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Crazy Vegas - account closure and confiscation


Found for the Casino - Crazy Vegas have provided enough evidence, outside of the contested verification phone call, that agrees with their assessment that there's a substantial chance that this player is not who they are representing themselves to be.

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Player's Complaint

Dear ThePogg,

I have played at Crazy Vegas casino. Username [EDIT] and signed up with the email address [EDIT].

I have deposited and received their bonus after signing up. Once I have fullfilled their playthrough requirements playing slots I made a withdrawal of €4579.35 on the 21st of August. They then requested an ID card and address proof from me via email which I have provided, and later they confirmed both receival and verification of my documents. They then went silent for a week. I have contacted chat support multiple times during the week where I was always told 'due to the high volumes my withdrawal isn't yet processed, but likely tomorrow'. Then after a week - while still nobody sent me an email - a chat rep asked me for my telephone number because my registered phone number went to voicemail when they tried to call and what kind of Doctor I was (Dr. is in my name on my ID card). Since by this time I have went abroad (to a bordering country) and my parents also told me they had tried to call me multiple times and were directed straight to voicemail 4 out of 5 times, I figured either my provider had a roaming problem or something with my incoming calls, so I gave them my second phone number which is the Assistance Phone in my car (through which one can call BMW Assist and access the internet if needed). I gave him this second phone number and told him I was a 'JD'. He didn't understand what that was. I told him Juris Doctor, he didn't understand. I finally told him 'Doctor at law', still nothing. I then wrote that I have a Degree in Law (didn't know why an earth this was important to the casino)! I was told I will be called in an hour.

So three hours later I received a phonecall from somebody in Moldva (or Moldova?) with a very strong accent and was asked again what kind of doctor I was. I have told again that I had a Degree in Law. Then I was told that they got very confused with this information on the chat. And that they also can not accept 'a third persons' phone number for verification. I told him that this is my OWN number, my second phone number, the SIM card from my Assistance phone from the car. From this on the man with the strong accent kept telling me that I can not use my ASSISTANT's phone for verification. After about 5 minutes of me trying to explain to him that I didn't say it was my assistant's phone, but my 'Assistance phone' he still didn't understand and kept asking me questions like: 'is my assistant also a player in the casino?'. So I gave up on this. He moved forward to ask for the landline phonenumber of my legal practice. I politely tried to explain him that I am not a lawyer as not everybody with a law degree ends up being a lawyer, and I didn't have a legal practice, am not a sole proprietor (he didn't understand this word) or selfemployed or own any kind of business. I was employed at the legal department of a company but I am now between jobs and unemployed. To which he replied that this is now two red flags in the eyes of the casino that I am "unable" to tell him my OWN business phonenumber, and "why don't I have a businesscard with me that I could tell my landline legal practice number from". So again he didn't understand a word from what I told him.

He then moved forward to push me telling him my home landline number and wanted to call me there immediately. For which I have told him that the reason in the first place he couldn't call me on my originally registered phone number was that I am abroad and that only my parents are at home and they don't speak a word in English. So he said this was the third red flag, that I am not in the country I have regstered in (he wasn't interested in that I have arrived here only 4 days ago, and that I have registered from home, played from home, made the withdrawal from home) and insisted that if I wanted to be able to move forward I had to send them a scan of my 'Legal Degree'. I told them this is a joke to request me that I send an online casino a scan of my degree. Then he asked me to send him an email containing which university I attended, legal code for the university I attended, the number on my diploma, the year I received my diploma, and confirm everything we just talked about on the phone.

So I called my parents and asked for all the numbers from my diploma and wrote everything in an email on the 29th of August.

Not receiving any kind of response if they have received the email I have again started to contact Live chat. 5 days later I was told via chat in 2 sentences that they received my email but nonetheless my account stays closed because I didn't answer HONESTLY to the questions over the phone, and they have confiscated both my winnings and my deposit because I am high risk. And that they will not answer any more questions from me, the deceison is final.

I have to say I am speechless about this, and hope that you will be able to do something here to help my out.

Thanks in advance,


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3 Responses

User icon
September 3, 2014

Hi orojan - welcome to!

I'll contact Crazy Vegas and see what I can find out. I'll let you know when I have any useful information.



User icon
September 10, 2014

Hi orojan,

Just to keep you in the loop, I am discussing this issue with Crazy Vegas now.



User icon
September 12, 2014

This has been an interesting case. In the first instance, having discussed the verification phone call I do feel that the specific issues the player raised are relevant and much of the problems with verification phone call does appear to boil down to the nuances being lost in between the translation between languages.

However, excluding the verification call as evidence, Crazy Vegas have have provided other pieces of supporting evidence that I feel more than adequately justifies their belief that there's a high likelihood that this player is not the person they are representing themselves to be. As such, will take no further part in representing this player and this complaint will be marked as 'Found for the Casino'.


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September 3, 2014

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