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Castle - Uses different excuses not to pay and took my winnings


Unresolved - Castle casino claim the player is part of a multi-accounting group, but declined to provide any supporting evidence. As such we have no evidence with which to support either the player or casino's claim, but would criticize Castle - they've chosen to confiscate a large sum of money without producing any proof. This is a classic judge, jury and benefactor scenario.

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Player's Complaint

I won at Castle Casino and then they removed my winnings, saying that I did not withdraw in a timely manner and they sent me the following email :

Dear [EDIT],

I hope you are well.

Unfortunately due to the winnings you’ve accrued from a bonus provided at Castle Casino not being withdrawn the full balance will now be reverted back to the original deposit. You can view information on this in our terms and conditions which I’ve listed below for convenience:

11.8. Unless otherwise stated, all bonus money needs to be either used or the complete balance withdrawn within 21 days after being credited to the customer’s account. If these credits are not used, the full balance, including any winnings accrued, may be removed from the players account. No claim shall lie against the in the event the balance is forfeited in these circumstances.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Thanks and best regards,


I notified the casino that the system would not let me withdraw until they received my documents. And they sent the following email:

Hi [EDIT],

Apologies for my slow response in this case.

I see your point here and in this case agree that the KYC delay was the reason for overstepping this timeframe which is fairly new, we need to refine our terms to ensure cases like this are taken into consideration. Given this circumstance, your account will be reinstated with its previous balance shortly and you should be able to withdraw without issues.

Enjoy the winnings and I hope to see you back at Castle Casino soon, we owe you a bonus on the house for the misunderstanding!

Kind Regards,


After a few days my money was not returned to my account, I sent an email


When can I expect my winnings placed back into my account? You said I would not have any issues with my withdrawal and yet the money has not been put back.

A few days later [EDIT] emailed me with another excuse not to pay me. This was his email:

Dear [EDIT],

Thanks for your patience with my response.

The reason for the delay was that I noted your account was under investigation from our software team in a completely different scenario, therefore I had to delay this until it was concluded.

The investigation, which was to identify a group of players who have a set strategy to take advantage of special bonuses in order to cash out large amounts, has identified your account as that of a bonus abuser and therefore under term 11.1 all winnings will be voided and your deposit returned. You can see this term below:

11.1. All our promotions are designed for genuine players who may be interested in continuing membership and play at the casino and are happy to wager with and risk their own money. Promotions may be deemed void at any time to individuals or groups who are suspected to abuse or have a record of promotional abuse or fraud (charge backs) at or any of our affiliate merchants. Any winnings accrued by such individual or groups will be deemed void and withheld.

As you’ve previously mentioned complaining to the websites we partner with to provide these bonuses I’ve provided them with an outline of the game strategy used across yours and several similar accounts in advance. I’m happy to provide you directly with further information on our case if you’d like this.

Kind Regards,


The email address of [EDIT] is [EDIT]

They closed my account. This is a mistake and completely unfair!

The casino returned my deposit of 100 and closed my account.They owe me 5400.00.

I used AskGamblers bonus, as they offer exclusive bonuses. I did not breach any terms and they tried to use a different excuse for not paying, saying that I breached the term of not cashing out on time.

Also what they mention as strategy of play is not against any of their terms. When they say I bet big and then small this is not true, I bet big and I bet over a 100 each hand on 12 numbers or less all the way through the wagering in roulette the entire time, I didn't bet more then 12 numbers at any time. So when they say I bet big and then small this is not true.I wanted to cash out a winner, so why do I have to bet risky after a big win? What they mentioned now is totally wrong I didn't breach any specific term and I am not part of any group. I found the exclusive bonus on a big website, and the fact that they gave the first excuse of the cash out time and at the beginning, they said the fact I didn't cash out was the reason for not paying me, and when that didn't work they tried to come up with a new excuse. Yes I played risky, and when I won big I reduced the risk, but I still bet over a 100 per spin and on 12 numbers or less which is still very risky and I the wagering was quite heavy, every player reduces the risk after a big win unless he is a loser, so what they are saying is that I breached a term of not being a loser.

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4 Responses

User icon
October 2, 2013

Hi 23cLeim – thanks for getting in contact!

Leave this with me and I’ll get in contact with Castle casino and see what I find out.


User icon
October 2, 2013

Apologies 23cLeim,

Due to some serious server issues we lost several posts - this update is just me replacing the lost content. I've emailed a new password to you, feel free to reset it.

As to your case, I am actively pursuing this issue with Castle casino and have had a response.


User icon
October 16, 2013

Hi 23cLeim,

I have heard back from Castle casino regarding this issue, but there are a few delays while they are trying to get permission from their software provider to share information.

I'll keep you updated as this progresses.


User icon
October 17, 2013

Hi 23cLeim,

I've had Castle's final response on this issue. They've informed me that your account and playing style show similarities to several other accounts that cannot be accounted for by coincidence alone.

That's where our conversation ended however. When I asked Castle casino to provide supporting evidence they declined stating that due to the fact that this complaint has done the rounds at a number of affiliate sites, they feel that the reputational damage has already been done and investing further time in exploring this issue further simply takes time away from other tasks that are improving their services for the majority of their players.

This of course leave me in a position where I have one party saying one thing while the other party claims another while I have no evidence to draw any substantive conclusions. As such I have no choice but to mark this complaint as Unresolved.

As always in this type of situation, while the report is marked as Unresolved, I don't want this to detract from our criticism of any casino that will seize funds without being prepared to present evidence. The casino are acting as judge and jury at the same time as being the benefactors of the ruling. This is an absolutely unacceptable conflict of interests.

I would temper this somewhat given the fact that this complaint has been submitted to several forums - if the objective of submitting a complaint is to resolve the issue rather than simply to tarnish the reputation of the involved casino, asking multiple sites to address the situation results in the casino having to go over the same information repeatedly, which could justifiably be seen as a waste of time. This is especially relevant for smaller casinos where the same member of staff will end up tie up for extended periods of time going over the decision with multiple affiliates and preventing them from pursuing other tasks.

As a result of this issue, I've set Castle's traffic light indicator to Amber - they will discuss complaints, but at the time being appear to be unwilling to share evidence - and I've reduced their Trustworthiness score by one point.

Sorry I could not make any further progress with this issue.


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October 2, 2013

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