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Casino770 - confiscate winnings


In this case Casino 770 declined to provide any level of supporting evidence to justify their seizure of the player's funds. This case has been marked 'Unresolved' and the parties disagree on the fundamental issue of the case and we don't have enough evidence to support either party.

Casino 770's failure to support their claims is very disappointing. Recent claims that they are willing to discuss player complaints are completely undermined when all they're prepared to do is reiterate the fundamental claims that have already been provided to the player. Without the supporting evidence on which the decision to confiscate player funds was based, verification becomes an impossibility and discussion becomes nothing short of a waste of so many pixels. This will be reflected in the pending review of Casino 770 and Riva casino.

Player's Complaint

I have been playing happily at Casino770 for a few months partly because they use multiple software operators so there are a lot of good games there but also because there was lots of promos that I like. However, it seems these promos have a sting in the tail for me. I made a small deposit and playing roulette and slots built a nice bank roll and eventually cashed out a sum in the double figures. But it seems they don't want to pay me because they claim I used a Martingale betting system and/or some kind of product endowed with artificial intelligence in conjunction with their software.

I think they are good guys at Casino770 and this is just some kind of error on their part. If they take another look at my gameplay and compare it to a Martingale system they will see it is very different. But how do I prove I didn't use this artificial intelligence? Or maybe I read it wrong and they are just saying I did Martingale?

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7 Responses

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June 24, 2013

Hey poggrules (thank you very much!!)

I've received and read the email you submitted. At this stage, given that Casino 770 did not clearly stipulate which part of the quoted term they feel you've violated, it's not clear if they feel you've used a Martingale betting system or whether it's the section referring to artificial intelligence that they're concerned about.

I'll get in contact with them first thing tomorrow and see if we can clear this issue up for you.

To assist with this, could you provide me with the username and email address you use at Casino 770?

Thanks very much.


User icon
June 27, 2013

Hey poggrules,

I want to apologize and take blame for the current delays with this complaint. There have been some technical issues with allowing the Casino 770 rep access to this complaint and due to some personal issues that kept me away from the computer most of the day yesterday, I've only just got them fixed now.

Again - sorry about the delay and hopefully we can start making some progress with this case now.


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July 3, 2013

Hi poggrules,

Just to keep you up-to-date, Casino 770 are aware of this complaint and are discussing it internally. Once they feed back to me I'll update you.


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July 9, 2013

Hi poggrules,

I'm now speaking to a responsive casino rep at Casino 770 and they're looking into this issue for me.

For the time being the information that they've been given suggests that the fund confiscation has been based on a prohibited betting pattern.

If they are referencing the Martingale aspect of there terms and conditions, I've informed them that I could not support a confiscation based on that term. Simply put, the use of the term Martingale implies expected knowledge that not all players possess and unless you were exactly doubling your bet on every win and resetting to your minimum bet at the first loss, it seems likely that this is just a negative progression system rather than the Martingale progression. In short the term is too vague to allow the player any clear idea of what they can and can't do.

That assessment is based on incomplete information however, so please bare with me while I get the whole story.



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July 10, 2013

Hi poggrules,

Casino 770 tell me that they've tried on several days to phone you but they've not managed to get through to you.

Could you double check and make sure they have the right phone number and let me know when a convenient time to reach you would be so I can pass this along the the casino team?



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July 10, 2013

Hi poggrules,

I'm going to post some of what you emailed me to keep myself straight - as there are a lot of complaints currently open so this helps me remember what relates to what.

This is the email that you've received from Casino 770;

Dear [EDIT],

We are contacting you with regards to the status of your player account opened on Casino770.

Please consider that the recent checking undertaken on your player account has revealed striking similarities between your personal details and those of other Casino770 players, thus raising concerns on the authenticity of your player account.

We regret to inform you that unfortunately you did not pass our checking procedures and since you did not cooperate with us within the last period for clarifying your situation, our payment agent has decided to transfer back to your MoneyBookers e-wallet your total deposits of 1000 GBP registered on the site.

Moreover, as your overall activity has raised serious suspicions on your playing manner, our specialists analyzed your gaming sessions as well. Following the investigation undertaken on your game sessions, our team concluded that your playing manner cannot be accepted.

For the integrity of our games, we had to proceed with the permanent closure of your player account.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,


Customer Service


While I understand that this change in stance may be frustrating, it's far from unusual in these sort of cases. Where suspicion of collusion or fraudulent activity is the reason for fund confiscations, many casinos would rather avoid discussing the issue at all to prevent educating people using multiple accounts as to how to avoid their security systems. As such they'll regularly quote more general catch all terms as the justification.

Given that nature of this case has just become substantially more complex, to progress further with it will likely involve me signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that I can view the evidence that Casino 770 have gathered. As such I'm going to have to ask you to be patient while the necessary arrangements are made and the Casino 770 ensure they cover their backs legally.

Sorry about the delays, but unfortunately it's the nature of any issue where accounts have been tied together.


User icon
July 18, 2013

Hi poggrules,

Unfortunately in this case I most certainly do not rule - in fact my mediation has been completely unsuccessful.

While Casino 770 have been willing to discuss this issue, discussion is all they've been willing to do. By that I mean, they're happy to tell me that you failed their security verification, but unlike other venues who have made similar claims, they're not willing to provide any supporting evidence what-so-ever.

The bottom line here is that I do not have enough information available to me to draw any sort of conclusion. Casino 770 have made claims of substantial wrongdoing which understandably you would deny. As I have nothing with which to judge the situation on I have no choice but to mark this complaint as 'Unresolved'.

However, while the complaint itself may be marked as Unresolved, I don't wish that to diminish my criticism of Casino 770. In this situation they've acted as both judge and jury while representing their own interests. They've gained financially from a decision and refused to provide any supporting evidence to justify their decision.

While I fully appreciate just how serious an issue multi-accounting and fraud are in the online gambling industry, as long as casinos choose to confiscate funds and refuse to engage with neutral third parties there will always be good reason to question their fair treatment of players. Simply put, in any decision the casino can only represent their own interests.

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June 24, 2013

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