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Casino Royal Club - Legal Action Should Be Taken


Found for the Player - Despite our repeated efforts to contact Casino Royal Club to discuss this issue we have received no response whatsoever from the operator.

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Player's Complaint

Let's see... June 7th 2022 I won $100 from this casino. I requested a withdrawal and they told me that I needed to be verified. So, I sent all the documents required, and it took forever and then when I went to withdrawal it still wouldn't let me withdrawal. So I contacted support, again, and informed them that I was unable to withdraw and they told me that it's due to me not having made a deposit. So I asked if I make a deposit then will it let me withdraw my winnings. They of course said yes, and I said okay well how fast is the withdrawal. And they told me that it was not very long and that I would have my winnings within 2 to 4 business days. So I borrowed the money from my son because the money that I was withdrawing was going to be given to him as a birthday present, it's been really tight since the covid stuff so money is kind of hard to come by nowadays. So I deposited the money and then one another $50. So I also withdrew that. Sounds like a great birthday present for an 18 year old right? Well after 2 to 4 business days, I think it was four, I checked my Bitcoin wallet and there was nothing there contacted the casino via the live chat and found out that there was an "unexpected delay with their Bitcoin wallet provider"... And to please wait another one to two days. So I waited, went back to talk to him again and we will just say that this action the series of events has been repeating itself now since then and today is Monday October 24th 2022. I know almost every one of the live chat agents like almost on a personal level at this point. But I have heard it all. I have been told the Bitcoin wallet delay bit about 20 different times. I have been told that they have put in rushes on my withdrawals and that they have put an executive Rush on my withdrawal and made it a priority withdrawal and made it an executive priority and I even at one point got so mad that I was like I'm going to call them. Well when you go to call them, it's not them. It is the phone number to a pack and load moving service. And when you call the UK number it's a number that is not even in working order. And then if you call the fax number, I know that's weird but I did, it gives you the medical alert center for the medical alert bracelet company or whatever. So I then went back to the live chat support and told them how excruciatingly angry I was and that I wanted to be put on or patch through to their finance department. Well they don't have a finance department even though they have a finance department, they still don't have a finance department. So I said okay with any need to let me speak with your supervisor or your manager. After about a month of this request back and forth I finally got mad enough and told one of the live chat agents that I knew pretty well at this point just how ticked I was and that I was going to take legal action if I didn't talk to somebody high up the chain and right then and there. So I wound up speaking to... I think that his name was either [EDIT] or [EDIT] or [EDIT] or something. I have screenshots of every conversation I've ever had with any of the live chat agents so I'm sure I can dig it up if necessary. And he told me how sorry he was and that he had done whatever he says he did and that he gave me his word and promised me that by that weekend, this was about 2 months ago, that I would have my money. He said that my payment was in queue and was already on its way. To expect it by that weekend. Well that weekend rolled around and they never was there and then the next weekend rolled around and it wasn't there again and then the weekend after that I got an email. And the email was very sketchy looking it was very unprofessional, and it said thank you for your I don't know something along the lines patronage at our establishment you're withdrawal has been processed. So I'm like super excited cuz I never thought it would never get here. And I was right I checked my wallet and there's nothing there so I went back to the live chat at agents and I requested to speak with their supervisor again and of course he was always busy every time after that but they told me that it was already been processed and it was in queue and then it was no longer you know that I would be receiving it any day now and it's been a month. Now I know the rules of the casino and the ins and outs of a casino I used to be a blackjack table games manager for a local casino here where I am at. And I have read a lot about the ins and outs of online establishments. I know for a fact that the way that they are not only operating their establishment but the way they are conducting their business and the breaking of every contract that they are establishing between patron and company they are breaking them. Now I know that this goes against the caning commission I know that it goes against their licensing provider I know that it goes against literally almost every rule that's in the book. And I am at the point where I'm about to not just hit them hard but I mean if I cannot figure out a way to get this done and taken care of I am going to shut them down as best as I can with whatever means necessary.

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4 Responses

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October 27, 2022

Hi ayemaegemini - welcome to!

Please confirm the url of the operator you are complaining about.



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October 27, 2022

CasinoRoyal Club.

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October 29, 2022

Hi ayemaegemini - welcome to!

Please read our Complaint Guidance to ensure that you fully understand how our complaint management process functions.

Unfortunately you have chosen to play with an operator that is both negatively listed with this service and who has historically been non-cooperative with complaints submitted to us. While we will try to contact the operator on your behalf the chances of a successful mediation are low.



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November 26, 2022

Hi ayemaegemini,

Unfortunately after repeated efforts to contact the operator to discuss this issue we have received no response what-so-ever. At this juncture we have no reasonable expectation of this changing.

Sorry we could not be of further help.


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October 24, 2022

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