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Casino Tropez - Not paying my winnings


Casino Tropez declined the opportunity to engage with our mediation service.

Casino staff directly contradicted their own terms and conditions, and then said terms were used to justify confiscation of funds. This also appears to be a 'Spirit of the Bonus' confiscation, meaning that the casino have basically refused to pay because they don't like the way they player bet, but have refused to clarify exactly what they don't like about how the player bet.

We would strongly advise against playing with Casino Tropez.

Player's Complaint


My name is [EDIT], I have had a dispute with the above mentioned casino where I cashed out 6,400 gbp but they have only returned my deposit of 100gbp.

They advised I broke their terms in playing roulette as stated in their terms and conditions...I read this in the terms and obeyed it in the sign up offer...however I was offered a reload bonus on the account which entailed unlimited deposits of 150gbp to receive 100% each time I deposited, before depositing for the first time I was liasing with the chat rep who was preparing the bonus I had the conversation about the terms and the rep advised I was ALLOWED to play roulette at any time, I reminded the rep that the terms stated that I was unable to play this until the wagering was complete....the rep again corrected me and said I was allowed to play roulette but it just wouldn't count towards the wagering requirement...I understand the terms but I feel I was completely confused and given misleading information by a supposedly expert on the Tropez chat team, as far as I was concerned the terms and conditions were for the sign up offer and when I was offered this reload bonus I presumed different terms were on that as is the case with a lot of other the reload allowing me to play roulette like the rep advised on more than one occasion.

I have not just deposited 150gbp for this win but collectively I must have deposited about 2500gbp before I cashed out winnings...I have proof of the chat message attached.

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3 Responses

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May 15, 2013

Hey Barrell90,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I'll get in contact with Casino Tropez and see what we can do to resolve this issue for you. I have received the screen shot of the live chat that you forwarded.

I'll let you know as soon as I have any further information.


User icon
May 21, 2013

Hey Barrell90,

Just to keep you informed - I did manage to get in contact with one of the team at Casino Tropez over the weekend and they're currently looking into the issue to see what they can find out.

Please bear with me until I get more information.



User icon
June 3, 2013

As Casino Tropez has refused to discuss this issue with us, there's a very limited amount we can do to help Barrell90 and have no choice but to assess this incident on the information provided by the player.

This seems to be a fairly standard 'Spirit of the Bonus' confiscation where the reason that the casino won't pay out boils down to not liking the way the player bet. As such, it becomes impossible for a player to know, prior to breaking this rule, that they're doing anything wrong. By the UK Consumer Protection Act, this sort of contractual term is legally unenforceable due to its vague nature and as such we do not support any casino that uses such a terms to justify confiscation of winnings.

Worse than this, Casino Tropez actively told the player that they were allowed to play Roulette prior to the play in question, as the below screen shot shows;

So Casino Tropez have the full house of disreputable behaviour here; refusal to discuss player issues, misleading staff behaviour and seizure of funds where no breach of a clear and enforceable term can be shown. Quite the start for a group that coincidentally contacted us for a review a few days after this complaint was initiated.

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May 15, 2013

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