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CasinoMax - refused to give me an option they explain in terms they have


Resolved - The submitting complainant has become non-responsive to our repeated requests for additional information. As such we assume they have resolved their issue on their own.

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Player's Complaint

Also I will be 100 percent honest with you about these casinos. I will not lie about them. I will tell you where they were strong and where they were weak. This situation with CasinoMax was a huge problem. I cannot believe I was not offered the easy option which would have solved all the problems. I was afraid to ask to begin with because casinos can turn anything against a player. Especially when the player suggests being in a vulnerable state. They can use this to their advantage at any time and state the player is a liability. Despite that and being that I had a decent withdrawal coming I knew I had to at least try because I knew it when my friend disappeared and never came back, we had this private party for him, I knew I wasn’t going to be in the right state of mind and I knew I should at least try to run it by the staff and see if they would help me. I didn’t want to push it though too much because I had the withdrawal pending and I didn’t want to give them a reason to mess with that. I’ve seen casinos do all sorts of shady things and manipulate terms and conditions to get as much money as they can prom people. So when I mentioned exclusion I knew I was risking it a bit but I didn’t know what else to call it. I knew I was going to be drunk when this withdrawal hit because casino max decided to hold onto it a week longer than they should have to begin with. When he said exclusion wasn’t possible without messing with my withdrawal, and after I got my point across why I felt this was necessary it was obvious that I wasn’t being given any option around this. I backed off and said it was ok because what other option did I have? If I pressed it any further it was my impression that I was jeopardizing my withdrawal. Then I got a message from the employee and at this time I had a lot going on and I was just dreading my friends goodbye party. I swear I thought that the employee messaged me back starting not to worry and he figured out how to make it so I couldn’t deposit on all accounts because what’s the point of limiting all of them but the one I won the most money on? Drunk and receiving that chunk of money that would be the first casino I go to… I know me…. So I mistook that and thanked the employee for figuring it out I thought and was just focused on when I could get my withdrawal. They had delayed it and in my eyes manipulated their terms to allow them to procrastinate on my withdrawal and it stretched into a really bad time for me. Of course it drops at the party when I was already pretty drunk. A friend of mine disappeared and we heard rumors and they are not good. Officially he is missing… we all are pretty sure why… it’s brutal the rumors…. Anyways I’m not excusing my behavior and I know it’s a problem I have to work on. I shouldn’t get drunk and gamble. I have been using the games to deal with a lot of my problems lately and to be 100 percent honest they have helped me though a lot. You have no idea. They kept my mind occupied through these tough times and gave me less time to focus on the bad things. This is the problem though because being drunk and after that party I know that’s the first thing I would do to get my mind off of things. This is why I tried to find a way to prevent it. The drunk put me over the edge too way more than I thought. I blacked out at the party and I don’t remember anything. All the sudden I woke up by the toilet at home and I had to pay a bill and I remembered I got paid the night before and all that money was gone… plain and simple I should have been given the option to limit my spending and even mike the other employee told me that. But none of them explained this until I got so upset about it like 2 days after and did some digging on it. I saw other casinos offered options to prevent players from playing and still getting their withdrawal. Then I decided to go through CasinoMax”s terms with a fine comb and there it was…. They had an option all along and none of them admitted this until I confronted them about it. If you think this makes me happy that they messed up it didn’t. I actually enjoyed playing at their casinos. I never had been as lucky as I was with their casinos. But the fact that things happens the way they did I had that feeling they were itching to get some of the money back I won from them somehow…. Someway… I swear I felt a shift in the software fairness after I won that money too. I swear to God. That was also another reason I wanted to make sure I couldn’t spend any of that money there. They should have respected my wishes and offered me the obvious solution to my problem and they didn’t and I tried to prevent it… I did what I was supposed to do and I risked things to do so. I am entitled to be compensated for that because that actually hurt me. A lot of these casinos caused unpredictable harm when I thought I was being calculated but what gets me the most….. is when these unfair and predictable catastrophes happen like when all the sudden the game will go into a 50 to 100 spin losing streak and it will piss me off so I will refuse to lower the bet just to win. I will lose on purpose and it’s cost me a lot it shouldn’t have because when I raise the bet I shouldn’t be locked into a guaranteed losing streak or right after a win. All the misleading information I’m being told also while explaining my issues to the staff contradictions of all I seen is what lights me on fire. Like I said I was taken advantage of by a string of casinos that strung me along for thousands…. I never won one time…. Thousands….

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3 Responses

User icon
January 4, 2022

Hi xcalaba,

Please confirm the url of the operator you are complaining about.

You are playing with, at best, a weakly licensed operator. When you choose to do that you will not receive the protections that you will receive from reputable and well licensed operators. Businesses that choose these weak licenses do so specifically so they do not have to protect players. That being the case it is very unlikely we can do anything to assist you with this aspect of your claim. If you can provide both a term showing you should have been provided with the option to restrict your account and communications showing that the operator refused to provide the protections detailed in the terms, we can try to speak to the operator for you, but it should be stated that given the licensing status of this operator the chances of them engaging a dialogue would be very low.

Finally, your submissions make quite clear that you are not currently in an emotional place where you should be considering gambling at all. We would strongly encourage you to seek help from local organisations intended to support people with gambling addiction issues. You may find our free Responsible Gambling app BetBlocker useful. It allows users to restrict their internet capable devices from accessing over 15k gambling operator websites for between 24 hours and 5 years.



User icon
January 23, 2022

Hi xcalaba,

I'm following-up on the above?



User icon
February 6, 2022

Hi xcalaba,

If we haven't heard from you by Friday the 18th of February I'll assume you no longer need our assistance and close this complaint.



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January 2, 2022

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