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Codeta - They refuse to process my withdrawal 5000 SEK


Resolved - A payment delay has been resolved and both Codeta casino and the submitting player have confirmed that the funds have been transferred in full.

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Player's Complaint


Please help me I got stucked here.

I played on Codeta a couple of year and they always was good to me.

I receive my withdrawals within 24 hours always.

But something happens in the past 180 days.

My 2 last withdrawals was very delayed.

They are not good to customers anymore.

I wait for a withdrawal now for over 5 days and they promise me and promise me.

I got around 5 emails with promises.

like this.


The don't listen to me and refuse to pay me 5000 SEK :(


My alias there is [EDIT] and the email is [EDIT]

Hello [EDIT],

The withdrawal process can take time some time. Depending on the workload on our department in charge. Sometimes, unfortunate it can take longer than 24 hours.

Your withdrawal has been processed from our end now and your withdrawal should be on your bank account as soon as possible.'



Senior Advisor

Another Chat with them.

Select language: Swedish

Name: [EDIT]

E-mail: [EDIT]

Jasminka Tue, 03/13/18 11:36:40 am Europe/Stockholm

Hi [EDIT], welcome to Codeta support!

[EDIT] 11:37:45 am

Hi again. Can you tell me whats going on here? Im waited 4 days now for my withdrawal. Something is strange.

[EDIT] 11:38:05 am

Can you please confirm your date of birth and home address so that I can have a look at your account?

[EDIT] 11:38:24 am


[EDIT] 11:38:31 am

Thank you

Allow me a few moments to check this for you, please

[EDIT] 11:39:18 am

Im starting to get real real angry now. I never waited more than maximum 24 hours from you. And now its 4 days??????

[EDIT] 11:39:53 am

I understand this is being too long for you. I apologize for the waiting time.

[EDIT] 11:40:10 am

Yes but WHY?

Something is very wrong right now

[EDIT] 11:40:52 am

This is why I am checking this now for you. I will kindly ask you for a bit more patience as I am waiting for an update for your payout. I apologize once again for your waiting time.

[EDIT] 11:41:17 am

should I wait here ?

[EDIT] 11:41:36 am

Yes, please, hopefully I will receive an update shortly.

[EDIT] 11:41:42 am


[EDIT] 11:42:49 am

I would also like to thank you for your patience and your cooperation in this process.

[EDIT] 11:45:31 am

il try to. Its real strange I never hade problems before here. but my 2 last withdrawals was very delayed this one and my other one before that

[EDIT] 11:46:27 am

I am sorry you feel this way about this issue, but rest assured your payout will be processed for you. As we speak,we are checking this with our relevant team for your withdrawal to be processed for you.

[EDIT] 11:47:04 am

il wait

[EDIT] 11:47:34 am

Thank you for your patience

[EDIT], I am sorry to keep you waiting here, but we still have not received the update,however we have informed our relevant team to push trough your payout. Is it possible if we get back to you via email? 11:58:07 am

[EDIT] 12:00:12 pm

Yes send me an email and ask them also what the problem are. Soon I lost al faith and trust on Codeta. The must give me a reason why they didn't process it. and I want it today. I also want it processed today. ASAP

[EDIT] 12:01:27 pm

Thank you for your cooperation.We will get back to you via email with an update

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3 Responses

User icon
March 14, 2018

Hi melorium - welcome back!

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.



User icon
March 19, 2018

Hi melorium,

I've spoken to Codeta about this issue and they inform me that your withdrawal has been paid in full. Can you confirm this?

They also asked me to pass on their apologies for the delays you experienced!



User icon
March 21, 2018

Hi melorium,

Just a quick message to say thank you for confirming this issue has been resolved. It is always appreciated when player's take the time to do this.


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March 14, 2018

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