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iNetBet Casino – seized funds


Found for the Casino - In this instance the operator has managed to provide supporting documentation from their payment provider to show that they have received a charge back. In other words they never received the deposited funds and as such any transactions taking place with said funds have to be considered void.

The payment provider have acknowledged that this charge back was not initiated by the player themselves, but was the result of other issues with the transaction that we cannot detail here.

The player has stated that they do not intend to pursue this issue further to find out the reasons behind the chargeback being initiated.

Where an operator does not receive funds, and this isn't directly as a result of a mistake of either the operator or their payment provider, they cannot be expected to pay winnings generated via funds they never received.

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Player's Complaint

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I have played at iNetBet casino for about two years,with no particular problems.

In February, I requested my credit balance of $1,790.01,which arrived rather quickly. I deposited the check in my bank account on the 26th of the month. Since I had no urgent use for the money,I simply left it in my account.

On March 16th, all $1,790 disappeared from my account. The bank's description : Debit : Foreign item adjustment FGN item(s) returned due to payment stopped maker : Travico Global...Fee $15.00. "Travico Global" also appears on checks sent by iNet Bet.

The reason they have given for confiscating my money is that somehow I contrived to saddle them with a "chargeback" for $500. I had never even heard the term before,and even after looking it up,I don't really understand it - not to mention the moral aspects involved. Even if it were true, $1700 seems to be excessive compensation.

Thank you so much for at least giving me the hope of recovering my money. I will send the e-mail correspondence between the parties that I have.


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6 Responses

Apr 06, 2016

Hi mlmangan - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

Before we could do anything to help you we need you to provide us with your username and email address you use at iNetBet.

I will state in advance that if you have issued a chargeback after withdrawing your funds from the operator there will be nothing we can do to help you. That is technically fraud and as such you wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

If you forward on your details I'll contact the operator and see what I can find out.



Apr 06, 2016

As I said,I had never even heard the term "chargeback,"much less issued one. That is an outright lie by iNetBet.Even if I had been familiar with it,I would never do such a thing. There is no record of such a transaction in my bank account,which I plan to send you. Please advise me if you need anything else.

My user name at iNetBet is [EDIT] and the e-mail is

Apr 14, 2016

Hi mlmangan,

I've spoken with iNetBet about this and they're clear that they have received a chargeback of the funds from their payment processor. They've shared communications from yourself detailing that their was some form of bank fine involved. Can you provide any supporting evidence to verify this claim? Written communication with your banking provider to this effect can be emailed to [email protected] If you can provide your bank with direct permission to discuss this aspect of your account with us I'd be happy to speak to them directly.



Apr 15, 2016

Hi mlmangan,

While I appreciate you sending through the screenshot of your account showing that the money has been removed from your account, neither party is contesting this action so this doesn't help with this specific issue.

Chargebacks are a very serious issue for the US facing industry. Due to the legal status of online gambling within the United States, unlike other businesses, an online gambling operator cannot contest a chargeback when a player issues one. That has lead to huge volumes of fraud where players deposit, play then withdraw the winnings. Regardless of wins or losses they then charge back the deposits. This creates a situation where the player never loses but the operator is expected to pay wins. Due to the high frequency of such fraudulent claims operators view any instance of charged back deposits very seriously and void all transactions associated with any transaction that has been charged back. In this instance they are not 'confiscating funds', simply voiding winnings as the deposits that generated the winnings were voided.

That being the case the only possibility of any progress with this case is presenting significant evidence that you were not responsible for the charge back.

That means that you need to contact the payment provider you used, explain the situation and ask them to provide direct conformation that you never requested that your deposits be charged back.



Apr 15, 2016

Hi mlmangan,

I'm in the process of gathering information from iNetBet to show that they received a chargeback. Proving who initiated this (you or your bank) is not something that the operator could do. They can prove that the deposits were charged back and that's the limits of their ability. As the chargeback is directly related to YOUR account, data protection laws stipulate that YOU are the only one who can obtain the necessary information.

I leave the ball in your court regarding how you obtain this information.


Apr 18, 2016

Hi mlmangan,

To be clear, Chase would be the right group to contact IF you made the deposits directly to the operator from your Chase bank account. However the operator has stated that the deposits were made by a 3rd party voucher (i.e. you make a payment from your bank account to a voucher system, like PaySafeCard, then use the voucher to make a deposit to the operator). If this is the case, it's the 3rd party voucher provider you would need to contact about the chargeback. They may then state that this has been issued due to Chase declining to pay them your funds, but this has to be established first.


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