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Casino Luck - no responce to emails after small win


Resolved - Casino Luck verified the players documentation within a reasonable time frame and this issue resolved itself.

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Player's Complaint

Hi, I signed up threw thepogg link and got better bonus threw thepogg site. I made around 10 deposits and made a withdraw for 200 this is when the proplems started no problems with deposits or bonus it's always withdraws. I made my deposits through UKash and Neteller. The casino states withdraws paid in 24hrs we are now over that period and they havnt even sent me an email total disrespect for customers. They have now ask for docs which is understandable which I sent. They also ask where I bought my UKash vochers which I find very strange as I use ukash for a lot of casinos and never been ask for this. I also think when I made my 1st deposit they should have ask for docs if they were going to at all. I also went on their live chat which is never on and was told that they were waiting on security team. This really gets me fed up I just want a simple answer, can't be bothered with casinos that do these silly tricks but expected better from a casino with such a high rep. Their customer service is terrible no emails to say about the status of withdraw or docs for verification can thepogg help me here?

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6 Responses

May 18, 2014

Hi craigy321 - welcome back!

I'll be happy to speak to Casino Luck and see if I can find out what the issue is, but before I do that I'm going to need several things from you;

1) Your username and the email address you use at Casino Luck.

2) The amount of your withdrawal?

3) Is this your first withdrawal?



May 18, 2014

my user name is [EDIT] withdraw amount is 200 and yes this is my 1st withdraw from this site

May 18, 2014

Hi craigy321,

Well given that this is your first withdrawal and that you're an experienced online casino player, you'll be well aware that almost every casino asks for documentation at the point of first withdrawal, so making a fuss over Casino Luck following industry standard rather than asking at point of first deposit is a little redundant.

I agree that a response should have been offered, but if there is anything unusual about your pattern of play or account information (something that's suggested by the unusual line of questioning) security verification will take longer and it's also fairly normal for casinos not to communicate during this process.

I'll contact Casino Luck tomorrow when my contacts will be back in the office.


May 19, 2014

Hi craigy321,

I've spoken with Casino Luck today. They've informed me that the verification process has now been completed and your funds have been sent to you.

The request about UKash is something that has been introduced at least by all EveryMatrix casinos if not all casinos when dealing with UK players due to an increase in fraud via this payment method. As such you should expect to be asked this during verification at other casinos for the near future.

On a side note, given that documents were only submitted on Saturday and your complaint was submitted on Sunday you were perhaps a little quick of the mark on this one.

For future reference, the vast majority of casinos will require documentation before they allow you to make your first withdrawal and the verification process can take up to 2 weeks depending on the casino. Casino Luck will normally manage to complete this process in a couple of hours, but due to it being a weekend and the stipulation to submit documentation to a 3rd party (UKash) this took a little longer.

Please confirm that you've received your funds and I'll close this complaint.



May 21, 2014

hi pogg yes this has been sorted now and docs have been verified but i think this casino needs live chat badly as when you make a withdraw or send docs in they dont even email back to say they have recived them i simply think its wrong for casinos to keep players in dark because most other casinos i play in when i make a withdraw or send in docs they allways email you back to say they have recived the request and as casino luck has 10/10 not just on this site but other casino forums for their customer support i expected a bit better service if they had of let me know about ukash proplem i would have excepted that as i have been having trouble with 7 out of my last 10 vochers as they keep on blocking them thx for the help

May 23, 2014

Hi craigy321,

I'm sorry but I simply cannot agree with you assessment of Casino Luck here. You waited less that 48 hours after submitting documentation before you started issuing complaints to 3rd parties. You submitted your documentation on Saturday and complained on Sunday. This is also over a weekend where there's a good chance that the relevant department is either not in office or on reduced staffing levels.

No matter how I look at it, this complaint was generated FAR too early. The major issue here was not a failing at Casino Luck - though I agree a few things could be improved - it was a lack of patience on your part.

Our Customer Service ratings are based on email testing that we conduct twice a year. Both Casino Luck and Next casino have consistently responded in less than 3 hours. I'd say that's excellent and deserving of the high score they received. Your specific issue is one that clearly required a few days to resolve. While a generic auto-reply can help it would not have told you any more than you already knew and I strongly suspect it wouldn't have changed when you submitted your complaint.

We will be building in Live Support testing once I can afford to increase the staff roster of the site.

I'm glad that the issue was resolved, but it would have been resolved in exactly the same time frame without this complaint.


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May 18, 2014

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