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Conquestador - casino deposit limit breach


Found for the Casino - The mechanics of the loss limit applied by Conquestador Casino are detailed within their responsible gambling information.

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Player's Complaint

My complaint, summed up in short is as a result of Conquestadors 'Deposit Limit' rulings.

Being a gambler who acknowledges that I have some problems concerning the amounts i gamble at times, imposed a deposit limit of £1000 a month onto my account. This request was actioned sufficiently.

Within my deposit limitations I went onto win an amount in the region of £3000 which I then withdrew on 02/07/2020. Funds were then cleared into my bank account following satisfactory completion of Conquestadors player Verification process.

On 3rd of July I went onto re-deposit funds, most of which were one after the other in a matter of hours (it got the better of me and I got carried away). Before long I realised that I must have deposited well in excess of my £1000 deposit limit, and on reflection, I had, having been allowed to deposit £4200 in fact calculating my total deposits that month is around £9700.

Therein lies my complaint. Why on earth was I allowed to deposit over and above my deposit limit which was clearly in place.

I contacted Conquestadors customer services department which were to say the least, unhelpful.In short, I was advised that as I had won a vast amount of money, my deposit limit would automatically increase the allow for additional deposits up to the amount of my Withdrawn & Cleared winnings!!! I must once again stress at this point that my winnings were not simply sat on account pending clearance, but had been cleared and transferred to my own bank account!

Having looked through the companies T&C's I cannot find any wording which clearly explains this, nor was I warned at point of initiating the deposit limit.

I feel as I was let down, and the correct procedures for responsible gambling have not been followed as I believed I had a limit on my account, they named it as deposit limits but clearly they meant something else which in my eyes is false information.

My thoughts however are that a deposit limit should be just that when transferring from ones own bank account to gaming company, not adjusted as they desire.

I would be grateful if you could investigate on my behalf as I believe there has been a clear breach of the Consumer Gambling laws.

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1 Responses

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July 6, 2020

Hi oemin2012 - welcome to!

While we're sorry to hear about your issues, having reviewed the Conquestador responsible gambling information, the do detail the mechanics of their 'Net Deposit Limit':

"Setting Net Deposit Limits

The Net Deposit Limits tool is available to keep you in control of your betting. This tool allows you to limit the amount of funds you can deposit over a certain time period. Once you’ve set the limit you can only deposit up to that value throughout the chosen time period. It’s important to remember that any withdrawals processed in this time period are also factored into the calculation. That means you can deposit an amount equal to the value of the withdrawals in the time period made and then up to the set net deposit limit.

Example: You set a net deposit limit of £50 and then withdraw £60 in the selected time period (Net position = -£60). You are now able to deposit back £10 + £50 before your net deposit limit for the selected time period is reached."

If you have withdrawn more than you deposited over the time period you would be allowed to redeposit your winnings before any deposits would count against your Net Deposit Limit.

You may find our free Responsible Gambling app BetBlocker useful. It allows users to restrict their internet capable devices from accessing over 12k gambling operator websites for between 24 hours and 5 years.

Sorry we could not be of more help!


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  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission
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July 6, 2020

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