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Get Lucky - Winnings confiscated


Found for the Casino - This player has registered their account under details that differed significantly from those used on their self-excluded account.

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Player's Complaint

Hello, I recently opened an account with Get Lucky Casino, owned and operated by Co-Gaming Limited. I was unaware of the ownership at the time of opening the account. I had to manually verify my identity by submitting documentation and awaiting approval. All seemed fine and my account was verified.

I won £7769.95 in a short space of time, from £250 deposit. I withdrew £5000, which processed within around 12 hours. I went to withdraw the rest of my funds only to realise I had been blocked from playing or logging in. I contacted customer service who told me someone would be in touch within 7 days to explain the situation. I spoke to a manager that day (after constant badgering for an explanation) who told me that my account was blocked as I had previously excluded myself from a casino in their network (come on casino), and that I had altered details in order to make my current account with them.

While it is true that I did exclude from Come On Casino, I excluded from that casino only. I did not opt to exclude from all casinos owned and operated by Co-Gaming Limited. And I certainly did not alter any of my details to pass verification. As mentioned previously, the process of verification was manual - meaning that the details I submitted were cross checked against the documents I handed over. These documents included, a letter from my bank, my drivers licence and I believe my bank card.

Trying to obtain any information from Co-Gamings reps has been incredibly difficult and they have refused to hear me out in this matter.

Would you be able to offer any assistance?

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3 Responses

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September 6, 2019

Hi jmcd123 - welcome to!

While we can contact the operator on your behalf I would not be confident of a positive outcome.

In the first instance, if you self-exclude with any UK licensed operator unless you explicitly request that the exclusion is only at that url, the exclusion will automatically be carried over to all properties on the license.

Secondly, if you have changed the formatting of your detail then your exclusion would not automatically be detected by the systems in place at point of registration.

Document submission is used to confirm that the document information matches the details registered on the account. They are not cross checked against other accounts.

Finally operators are allowed a reasonable time period to identify accounts that have been missed by automatic systems and this is generally accepted to be 24 hours. That being the case action was taken on your account within an appropriate time frame.

That being the case - if your registered details do differ from the originally excluded account, there would be nothing we could do for you.



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September 6, 2019

Hi, thanks for your response.

I don't believe that the terms of the exclusion stated that excluding from that particular site would mean excluding from all casinos in the network.

Secondly, the details I provided were correct. They were not altered or switched around in any way.

I was informed that my winning would be confiscated roughly 36 hours after my documents were manually reviewed.

I would appreciate if you would contact them on my behalf and see if anything can be done.


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September 24, 2019

Hi Jmcd123,

We've reviewed the details that you registered both accounts with and there are significant changes to the registration details that would prevent an automated detection system identifying a match.

That being the case, sadly there is nothing further we can do to help you.


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September 6, 2019

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