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Resolved - The submitting complainant has become non-responsive to our repeated requests for additional information. As such we assume they have resolve their issue on their own.

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Player's Complaint

Made deposits via skrill 2 times 20 EUR to direx nv. Now I can not track The receiver(s). Deposit IDs I do know.

The casino I selected is not the One.

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5 Responses

July 7, 2020

Hi jh - welcome to!

We would need to know which operator you are complaining about before we could do anything to help you.



July 14, 2020

Hi jh,

I'm following-up on the above?



July 19, 2020

Hi jh,

I'm following-up on the above again?



July 28, 2020

Hi jh,

If we haven't heard from you by Friday the 7th of August I'll assume you no longer need our assistance and close this complaint.



June 9, 2021

I'm assuming that I have to recement even be heard so that's what I'll do, to be honest I haven't even read through all these messages because there's no points because it's not right what happened. Just had a curiosity, how long is someone that's never met me that lives across the ocean going to be allowed to control what I do in my life and all my money to their opinion which is based of a 40 word chat maybe?! I got a six month ban for pushing my luck and I hugged that after realizing I'd said something stupid to try get my way! 8.5 MONTHS AGO I REMKND YOU?

So I ask again, this life dictating decision based off 40 chat words TJAYS gone from 6 month ban to 8.5 months with no reasoning outsode "it's under review", LEGIT YHREE WORDS EVERY TIME WITHOUT A WOOORD OF PROGRESSION to now it's STILLL "we think you have a problem"? Well I think their theives, how much weights that gonna hold? Opinions are garbage EXPECIALLY WHEN YOU A: do t know the person and B: OWE THEM MONEY!?!?!? Yaaaa, I'll use that one when the bank wants the mortgage next month, "I know I don't know you personally Mr. big banker but I think you have a money order a problem so I'm gonna keep your money thanks, how do you think that's going to go over?

POGG YOURE YHE PLAYERS ONLY COURSE OF ACTION AGAINST THESE CROOKS!! I'm VERY disappointed that yoi would even relay such filth!!

The BAN was six months, it's right there in this message in the beginning when I complain the first time. Now it's been 2 1/2 months of me trying to get my money and the problem still the same, their opinion isn't high of me? One last question, if they based this opinion off of 40 words via chat in 2020, And literally don't even have my ID or anything all they know is where my money came from, and yet said opinion has credibility, crazy enough but now what gives their Continued opinion any credit or weight considering they've not said anything to me except for what's your account info" Amd the supervisor says "hello" and "it's under review someone will contact you". 5 times, DEJAVU!!! And still don't have my ID credit card information, employment info thank you information save me the account number! Letting them get away with this as busy letting them dictate anything they want. I could tell you Santa Claus real, Or I can tell my kids he's a drunk and crashes his sled every Christmas, and that's why they don't get gift anymore, now does hat make it true Amd or right?? Bc I wanna keep my money I just make up stories? Opoinons?!?

WHERE AM I!?!?! What is happening!?$? Like nazis honna come tell me

I'm not whole enough soon Amd Yale my bank catd?!?

ITS MYYYYY MOMEY!!!! It does not matter why they think!!!! Woooow, I DONT WANT TO GABMLE!!! I would NEEEVER gamble with these guys again!!! CROOKS!! But I want what's mine!!!!

I guess the end of the day what are the stupid ones were sending her money offshore the crooks in the first place

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  • Curacao eGaming

July 7, 2020

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland sits to the north-west of mainland Europe. The United Kingdom shares a border with The Republic of Ireland and has coasts on the Atlantic Ocean, Celtic Sea, North Sea, Irish Sea and English Channel. The population of the UK is approaching the 67.6 million mark leading to a fairly densely populated land mass. The gambling sector in the United Kingdom is entirely regulated and licensed by the UKGC – the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Should players resident In the UK wish to gamble with foreign based operators there is no history of this being treated as a criminal offence, but high levels of protection exist for UK residents playing with UK licensed operators.