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Dasist - casino refusing to pay my winning of over 500.000€


Found for the Player - Despite our repeated efforts to contact Dasist Casino to discuss this issue we have received no response whatsoever from the operator.

Read our Dasist Casino Review.

Player's Complaint

i have also uplaoded this as pdf for better reading and adding the fake police mail : [EDIT]

Im from Germany i will translate the emails and stuff but i got every original saved and ready to show you.

I will tell the whole story chronologically so that you can get a better overview of what happened in this case.

I have everything documented every e-mail - Skype calls, if u need to see something for clearifying tell me i upload everything i got if needed.

August 31, 2017 - Registration at with the account name [EDIT]

09/28/2017 - Profit of 60 Bitcoins (Bitcoin price at € 3,528 per BTC)

09/29/2017 - Support contacts me by email I would have to conduct a routine skype conversation to legitimize myself and the profit.

02.10.2017 - Casino terms and conditions were changed for chash out terms : 1BTC the week / 4 BTC per month and € 15,000 per month to: BTC with the equivalent of € 10,000 per month.

In other words, my payout of 60 BTC now takes instead of 13 months until I get all my money, according to the new terms and conditions: 60BTC in the equivalent of € 500k (currently) 50 months until I have my money.

04.10.2017 - Confirmation of winnings legally awarded after verification in the form of an email from customer support

10/04/2017 - first payment of 0.7 BTC successful. (Because payout limit / per week / month 10k €)

10/10/2017 - second payment of 0.7 BTC successful.

10/19/2017 - third payment of 0.5 BTC successful.

10/27/2017 - fourth payment of 0.5 BTC successful.

05.11.2017 - The Bitcoin price is now at € 6,000, i.e. my 60BTC have almost doubled in value. DasistCasino will then contact me by email.

06.11.2017 - Skype call from a finance manager from London named: [EDIT] who offers me an offer of 10 Bitcoins direct payout or the 10,000 € per month

I have of course opted for my legitimate profit, which 60btc thinks because of monthly 10k €. (I also recorded and saved this conversation)

for me the grade looks like an attempt to exploit me because the Bitcoin rate grade goes through the roof.

11/10/2017 - Then an email from customer support:

,,Unfortunately, we cannot give you any promises about the current payments, as you have probably also learned from the media, there were numerous payment providers and payment providers in connection with the "Paradise Papers" that are now in the focus of the authorities and have caused considerable difficulties since this week in the field of online transactions. Since then, we have had to meet very high requirements in connection with the Money Laundering Act for larger volumes and have to ask our players for unpleasant documents.

We have also tried to settle the matter as simply as possible for you (via skype through our finance department in London). However, since you did not agree to the transaction, we have to request further documents of your Bitcoin transfers and purchases.

I will discuss all further details with our finance department.´´

12/12/2017 - No payment received for almost 2 months - although 4 pieces per month would be due.

12/13/2017 - a payout is approved out of nowhere The last payout received over 0.3 BTC.

12/18/2017 - Bitcoin price is just under € 14,000, i.e. my profit has quadrupled, had dasistcasino simply paid out my profit directly, you could have saved all that.

12/19/2017 - first email for 5 weeks from support:

"Dear [EDIT],

As you have already been informed, we need proof of the sources of your income / inheritance and proof of transaction or proof of purchase of the bitcoin sums deposited with us in writing within 72 hours. "

December 19, 2017 - On the same day I really provided all the evidence and packed it up as a PDF file, although I don't think you have the right to demand it.

I have nothing to hide and everything is right. (I have the feeling you were looking for something that could bother me, but you haven't found anything.)

Because there was no answer for 3 weeks.

01/16/2018 - Email from customer support:

"Dear [EDIT],

Due to a request we have received, we would like to inform you that Direx has received a letter from an identified police authority.

We immediately forwarded this request internally to our Anti-Fraud Department for further examination. In cooperation with the payment service provider, all deposits / transactions were checked intensively and it was established that the Bitcoin address requested by the authorities can be assigned to your deposit at our casino.

Since this Bitcoin address, as can be seen from the authority's document, exists in connection with a criminal offense of money laundering in connection with computer fraud, we immediately initiated further corresponding internal measures, but as a company from Curacao we will not forward any information to these authorities.

We will deactivate your account for our safety, as we do not want to do anything or be associated with criminal offenses or law enforcement authorities in any way. "


That was the last contact from Dasistcasino on all further e-mails from me I was no longer answered.

In the attachment you can see the fake police letter, where everything is blackened out and none of my data are visible so this letter could be sent to anyone, neither the Bitcoin address is the one I paid in with nor is there any data from me.

I drove to the police station with this police letter and had it checked.

The officer even called the district where the letter came from, according to the police coat of arms, and asked if they had ever sent mail to negative, he said this letter was not for any Police case and I'm supposed to take action against it. So the document is still forgery of police documents.


Since then we have now 09/20/2020 i still got no email from i tried serval times this year last year i also had an lawyer send letters to them nothing.

I went to casinoguru complaints they lost the case i went to askgamblers they didnt even respond then there to my case and now im here at thepogg finally hoping to get some serius help in that case.

My last way then is writing the Malta Gambling License Support Agency.

And here the Fake Police Mail its at the bottom of the PDF : [EDIT]

Read the casino review

4 Responses

User icon
September 15, 2020

Hi pantikore - welcome to!

Firstly - the MGA will take no interest in this case as the issue occurred a long time before the operator held an MGA license.

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.



User icon
October 6, 2020

Thank you for youre help , still no word from Dasistcasino ?

User icon
October 29, 2020

Hi Pantikore,

Sadly despite repeated efforts to contact this operator to discuss your issue we have received no relevant response. At this juncture we have no reasonable expectation of this changing.

Sorry we could not be of further help.


User icon
November 5, 2020

Too bad, was to be expected I will now take legal action against those responsible, I cannot address the [EDIT] should lose their license and be held accountable. Nevertheless many thanks.

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  • Malta Gaming Authority
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September 15, 2020

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