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Casino Room - is acting against their Terms and Conditions by not applying a 7 day cooling-off period after a limit change. They refuse refund.


Found for the Casino - While there was a error in the information on the Casino Room site, this player had very recently received a payout for a similar error and was well aware of the correct policies.

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Player's Complaint


I am contacting you regarding an issue I have with the online Casino "Casino Room". My account number there is [EDIT].

I had a loss limit of 10€ a day at Casino Room. One day I wanted to gamble again so I cancelled the limit. According to the terms and conditions of Casino Room, after cancelling such a limit, the limit stays in effect for another 7 days due to a so called "cooling-off period". This period is for a players safety, and therefore a big part of Responsible Gambling. I also asked live support, and they confirmed the cooling-off period to me. I have screenshots of both, the terms and conditions stating the 7 day cooling-off period as well as the conversation with the live support which confirms this to me.

Unfortunately for me, I was able to deposit and furthermore play again without any loss limit after only 24 hours, instead of after the 7 day cooling off period. This is clearly against the terms and conditions of Casino Room. I deposited 3.840,00€ and lost all of it. Due to the fact that according to the 7 day cooling off period which is stated under point 4. "Addiction and Self Exclusion" of Casino Rooms Terms and Conditions, my 10€ loss limit should have still been in effect. Therefore, I only lost the money because Casino Room was not acting according their Terms and Conditions. In my opinion, Casino Room has to pay me back 3.830,00€ (3.840€ of deposits minus 10€ which I should have been allowed to lose = 3.830,00€).

I contacted Casino Room about this issue, but unfortunately they are not willing to pay me back the money nor to cooperate. My Account Manager there says that they are acting in accordance with their Terms and Conditions and that there is a cooling off period of just 24h. This is clearly NOT true and I can prove this.

I mean just take a look at their Terms and Conditions under Point 4.

In my opinion this case is very clear. Casino Room has to pay me back 3.830,00€ since they were not acting in accordance with their Terms and Conditions. If they would have, I would not have lost the money. Therefore they have to pay the amount back to me. For me, this is clear, but since they do not want to cooperate I contacted you now.

By the way. As you know the 7 day cooling off period is for a players safety and therefore a big part of Responsible Gambling.

.I really hope and believe that you guys can solve this problem for me.

Thank you very much in advance,

Best regards.

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8 Responses

User icon
April 14, 2020

Hi luki299 - welcome to!

Having reviewed the terms and conditions and responsible gambling information at the Casino Room site I'm afraid I cannot see any statement that limit increases require a 7 day cooling off period. The relevant statement from point 4 in the terms and conditions is:

"If you increase or remove a limit such change will have effect after a 24 hour cooling off period. A limit set by the player will be in effect until such time the player decides otherwise. For customers registered in Sweden the cooling off period is 72 hours."



User icon
April 16, 2020


OK. Guess they changed it after my complaint. I have proof that at the time I played and even at the time I contacted Casino Room regarding this issue, the cooling-off period was still 7 days in their Terms and Conditions. I took a screenshot of their Terms and Conditions from that time, because I thought that hey would try to do this. Can I pleas somehow send this to you? I say again: I have a screenshot from their Terms and Conditions from 24.03.2020 clearly stating under Point 4 "If the limit amount is increased or cancelled, such a change will have effect after a seven day cooling off period. A limit set by the player will be in effect until such time the player decides otherwise".

I think it is ridiculous that Casino Room is trying to do this. It is not my fault that they didn't adapt their Terms and Conditions early enough. But now pretending that they were like this by the time I played is unacceptable for me.

Best regards.

User icon
April 18, 2020

Hey there again. FYI...I sent the documents indicating the 7 day cooling off period in the Terms and Conditions which was valid by the time I was playing, via email to you. Best regards...

User icon
April 25, 2020

Hey The Pogg.

Any update on my Casino Room complaint?

Thanks in advance

User icon
April 29, 2020

Hey there. Any update? I sent you the documents 11 days ago and did not receive an answer yet.

User icon
May 5, 2020

Hey guys,

The last answer I received from you regarding this issue was on April 14. That‘s quite a while ago and I immediately provided you with the documents indicating that the cool off period was still 7 days in Casino Room’s Terms and Conditions by the time the incident happened. They changed it a couple of days later after I handed in my complaint with Casino Room. Clearly I am right here and it surprises me that I did not receive an answer from you yet. Please give me an update.


User icon
May 15, 2020

Hey guys,

It‘s been almost a month since the last answer from you regarding my Casino Room complaint.

Any update?

Best regards...

User icon
June 9, 2020

Hi Luki299,

We've discussed this issue at length with Casino Room. Sadly we will not be able to uphold your claim.

You are correct that you identified one section of documentation that the the operator had overlooked when bringing their policies regarding changing cooling-off restrictions in line with regulatory requirements. Ordinarily this would result in a favourable ruling. However, this is in fact your second complaint regarding this exact policy in the space of a month. The first time you made this complaint to Casino Room on the 1st of March you did so on the basis of a Live Chat operator having given you incorrect information. Despite other Live Chat operators having provided you the correct information Casino Room opted to refund your losses due to this error. At that time the you were twice explicitly informed that the cooling-off period was 24 hours, not 7 days. To quote the translated versions:

"And so that it remains clear, according to the MGA and at our casino, increases or removals from game limits always have a 24-hour cool-off time, not 7 days. That's why you could play the money again after 24 hours, so there was really nothing wrong with it.


"As mentioned in my last email, I would like to repeat that, according to the MGA and in our casino, the increases and removals of limits only take 24 hours."

The above is absolutely clear, you received a significant refund during the first complaint and it can be reasonably concluded that you were not unfamiliar with the policies that were being enforced by this operator. The error in the information present on the Casino Room site has not in this case mislead you and is not responsible for the subsequent losses.

Sorry we cannot be of further help.


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April 14, 2020

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