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Euromoon – confiscate money won before overbet


Found for the Player - EuroMoon casino confiscated the entire balance of this player for breaching bonus terms and conditions, despite the requirements for the bonus having been completed.

The operator was non-responsive to this complaint.

Read our EuroMoon Casino Review.

Player's Complaint

I was recently playing at Euromoon and deposited 100euros. They have a rule where you cannot bet 30% or more of your deposit in one bet / spin / round etc. This is nothing to do with a bonus, it just applies to your deposit. I was betting in small increments such 15euros and increased my balance to over 800euro. I overlooked the rule on my final 2 spins which were 75euro each. Well over the 30% rule. The first of these 2 spins returned 12.50 (a loss of 62.50) and the second spin returned nothing. So the bets that broke the rules did not make a profit and that is how it finished. Now Euromoon have confiscated all winnings. My point is that I won the money fairly and squarely with no overbets. If they want to cancel the bets from the moment I broke the rules then that is fair enough and they should then return the stake in my opinion. So they are confiscating earlier winnings from a time before I broke the rules.

The gameplay table is below but may not show up so well.

19/08/2015 09:46:10 3698644596 Safari Sam 75.00 0.00

19/08/2015 09:46:07 3698644549 Safari Sam 75.00 12.50

19/08/2015 09:45:56 3698644420 Safari Sam 15.00 5.00

19/08/2015 09:45:21 3698644149 Safari Sam 15.00 30.00

19/08/2015 09:44:39 3698643667 Safari Sam 15.00 750.00

19/08/2015 09:43:58 3698643557 Safari Sam 15.00 15.00

19/08/2015 09:43:45 3698643467 Safari Sam 15.00 15.00

19/08/2015 09:43:33 3698643414 Safari Sam 15.00 0.00

19/08/2015 09:43:29 3698643349 Safari Sam 15.00 2.50

Displaying the last 9 rounds

As for Euromoon well this is what they told me:

[EUROMOONS REP]: Let me give you just an example

[EUROMOONS REP]: So we probably sort this out once for all

[EUROMOONS REP]: You're a corect person, you drive carrefully, never did any car accidents etc. then one day due to a person not respecting the rules just attempts to cross the road where there's no crosswalk

[EUROMOONS REP]: You hit her because she appeared all of a sudden

[EUROMOONS REP]: You would get convicted right, correct me if I'm wrong, no matter if you are a good driver and never had issues in the past

My username is [EDIT]

Read the casino review

3 Responses

Aug 24, 2015

Hi FAVOX - welcome back!

Unfortunately in this situation there's not going to be a lot I can do to help you. Assuming that you over bet before you completed the wagering requirements for the bonus you'd received the bonus terms are still enforceable. As these violations didn't benefit you, I would argue that a reasonable casino would choose to ignore them, but doing so would be discretionary given the technical violation.

The Conan group have been our most complained about operator in the last few months and are currently non-responsive to any complaints at this site due to our assisting another player take a claim to the MGA.

EuroMoons are licensed in Curacao (two different arms to this particular group, with with MGA and one with Curacao licenses) with Cyberluck. We've never had any luck getting any response to any complaint we've help players submit to Cyberluck.

So you have a technical rule violation, an uncooperative operator and a non-responsive regulator. You've basically got the holy trinity of 'not going to get paid' there.

I'll send an email to the casino rep, but I very much doubt we'll get anything back.


P.S. If it could be determined that the accident was the fault of the pedestrian, and presuming the driver took all feasible actions, then no the driver wouldn't be charged never mind convicted.

Aug 26, 2015


Thanks for your email explaining that this play was not associated with a bonus.

Unfortunately this is pretty much a mirror image of another complaint that we're currently managing against another casino owned by this group and licensed in Malta. In fact it's this other complaint that's resulted in the Conan group breaking off communication with us.

The term they're enforcing is ridiculous and without bases. The way they're enforcing it, given that they do not give any information regarding the consequences of violation, is extremely questionable.

I'm waiting on the MGA making a ruling on this issue. That *may* have consequences for your case, but I do think it's unlikely as EuroMoon operate under a different license. More likely - if the MGA agree with the information I've submitted - is that I'll simply be able to point out in this complaint that another regulator's already ruled against this practice at this group.

Ultimately we're still left with the same problem, a non-responsive casino and a non-responsive regulator in Curacao.


Dec 27, 2015


To give you an update on this issue - while I don't have specific conformation from the MGA, various actions lead me to believe that they've told the Conan group that this term is unacceptable. That's somewhat good news.

The bad news is that this hasn't so far resulted in historical cases against MGA licensed operators being paid and while the MGA licensed properties run by this group have removed this term, they have retained it at all their Curacao licensed properties, meaning that they are unlikely to view any actions taken by the MGA as anything more than an inconvenience, rather than seeing this as a judgement on their poor practice that needs to be addressed across their group.

In short I think it's very unlikely that you're going to receive any money back in this instance.

I'm sorry we couldn't be of more help.


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