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ChanceHill - They refuse to give me my witdrawal


Resolved - The player gambled away their balance at ChanceHill before we had an opportunity to resolve their payment delay issue.

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Player's Complaint

My username there is [EDIT]

Chat log from them and i have alot more if u want.


I write to you yesteday and asked you to Call me. I tried so many ways to get my withdrawal or at least a lbit of it. I created a skrill Account and Deposit 200 SEK so we could use it as a alternative payout and it didnt work either. I feel now that i dont will reack the money.

2 other Casinos have cheated me Before to and The first one with 25.000 SEK and the second one 18.000 SEK the never send the money to. Like always i never USE bonus or anything like that. I feel the same now for my money in your Casino. So many strange answer. I realy tried eferything i could. Smaller Amount, open a skrill Acount and ask for Wire Transfer but nothing was working.

I liked you support and i feel that you tried. But now i feel i consider my money as Gone. I realy want to not open a dispute against you beq i felt i can trust you. Show me that i can trust you. But now i dont know anymore. It take me from happines for a winning to get me get depressed over that i got cheated again. I consider to never more play on Online Casinos beq you never know if you get your winnings. Im disappointed and sad here Today and not happy at all.



Chat transcript

Name: [EDIT]

E-mail: [EDIT]

Thu, 06/09/16 08:24:57 pm Europe/Stockholm Hey!

[PLAYER] 08:25:11 pm You can remove my wager Limit

08:26:26 pm Done [PLAYER]. The withdrawal will be processed tomorrow as the transfer hasn't reached our account today. But it will tomorrow 100%

[PLAYER] 08:26:50 pm Dont care anymore. I play for my money instead. Tommorow you will tell me the same. That something not work and i will not get my money

08:28:50 pm No. Yesterday I told you that we would have it for today or tomorrow at the latest. Today hasn't been possible. So it will be tomorrow. And I said 100%

[PLAYER] 08:30:26 pm yestoday you told me that this morning i wanted to habe a wire transfer recipt sent

08:30:57 pm No. We decided that we would do so through Skrill, not transfer. And you agreed.

[PLAYER] 08:31:18 pm ok

08:31:22 pm That's why I didn't send the transfer

[PLAYER] 08:31:47 pm i asked for a wire transfer since monday with blue.Can you realy promise me that it will go tommorow?

08:32:56 pm I have been told by finance that it will reach Skrill tomorrow, so yes

[PLAYER] 08:33:42 pm Ok il froze the wager limit again. 2 other casinon promised me the same as you told me now. i can show u the chat log from crazy winners

08:34:19 pm Don't worry [PLAYER], I trust you

[PLAYER] 08:34:34 pm the promised me 18.000 for over 2 weeks after that they locked my account beq i asked to much and was angry

08:35:57 pm We usually pay out fast. It's simply these weeks have been unfortunately problematic

[PLAYER] 08:36:18 pm can you compensate me with anything while i wait? wagerfree spinns or something

08:37:22 pm Certainly - Issued. You have some waiting also

[PLAYER] 08:38:53 pm are u sure that they dont change my right to get my withdrawal? Bonus shit i mean? if i accept them?

08:40:24 pm Your money is yours

[PLAYER] 08:40:52 pm are u sure about that no wagering on these free spinns Is it many before me tommorow who waiting for withdrawal?

08:42:50 pm 08:43:07 pm No, you're first

[PLAYER] 08:43:32 pm ok what time do you think it will be? evening?

08:44:41 pm I really don't know [PLAYER]. Skrill transfers take 1-2 days, so it could be morning ofr evening

[PLAYER] 08:45:35 pm What if i didnt be tommorow? What can we do?

08:46:11 pm I really hope it will be tomorrow 100%

[PLAYER] 08:46:51 pm can i reach you here if i close my account?

08:47:00 pm No. Don't close it [PLAYER]. Set a limit. But closing it restricts you from chat

[PLAYER] 08:47:22 pm Ok il wait one more day not more

08:47:58 pm Thank you

[PLAYER]08:48:00 pm what about the rest of 10.000

08:48:07 pm We'll hope for Monday

[PLAYER] 08:48:12 pm ok. is free spinns not i inclouding in wager limit?

08:48:56 pm Oh, they might be

[PLAYER] 08:49:05 pm ok

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3 Responses

User icon
June 10, 2016

Hi melorium,

I'll contact ChanceHill and see what I can find out for you.



User icon
June 10, 2016


I posted a email to you Now to.

I feel nu trust for them anymore.

A casino must have alot of options if some systems not work.


User icon
June 12, 2016

Hi melorium,

I'm very sorry to hear that you chose to gamble with your balance and have now lost it. That being the case there's nothing further we can do to help you. Had you held on I'm confident we would have managed to resolve this issue.

I'll close this issue as resolved as there's no longer any conflict to be discussed.



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June 10, 2016

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