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CasinoIn - Winnings of 14,925 euros confiscated


Found for the Casino - This player has opened multiple accounts with this operator in breach of terms and conditions. As such there is nothing we can do to assist them.

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Player's Complaint

Hello Pogg,

I was playing on and on saturday I had some winnings of 14,925 euros after a streak of losses. When I requested for a withdrawal from the casino,I was informed to verify myself for the withdrawal process. I have sent the documentation for verification. After verification I was told that according to their terms and conditions,I am having multiple accounts and all the accounts are blocked and my winnings of 14,925 euros will be forfeited. I remember registering and using only single account all these time.. I have been depositing and playing the games with same account. As per casinos claim, if at all there was an another account it might be a friend who visited me for a couple of days and registered it using my details and my wifi under the same roof.. When I started using the mentioned website,I am using the same acclount mentioned for all deposits and games.. now when I made a withdrawal process,casino claims I have multiple accounts. But I used only one account. This casino also doesnt have a KYC process during registration to verify duplicate account creations. Now I am punished and my wiinings of almost 15k euros are confiscated for no mistake of mine. When trying to ask support to help me to talk to security team,they blcoked me and I wrote emails to security team but no response.. I humbly request you to help me on this to solve the issue and get my wiinings from the casino that doesnt do a KYC upfront and later say there are multiple accounts during withdrwal.

Please help.

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6 Responses

User icon
December 1, 2020

Hi srreddy - welcome to!

Sadly, there is nothing we can do to assist you in this instance. The CasinoIn terms of use are as follows:

"Only one Client Account for each

household, device, IP address, financial instrument is allowed.

Company may perform additional security checks in order to detect

multiple accounts."

If you have shared a device with another user account you have breached this term and the operator are within their rights to consider your account void.

Sorry we could not be of further help.


User icon
December 2, 2020

Hello Team Pogg,

I was unaware that a friend who visited me for a couple days created this account. I got to know about this only when withdrawal process started and I questioned my friend.

The registration process on the casino website is so simple that it does not have a unique identifier that identifies the duplicity of accounts while registration. It just allows to create an account and doesn’t have a unique field (like telephone number or email id) to stop or say that there exists a duplicate account. Also, casino also doesn’t email or communicate about a duplicate account being created. This is a problem from casino side. That identifying or informing the creation of duplicate account is their responsibility.

Another important thing is I have been depositing multiple hundreds of euros on to my account from the time I created my account (without taking any benefits, bonus or prizes offered by casino). As the casino says if I knew I had a duplicate account, I should have switched between accounts to get the bonuses offered by them. But that never happened. I constantly used my account, deposited to that and played with that account. Suddenly they come up with this duplicate account only during the withdrawal of a big win of 14925 euros. They should have pointed out when I was depositing hundreds of euros. If they have not informed about duplicate account during the deposits, it means they are encouraging it for deposits and creating problems when person requests for withdraw-able, which shows their clear plan to deceive the customers.

As per their terms and conditions, if I used my duplicate accounts (which I was unknown that I had) to lure the bonuses or prizes offered by them, then I am eligible for the action. But in this case I have not taken any bonuses and have not violated their terms.

When I asked the customer to give me a chance to talk to Security team they have blocked me.

Please I request you to help me withdraw my funds that I need it badly.

User icon
December 2, 2020

Hi srredy,

As stated previously, there's nothing we can do to help you. It is your responsibility to know the activity that has happened on your network.

Sorry we cannot be of further help.


User icon
December 2, 2020

Hello ThePOGG Team,

I am really saddened to hear this. There were similar issues reported to you on another casino ( where your intervention and efforts solved the problems and users were able to get their winnings fully or partially.

I have been writing multiple emails to the [email protected] but not getting any replies back front them. Amount of 14925 euros is a big win for me which will solve lot of problems of mine. I am still shocked and hurt with the decision of casino for not even replying to my emails and their customer support blocking me.


User icon
December 3, 2020

Hello ThePOGG Team,

Request you to take the other complaints raised on different casino mentioned in previous post an example and help me to solve this case please.

As I have mentioned I have not created the muliple account with my knowledge and never used those so called multiple accounts for benefits or bonuses.

I have used my only single account for deposits. Even never requested or used bonuses on this accoount.

Please take this up and help me solve the issue to get the winnings.


User icon
December 6, 2020

Hi srreddy,

As stated already, if you have opened multiple accounts there is nothing we can do to assist you. All factors on other cases are not in the public domain. Your case is a clear cut violation of terms.



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December 1, 2020

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