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Dafabet - reconnecting issue caused losses


Resolved - This player has managed to resolve their issues with Dafabet's live games without any further intervention by our team.

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Player's Complaint

Reconnecting issue caused customer losses in live cash poker and live blackjack game.

Frequent reconnecting issue on Dafabet mobile software and PC version caused auto sat out from live cash poker games..

Reconnecting issue happened between 23 sept 2017 evening till 25 sept 2017 in the mid of Cash poker games. Average 4-5 times in an hour.

Dafabet refused to provide full report and proof to me and they insisted their server in perfect connection for the above dates mentioned.

P/s : Ive email to you the proof of screenshots and formal reply from Dafabet to [email protected]

Would appreciate if you could open a case on this.



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5 Responses

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September 27, 2017

Hi sctkser - welcome to!

I've looked through your emails and I have a few questions/comments before we go any further:

1) You keep referencing poker games but the screen shot you sent is of a Blackjack table. How many different games are involved?

2) After you'd lost money due to the disconnection the first couple of times why did you continue playing? I understand that you may have shrugged this off the first time, but after that you should have immediately contacted support. By continuing to play despite experiencing this issue you bear at least partial responsibility for the results.

3) You need to cooperate with Dafabet support who are trying to investigate this issue. They've asked you to provide a list of rounds where you experienced this issue. This is to help them identify whether there is any issues with their records to establish whether there has been a problem. They have the full records of your play but without know which rounds you experienced the issues their job is significantly more difficult.

4) Obviously disconnections during Live Games cannot be managed in the same way as RNG games. The Live game continues when you disconnect, the RNG cannot. Rules for dealing with disconnections during RNG games have no bearing on Live Games.

5) Dafabet have stated that there have been no issues with their server at the times in question. That does not mean that there is no possibility of issues, but suggests that the problems have been with your internet connection. Of specific note - you appear to have been playing from a mobile phone where signal strengths waver and could be of issue. If the issue with disconnection is at your end the operator would not be responsible for the subsequent losses.

6) You are claiming for $3000 - where does this figure come from? Is this just the figure from the hands that you experienced the disconnections on?



User icon
September 27, 2017

Thanks for the info.

My reply as below:

1. This is not the 1st reconnecting and Disconnection happened to me in Dafabet. I believe Dafabet manager had personally called me previously to explain and resolve issue before. This time it's happened too often and in the mid of live poker cash games.

2 &3. As online international casino provides online playing to customers with their frequent emails marketing blasts. Dafabet have the responsibility to provide consistent service n platform to customers to play on.

4 &5. After numerous emails to Dafabet VIP team, they concluded in email investigation has been completed and they. Found their server was run perfectly during the duration stated. When my conversation with the manager asking full report, playing logs and with proof in formal letter from their management. Till now, they have not provide any proofs in formal letter after my 2-3 requests. Furthermore, the manager stated Dafabet do not have my full playing logs and only able to track which table I sat in and played. My question is how they completed the investigation without my details playing logs by hands?? The manager mentioned that they need to refer to Ipoker for further details.

6. I'm claiming USD 3000 as estimated losses in disconnecting hands based on

- gold coin earned based on cash games during the duration. I believe Dafabet had formula n system to calculate the going coins in cash games.

- looses due to Disconnection live poker cash games. With the full playing logs and hands, I trust they able to count stake and bets involved in each hands.

User icon
September 29, 2017

Hi sctkser,

1) We will not be looking at historic issues so what games were you specifically playing during this session?

2&3) Your response hasn't answered the questions. In the first instance the operator cannot be held accountable for a player accessing via a poor connection. No reasonable objective observer would hold a company responsible for technical failures at the user's end. As stated in my first response, the position at the present time is that Dafabet are saying that they were not experiencing any issues at the time of your play and having looked there are no complaint online that I can see around the same time from other players using the DafaBet Live Games services. This would suggest that the they're right and the issues were not at their end.

Whether they've been sending out promotional emails is irrelevant to your claim. You've been playing over 2 days, and claim to have been experiencing regular disconnections that directly caused you to lose money. Why did you continue to play after the first couple of times this happened? There has to be some responsibility taken for your own actions here. If you could see there was an issue that had caused you to to fail to be able to complete a round of play and as a consequence meant you could not take the action you had intended to common sense should have stopped you after this had happened a few times. Where you played on despite these issues you are effectively accepting them. So I need to know why you played on if you were experiencing 4-5 disconnections per hour?

And this doesn't offer any response to the point that you need to cooperate with Dafabet support. If you're telling them that there's been issues you need to help them identify which rounds the issue occurred on if you're to have any hope of a successful outcome to your complaint.

6) In this type of situation I'm afraid an estimated loss would not suffice. We would need to know the specific hands effected so that it can be established what your losses were as a result of this issue and if any refund is due. You need to be specific here.

My first impressions of this complaint are that you haven't taken note of what's happened at the time it's happened and despite being aware of the issue have decided to play on rather than contact support and looking for a resolution when you first became aware of the issue. That would make this a significantly less convincing case.


User icon
September 30, 2017

Well. Thanks for the info.. Dafabet did offer compensation package to me 2 days ago.

In this moment, I shall not comment further on this platform as this case referred to legal representative for further action and advice.


User icon
October 2, 2017

Hi sctkser,

I'm glad to hear that. I'll hold the complaint open for a few weeks but if we don't hear otherwise I'll assume you consider this issue resolved.



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September 27, 2017

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