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Coral - Recover what they make me loss


Found for the Casino - Unless you have given the operator some direct reason to believe that you are experiencing gambling issues it is unlikely that you are going to be entitled to a refund.

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Player's Complaint

Good afternoon

I am writing to you because I need your help.

I have two questions for you and I am waiting for a quick response.

it's about trying to recover what I've lost in an online casino for being stupid .. The name of the casino is Coral .. I tried weeks ago to make a dispute against them but they answered that I haven't read the terms of a game well I respect a bonus of infinite spins and they offered me as an alternative a free bonus and 40 pounds for sports betting.

I wanted to stop training because I realized that it was only perdition for me but every day they sent me a message and they let me in. I lost a lot of money and I have never played in the online casino, I have only been doing it for 2 months ...

Could you help me recover what I invested and lost in that casino? .. Only losses because nothing profits .. I lost a lot of all my savings for two years, money saved for the purpose of opening a project to help the animals without owners and the elderly.

You are lawyers and know how to make a complaint and have a chance to win a dispute.

Yesterday I sent an e-mail to Coral asking him to stop sending me messages with their new games because I am not interested .. I understand that it is misleading advertising to enter and spend more money but I am not interested .. They made me lose a lot of my savings savings for a project to help the elderly and pets .. I have also told Coral that it is an online casino maybe cheat because I remember I played and were more than 50 spins without winning a penny .. In response They have locked the account even though I had a Gold membership ..



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3 Responses

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August 29, 2019

Hi darkfly66 - welcome to!

Unfortunately you've chosen to play with an operator that are both negatively listed here and who have been non-responsive to complaints submitted to us historically. The chances that we can do anything to help you is low.

Beyond this however I need to know whether you ever informed the operator that you had a gambling problem or requested a self-exclusion?



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August 30, 2019

Thank you for such a quick response and sorry for answering now but a moment ago I arrived from my job .. Regarding your question, I can tell you that two days ago I sent you an email asking you to Coral stop sending me messages about your new games or promotions because I am not interested in playing anymore and I know that it is cheater advertising just to deceive the user and let him in and spend more money .. and at the same time commenting to Coral that I have read many rewiews, negative comments from disappointed people and people hooked or not very happy about that Casino .. Their response was in the first phase to keep sending other messages with publicity of their games and then block my account and today they sent me a message that my account is permanently closed They have also known that I am losing money because I have commented more than once. And in the last message that I have sent, I have commented that what they do is misleading advertising and that there are games in their Casino where you do not win nothing or changing bets or after 50 spins or more .. It is not normal for a casino but I have been stupid to register and leave a lot of my savings that were destined for my project to help the animals without owners and the elderly. It is normal for them to keep my money and then if something does not likes my opinion that excludes me .. I am willing to offer everything you ask me to do something and try to recover what I lost .. It was silly not to read all the negative comments about that casino on time and play because I am not a gambler .. I have my job and I am a very honest person .. I await your response and thanks again .. All my hope I have in you ..Thanks a lot Greetings [EDIT]

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August 30, 2019

Hi darkfly66,

I'm afraid there's nothing we can do to help you here.

Having lost money isn't a contestable issue. When you chose to gamble, while you might win the simply reality is that you are far more likely to lose. That you have lost is not in itself abnormal.

Unless you have given the operator some direct reason to believe that you were experiencing addiction issues, they would not be expected to proactively close your account. And they are allowed a reasonable time to act on any request (i.e. promotional mails would not necessarily be expected to stop as soon as you've sent your request).

It seems likely that the angry nature of your last email and accusations of cheating have resulting in the operator concluding at that point that your are at risk from play and they were correct at that point to act on this information and close your account. But prior to that if you have not specifically informed them of the issue they would not be expected to take responsibility for your actions.

Sorry we could not be of further help.


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August 29, 2019

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