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Gale&Martin - Not received winnings


Found for the Player - Gale&Martin Casino have been unable to provide sufficient answers to our concerns regarding this complaint issue.

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Player's Complaint

I joined last week. I played out my bonus funds plus the required amount and the chat host told me I could withdraw once I had played all my bonus - I checked with him and he said I had played it all with all requirements so could withdraw. I then deposited some more, without a bonus, won some more so cancelled cash out, increased the amount and cashed out again. I did this a few times, then reduced the withdrawal amount so I could play some more without depositing. I provided all ID and both forms signed to say the funds were mine. I had a withdrawal of £1,500.00 and was getting a bit suspicious as I felt the site were dragging their heels - probably hoping I would keep spending my withdrawal! Anyway, today they email me to say my withdrawal request of 90 euro's is successful! I was so shocked, no mention of the £1,500.00! I went on the site and can see my withdrawal request was rejected. I have read their terms for bonuses and can see no reason at all why I have not received my full money. Some of my withdrawal was requested from the deposit's I made with no bonus so how can they hold my money? And where has the money gone? It's vanished from my account! I have emailed them to ask but no reply. I have since gone online and seen the many many complaints about this site....I'm gutted - and very very worried! I had put a deposit on my son's wedding with £1,200.00 borrowed from a friend - thinking I could pay them back in a few days - and I now don't have the money to pay them! I'm at my wits end and don't know what I'm going to do. How can this site get away with not paying people? This is disgusting and I feel physically sick when I think of the situation I now find myself in. No wonder people commit suicide over things like this - it's awful. I now also find out that GaleMartin are not allowed to have UK players! What an awful, illegal site. I want my money - I NEED my money! I will do everything I can to get it, closing the site down while I do it if need be. The stupid thing is, I had actually recommended the site to a friend as I thought it looked a good site! Please can you help me to get my money? If not I will have to try other ways. I just know I must get it as the alternative is heartbreaking!!

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3 Responses

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November 14, 2019

Hi itfc66 - welcome to!

As a UK citizen you should only be playing with operators that hold a UKGC license. Gale&Martin do not hold a UKGC license and as such are breaking UK law by accepting your custom.

Unfortunately you have chosen to play with an operator that is both negatively listed with this service and who has historically been non-cooperative with complaints submitted to us. While we will try to contact the operator on your behalf the chances of a successful mediation are low.

Before we go any further, how much did you deposit, what was your largest bet and did you accept a bonus?



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November 15, 2019


My initial deposit was £30 and this was the one I received a bonus on. I then deposited over the next few days a £50, £30 & £50. I really can't remember my largest bet I'm afraid. Someone from the site phoned me yesterday, when I asked him why the chat host told me I had played my bonus and could withdraw he said that it is not the chat hosts job to know this sort of thing - I said that he should not have advised me then, to which he just kept repeating 'it's not his job to know that'. I also said they had taken my money illegally as they are not allowed UK players, and he said they had many satisfied UK players! I am amazed at the poor service - I could hear people in the background laughing when I was talking to him which makes me suspect I was on speaker. I am amazed that they are allowed to so blatantly carry on signing up players, is there nothing that can be done through a gambling commission or Ombudsman type thing?

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December 12, 2019

Hi itfc66,

After an initially promising dialogue with Gale&Martin Casino they have ceased responding to our emails after we challenged them on several issues.

At this juncture we have no reasonable expectation of this changing.

Sorry we could not be of more help.


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November 14, 2019

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