball spin and go the the wining number.

02. In the roulette table its indicate the same win number.

03. On the scree the wining number come one after one the wining number.

In that bit, wining number showed:

01.In wheel its show 04.

02. In the table its show 24

03. On the wining number screen its show 24

After view the abnormal view i contract with live chat and and after that problem i till now not play in that casino.

And i also complaint to another service. Actually i have never face problem before so i have no idea how to complaint. So, i request to give me support.

That's abnormal activities i never show with any casino and i am sure you also not see. I want to attested the screen short and all others documents.

Please provide me the upload link.

And also about that problem i want to take Legal system against them because of my killing time and took 310,20 USD using their faulty roulette software.

So, request you please support me to get my all demurrage.

Thanks again to support me.

Best regards,

User icon
September 25, 2017

Hi tanjilur,

From your description it sounds like the only issue here is that the incorrect animations has shown. If the table and winning box numbers both correlated and number 24 was paid correctly that's almost certainly what's happened. It's obviously a bug but is unlikely to have actually impacted the fairness of the game.

I have to ask again - would you have won if the other result had occurred (i.e. 4 had been paid rather than 24)?

I'm afraid we cannot help you with taking legal action against the operator. That's something you'll have to investigate yourself.

If you want to forward further documentation send it to [email protected].



User icon
September 26, 2017

Dear Concern Person, Thanks for your response. I attested all document to the mail address hope its help you to investigation. That is not actually the issue of win or loss. After see the problem till now i not place a single bit their casino. Because they are using faulty software which the roulette show on its screen. So, they provide me their faulty software to play roulette and took my all deposited amount 31,020 USD. Request you please help me to solve the issue. Please check the mail. My mail address is [EDIT] Best regards [EDIT]

User icon
September 27, 2017

Hi tanjilur,

I'm afraid there's nothing we can do to help you here. We would not look for the casino to return your entire balance based on a single instance of an incorrect animation being show. Given that the error would not even have impacted the wager you've placed we would not even look for the return of your bet.

Sorry we cannot be of further help,


User icon
September 28, 2017

Ok thanks for your trying to help me.

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September 22, 2017

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