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Guts - False advertising


Found for the Casino - While we understand the player's frustrations, the statement 'hot' has no impact on how a slots game functions.

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Player's Complaint

After a chat with a live rep of Guts casino I was informed that the slots advertised as 'hot' are labelled that because they are the most popular and not that they are paying out a higher rate than normal recently. To me the term 'hot' when used to describe a slot means it is paying out and higher than normal rate and if a slot is 'cold' it is paying out a lower than normal rate not that it is popular or not. They had a top 16 section of there website which had the top 16 games which I would have thought is the most popular games but the rep told me it was picked by the casino manager and they also had a featured section which I would have thought was picked by the casino manager but the rep couldn't tell me how the featured section was picked. So based on this chat I conclude that false advertising is happening on the site when they used the term hot to describe a slot when it is not necessarily hot in the true meaning of the term when talking about slots. For example in betatcasinos hot and cold section they state the rtp of the hot slots as being eg 125% rtp or cold maybe as low as 55% rtp and they are using the term correctly on their site as guts are not. I started the chat with the rep because I lost a deposit of £75+50% bonus in 10 mins playing low stakes on what were supposed to be hot slots and if they were hot it would have taken longer than that to lose over £100 playing small stakes.

So I just feel its just plain wrong to advertise slots as being hot when they aren't

I have the chat transcript if needed

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1 Responses

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December 11, 2016

Hi Hilton - welcome to!

Unfortunately I can't support you in this case as either definition of 'hot' makes no difference what-so-ever to the results you'll experience.

The definition of a gambling game as 'hot' because it has paid out at a higher rate than the mathematical level that it should pay out in it's immediate history is in fact a meaningless figure. It's based on the premise that past results have an impact on future results - when playing a slots game that's simply not true. Every spin has exactly the same chance of each possible result as the spin before and the spin after. Games defined in this manner as 'hot' have no better chance of paying out for you in the same way that games defined as 'cold' in this manner are not overdue to payout. These terms refer only to historic results and do not have any implications for how a game will respond to your bets.

Alongside this, if I was to describe something as 'hot' in a shop, that would mean that it was popular - the same definition that Guts casino are using in this instance.

I'm sorry we cannot be of more help in this instance.


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December 11, 2016

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