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Dunder – Non-payment of winnings


Declined - Despite warnings this player had continued rude and disrespectful communications and ultimately attempted to threaten this service to coerce us. We will not tolerate this type of behaviour.

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Player's Complaint

very simply September 9th 20 to 5 in the evening I won $250 from Dunder casino with $20 I deposited without any use of any of their promotions Weather by free spins matches to what I deposit or bonuses I won the first withdrawal I pulled out was $250 and that again was at about 20 to 5 in the evening then again on September 10th at about 3 in the morning which is I mean immediately after than I thought muesli I won $352 neither has been paid to me both again where one without any use of their bonuses or promotions I've been trying to retrieve my money from them since the day that they sent me the message telling me my winnings were on the way they told me it would take 2 to 3 days instead of telling me what they're telling me today on the 8th day where they're telling me because International Bank transfer could take longer but they didn't tell me that at first they didn't tell me anything of the sort then on the third day when I ask them where my money was they told me it could take an extra two days so I'm still somewhat, at that time but the more they lied to me the more upset I got and the more I had to listen to that automated system of theirs it just makes people more angry and hope that people will give up while on the United States Marine I'm disabled because of it and this is what I have to deal with are UK casino that states that it's Canadian one of the only reasons I played it was because they said they were Canadian so I figured it wouldn't take any time to get the money to me verses if it came from the UK but they didn't want me to know that or something because they didn't tell me it was a International Bank thing and every time I ask them for I got no response received your how is that supposed to help me at all because I can't enter that number to find out where situation stands so after the 4th day he told me for sure the money Friday watch my account over the weekend because of riding the money didn't show up and again one email to reply to me and then again today they request that I provide them with my bank statement from the 9th to the 14th or something like that either way I gave them from the 1st of September to today's date old I apologize they ask for from the 9th to today's date which I gave them I gave them my online banking information and I gave them pictures of the bank manager giving me the statement photos of the statement from the bank and then I get an email telling me that it's an international bank transfer and it may take longer I said I don't understand why you wouldn't have told me that to begin with then I asked can somebody please tell me what happened with my money why would you send somebody $652 and not have a tracking number for it you wouldn't and neither would day I'll asking for some help here I'm entitled to my money I won it fair and square and this casinos trying to do everything they can out of out of pain and that's not fair they took my money quick enough why can't they pay back quick enough please help it's not much good when you're talking to a machine 24/7 every time you send an email you received your email but again you can't enter that number anywhere to find out what it means so what's the point I must have 25 emails from this company that just say thank you for your email somebody will get back to you shortly but yet nobody gets back to you so I'd like to know how all these people were viewed this company with all these stars because in all honesty when I find out over the weekend that there's some people in the UK actually a couple of hundred people in the UK that are owed money by this casino and they're all over the age of 65 it kind of makes me wonder what they're up to again please help I'm not in the situation where I can afford not to have this money I have $0.49 in the bank and then I'm living in a motel right now because my apartment is not ready till the 1st and I haven't been able to work because I'm disabled and Ontario Disability doesn't pay me enough to stay in a motel again please speak with Thunder casino and get my money please if I've done something wrong then let me know but I am sure you I have done nothing wrong except for play their Casino what a mistake we're stay away that's my opinion

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5 Responses

Sep 19, 2018

Hi Madmanrc - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

While we'll be happy to contact Dunder on your behalf, the reality is that our contact is unlikely to make any difference to a payment delays of this nature. While any operator can process a payment promptly and within their stated time frame, no operator can guarantee that the banks involved will not create their own delays. We'll contact the operator but in all likelihood this issue will resolve itself with a little patience.



Sep 19, 2018

I understand what you're saying to my to me but at the same token they have not done anything as they have quoted in their own rules and regulations and even in the emails that they sent me stating that after 72 hours contact them and they would start an investigation will they didn't okay and just so you're aware as of Friday last week I did a wire transfer or online bank transfer with my aunt who lives in Manchester Eccles England and I did it through my bank and she did it through hers and she did it through a three-day thing and we did it on the weekend she sent it on the Friday Tuesday morning it was in my bank account I've asked these people several times and even again today to send me proof that they sent the money and they refused but they're consistently telling me that I need to send down the same information over and over and over I've sent it to them five times I sent the same information that they say that is not clear and they can't see it in at this. The next thing coming up with every possible excuse wanting my name my bank account all my information I provided everything they've requested okay these people are not worried about the money because they know they didn't send it okay and as much as you tell me that I need to be patient this is not about being patient this is be about being messed around if you look at my complaint and you look at all the other complaints in the wrong line in regards to the second solve that months later well it's because the money sits in their account collecting interest while they sit here playing games so please try and take the time to investigate it before you send me any more automated messages telling me to be patient this is not a matter of patience this is a matter of being fair play I Won that money fairly I didn't use their bonuses I didn't use any of theirs free spins or any of their promotions and because I did not and I won this money fairly to them they get nothing out of it the $20 that I put in I get back plus I get $582 on top of it for winning I'm sorry I didn't know it was a bad thing to win against a casino over and over and over they want me to produce evidence that I didn't receive the money which I have done I've also just so you're aware contacted the FBI in regards to International fraud on the internet and I sent all the information to them as well so if they can read it and they understand what's happening how come you can't and if you don't want to help me then don't but don't send me automated messages to asking me to be patient when it shouldn't take what were 10 11 days in now when they guaranteed it would take 2 to 3 days they sent me emails telling me your money is on its way if it's not there in 72 hours we will investigate and get it to you as quickly as possible they didn't start investigating this until Monday which was 7 days after I won the money not 72 hours so before you go passing judgement on who should be patient how about you look in the who's breaking the law and who's playing fair and who's not on top of the odds changing so drastically where one day I'm winning $150 to $250 under a hat on a slot machine where the next day I can't win anything over a dollar and they're able to do this because there's no way to contact them if you send them emails they legitimately just send you an automated message saying we received your message and somebody be back to you shortly yet I've gone to two and a half days without hearing anything and I've asked him several times to produce proof that they sent money to me and they refused they refuse to do anything so at this point in time please don't ask me to be patient I'm asking you to please contact them because there's more to this than meets the eye thank you for your time

Sep 21, 2018

Hi Madmanrc,

No, you clearly don't understand what I'm telling you.

You are jumping to wild conclusions based on what is a fairly run-of-the-mill payment delay. At this very early stage there's no grounds to start claiming that this is any more than a mundane payment delay that will be resolve given a little time.

And as to your frankly inappropriate demand not to send you any more "automated messages telling [you] to be patient", I'll remind you that this is a free service and that we are under no obligation to do anything to help you. If you are unhappy with the guidance we provide you are free to take your complaint elsewhere. Otherwise keep you communications polite and respectful. We haven't done anything to you and won't bear the brunt of your frustrations.

Finally your assertions about the "odds changing" are simply fundamentally wrong. As you state, you've been playing slots games. Slots games are what are known as "high variance". This means that they have rare big wins which are balanced out by long periods of losses. Dunder Casino run on the iGaming Cloud platform. They don't have any control over the settings of their games. Further to this, even iGaming Cloud likely do not control the settings of the games you played as the vast majority of games on the market today have standard settings (the same at every casino you see them at) which are controlled by the software provider.

So, in short, you do need to be patient and you need to calm down with your wilder claims. I will contact them but your account of events does not lead me to believe that this is likely to be any more than a delay that will get rectified.


Oct 08, 2018

Hi Madmanrc,

I've spoken to the operator about this issue.

Their investigations show that they processed your withdrawals were processed on the days they were requested (9th/10th of Sep). Their payment process transferred your payment within 24 hours of that. They inform us that they've requested bank statements from you to show that this transaction did not arrive but have not received them. If you could send these through to the operator and let us know once you've done so I'll follow-up with them and see what we can find out.



Oct 12, 2018

This player has once again chosen to send through communications to this service that are of a disparaging nature, indicating that they have questions regarding our independence and work ethic and going so far as to look to coerce us by threatening to post negative reviews of this service.

As iterated about, this is a free service and we are under no obligation to any player to do anything. We offer our help - and are happy to do so - as a goodwill gesture to assist players generally ensure that they receive fair treatment. Goodwill has limits however and we will not be disparaged by people looking to make use of our goodwill nor will we be threatened or intimidated into taking action or supporting either party. We do not accept this behaviour from operators and nor will we accept it from players.

Given their behaviour this player should consider themselves permanently banned from future use of this complaint service. Our involvement in this case has now been terminated.


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