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GoPro Casino – (Aspire Group) Won’t Pay


Found for the Casino - This player has violated the maximum allowed bet term while playing with a bonus. As such there is nothing we can do to help them.

While we agree that the operator are technically within their rights by the letter of their terms in this circumstance, the facts of this case are that the 'violation' was only €0.01 over the maximum allowed bet term, the term is structured in a fashion that the figure given can easily be interpreted at the maximum when skim reading due to the 'equal to' inclusion and gaming machines will naturally gravitate towards round bets like €4/spin rather than €3.99/spin.

From a risk protection perspective there is no sound reason for the 'equal to' inclusion in this term. It seems unnecessarily cumbersome and likely to trip-up players who are actively trying to adhere to the maximum bet rule. As such this policy will now be reflected within the reviews of the operators within this group carrying this term.

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Player's Complaint

I put mr play because it does not show goprocasino. Firstly they would not tell me who they’re partner is for disputes. I read the terms and found your name finally.

I deposited 200$ and received a match bonus or $200 (100%). I never had to use the bonus funds. They said that I breached the wager requirements terms of 4$ or 5 cents per line.

I never breached the terms and I only increased my wager past the 4$ mark after I hit the playthrough requirement of 7000$ for deposit and roughly $700’for free spins wins. I have a spread sheet of all my wagers up until I increased my bet to 5$. I ahvemutiole chat threads stating that 4$ was the max bet before and after my playing. I never bet more than 50 cents per line.

I won $4700 and they won’t pay out or show me proof of their findings. The despite has been going on since the beginning of May and they just keep giving me the same reason without proof.

Can you help me please??

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21 Responses

May 31, 2019

Hi ajax - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

As we are the ADR for the Apsire Global license under the Malta Gaming Authority license there is certain information we have to provide you now.

You can find all the relevant information about this service here – http://thepogg.com/terms-of-use/ and the terms of use for our complaint service here - https://thepogg.com/terms-of-use-for-dispute-resolution-service/

To summarise.

– Use of this service does not preclude your seeking redress through court proceedings .

– This service is free to use for both the complainant and operator.

– At any point during the procedure the submitting party retains the right to withdraw their complaint. This does not preclude our right to continue the discussion with the involved operator of general issues related to the complaint (i.e. insufficiently clear terms and conditions).

– You are not obliged to obtain independent or legal advice or representation, though you may choose to do so.

If you have any questions about the above, let me know.

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.



Jun 04, 2019


I found some more information as to why I was denied.

The reason is that I wagered 4$ per spin. I created multiple chats asking if 4$ spin is allowed as the contract is confusing. I have emails and chat transcripts confirming that 4$ a spin is allowed under the welcome bonus.

I did not wager More than 50 cents a line nor did I wager more than 15% of the bonus awarded. In fact I never dipped into the “bonus money” as I never lost my initial 200$ deposit (real money).

I also cashed out at two of there other casinos and wagered $4 a spin hundreds of times on both piratespin and cashiopeia. Both my withdrawal were awarded and there was no issues.,their contracts are identical so how can they say it’s ok for two of them and not the 3rd?

Also they have transcripts of me asking about the max bets 4$ being allowed but not more on both of those platforms.

I have evidence to support these claims and also have a spreadsheet of every wager I played until I met the playthrough requirement.

If you would like this evidence please let me know and I’ll send it to you.

Looking forward to your response.

Thank you!

Jun 10, 2019

Hey any feedback from this? Do you want my proof or do you have any questions?

Thank you for your help!

Jun 17, 2019

I have the photo and chat transcript and email from them saying I can wager 4$ not 3.99$ I would like to attach and send it to you.

They just sent me an email saying their final decision is NO even though I have the proof. I created these forums and emails as I was not sure about the max bet. They reassured me that it would be fine. Now they are denying me

Jul 02, 2019

I’m a little worried as I’ve not seen a response from your group. I read that it can take some time but it’s been roughly 6 weeks. Has your team been in conversation with this lovely casino that is taking me for a ride?

Jul 17, 2019

I submitted a complaint on ask gamblers and they didn’t even have the guts to respect their reputation and respond. Classy GoPro at least the community gets to see how much of a scam aspire global casinos are and mainly gopro! I’m sure in the end you’ll loose way more than 5k of business. Congrats!

Jul 19, 2019

Hi lucky84,

As stated below every complaint page we only provide updates when we have relevant information for you. We do not currently.

Unlike AskGamblers, GoPro Casino do not have an option regarding whether or not they respond to our service. We are their ADR and they are in breach of license where they fail to do so. However, they are also allowed a specified duration to offer a response. I will provide you with information at the point where we have a response or they have passed that deadline.



Jul 19, 2019

Good afternoon and thank you for the response. I did read the FAQ and I understand, that’s said it’s been a while and was starting to get a little worried (my apologies).

I have more pictures of email threads and chat conversations from them once again confirming that I’m entitled to get 4$ from their reps, I even asked them to confirm this with management.

I think it’s awful of them to tell their players they can do something from multiple of their service reps and then punish their players for following the instructions they receive.

I just want the community and fellow players to know what they’re doing is wrong. This is a lot of money to me and I feel cheated.

The bonus funds were never used and on top of it I was told that the playthrough and wagering requirements only start once the real balance has been lost and bonus funds begin to come into play.

As previously mentioned I was told by piratespin and cashiopiea that I could wager 4$ with identical terms. They paid $7000 between the two within a span of a week. I bet 4$ pretty much every spin... then two weeks later they deny my withdrawl for following the exact same rules. On top of it I did confirm with them prior and during and after playing at gopro that I could wager 4$ and they reassured me yes. There rep went through my wagers with me and didn’t understand what I had did wrong.

May I ask how long they have to respond? What happens if they don’t respond ? I know they’ll be in breach but does that mean that I’d win the complaint and by law they would have to pay me?

Sorry for all the questions, this has been on my mind now for a couple months and is weighing me down.

Cheers and thanks again for all that you guys do.

Jul 23, 2019

Just an update they have finally payed me back my initial deposit. Just wanted to share this information.

That said I’m still out $4800 Canadian.

GoPro rather then drag out this mediation process why don’t you start to get the ball rolling and respond?

In your eyes you’ve done nothing wrong as per all the emails I have from your group bullying me...

Why not stick up and justify your decision?

Aug 24, 2019

Hello I was wondering how long this stand up casino has to respond to my complaint and start a conversation here we both parties can move on?

I know that you said they have x amount of time to get back to you being that you’re their ADR.

We’re approaching 90 days and they haven’t had the decency to get this resolved.

Thepogg I know you only write a message when you have some news but how long do they have to respond to your team?

If they don’t respond so I win the complaint then?

The money in question is $5000
And I read that your decision is final up to this amount.

Looking forward to a response.

Thank you

Aug 26, 2019

Hi lucky84,

Can you please forward on any chat threads where you discussed the maximum allowed bet to [email protected]?



Aug 28, 2019

Hello, my desktop is at work and I’ll be in tomorrow and it will be easier to go through my email.

Once I was told that I breached the terms I called and spoke with a gentlemen who went over all my bets and didn’t understand why they said I breached the terms.

He also told me over the phone that 4$ was allowed...

I then asked if he could email me and he sent me the following email confirming that I was allowed to wager 4$.

Aug 30, 2019

Hi lucky84,

Your entire claim hinges on this email so please ensure to forward it to [email protected].



Aug 30, 2019

Hi I sent all the emails I have and the one above specifically 3 days ago to the complaints email above.

You can see the date that they refused my withdrawl was the same day that the gentlemen sent me the email. It could be the day after as the time zones are different , can you confirm that you received all the emails?

The emails were sent from my hotmail account, [EDIT] on Wednesday.

That hotmail account was the one that I had all the chats with back and forth with Gopro so I went to my send emails and forwarded you all the attachments.

Aug 30, 2019

Ok I just sent a bunch of stuff from my gmail account.

Looking forward to your response. I also extracted every bet I did until I raised my bet Over 4$.

Sep 03, 2019

Hi lucky84,

Thank you for sending through those emails. Unfortunately there are not relevant to your claim.

In each case, while the chat representative has given out incorrect information, the conversation has occurred AFTER your play - i.e. it has not been the incorrect information provided by the chat rep that resulted in the violation.

Do you have a record of being told this before your play?



Sep 03, 2019


I never felt the need to save the chats as the parent company casino aspire global had done well by me and paid me out on my previous winnings cashiopia and piratespin.

Their terms are identical and I wagered the exact same way spinning 4$ per spin (I’m locked out now but you can request my play and cash out) history. I also created numerous chats but did not save them, I’m sure they have those but don’t want to pass them along.

Clearly I’m not lying if the agent right after my cash out was denied confirmed with me that 4$ per spin was allowed.

Their terms have not changed and as you can see I have multiple threads after the fact that show that they continue to tell their players or potential customers that they can wager 4$.

That email that you received is a couple hours after my cash out was denied.

As mentioned above I did not feel the need to have to save this transcripts as they payed me out in the past wagering 4$

I wish i had them saved but i don’t.

The email after them refusing to payout surely most hold some weight. Also them paying out on the two other casinos with identical terms should help my case no?

They haven’t even responded and it’s been over 3 months. I can guarantee if I was told less than 4$ and 4$ not being allowed then I would have respected the terms.

Please take this into consideration.

The chat above said that I need that Email from the agent not now knowing why I was Denied wagering 4$ and I sent it.

They continued to to say 4$ being allowed.

I’m not making this stuff up. Please they did cheat me

Sep 06, 2019

Hi lucky84,

The facts here are that the term is clear. I don't personally like the term, but it is clear. What has happened at other operators does not have bearing on this case. The terms that were in place at GoPro are the terms any ruling has to be based on.

Furthermore, the play you describe at other sites would still be in violation of this term. If these operators have decided to overlook the infraction that is a choice on the part of the casino. It does not change their right to enforce the rule as written.

To prepare a viable claim I need a communication where GoPro Casino specifically told you prior to you play that betting $4 with a bonus was ok. Without that I can present the information from other operators, but ultimately it comes down to asking the operator whether they would consider setting aside the infraction in this instance and the tone of the conversation to date, and the fact that all of your accounts have now been closed, does not indicate the type of goodwill on the operator's part that is likely to deliver the result you want.



Sep 08, 2019

It is very clear that I was following instructions that I received from their chat room employees. I never used the bonus funds on top of it and my bankroll was very impressive while depositing 200$ with a match of $200

There was no need to bet excess amounts to clear the Playthrough.

On top of it I continued watering and spinner for at least another 30,000$. My bank roll when it high as $8000 and as low as 1500$ after the requirements has been met.

Having their employee tell me over the phone and even send me the email after our lengthy conversation even proofs my claims even more. I know they have it in their chat history, I wish I would of saved it.

I’m not a rookie at following casinos bonus policy...

Surely an agreement can be met. They must assume some sort of responsibility. Their own employee and many others “after” the fact provided the same information, that being they 4$ bet is allowed.

This has to hold some sort of water, I wouldn’t be doing this back and forth for 3-4 months now if I didn’t know in my heart 100% that I’m right.

Their employees are clearly misleading their customers, it’s a win win. We bet and loose it’s fine, we win and we loose cause they don’t pay.

Being their adr you must know that their practices are dirty. It’s not like I was spinning 4$ to finish the playthrough quicker, like I said I was playing for 10$ a spin once I had met the playthrough.

Can we come to some sort of monetized agreement ?

That email that says you’re allowed to spin 4$ but not more has to hold weight. I mean it’s the same day my cashout was denied for wagering 4$.

Please thePogg this isn’t right.

Sep 08, 2019

Also if you ask for all of my chat history don’t they have to provide it. I remember asking when I was at roughly 80% of the playthrough.

I’m sure they can delete and manipulate things but I thought it would be worth a try.

I was wagering 4$ a spin and after roughly 550 spins I jumped to 4$. This was after speaking with their rep. The date would be May 2nd where I asked them prior to lifting the bet.

I can’t login and show you my chat history....

Sep 10, 2019

Hi lucky84,

I have reviewed all of your chat history and can find nothing prior to your play that would guide you to break the terms. As such there's no grounds for us to enforce any payment on the operator. Without a clear statement approving a breach of terms BEFORE you violated this term at the operator in question there is no case to argue here.

As stated previously, I personally do not like this policy. There are no good reasons for the inclusion of 'equal to' in the terms. But that does not make the term inherently unfair. It is clear and easily understood. We will be highlighting this term in this groups reviews moving forward, to warn other players, but my personal opinion of the term does not form sound basis to assert that the operator have done anything wrong in this case.



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May 30, 2019

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