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Resolved – iNetBet – causes “collateral damage” during withdraw and attempts to shut down mediation as “separate issue”


RESOLVED - While we agree with the player that the wagering requirement meter displayed in the iNetBet cashier could be considered misleading as it's only correct for slots players, by withdrawing prior to meeting the wagering requirement the player has technically broken the terms of the bonus received. It's unquestionably harsh for iNetBet to void the win rather than returning the balance and requesting that the player complete the remaining wagering, but the player has clearly been identified by the casino as a non-profitable player and as such the casino are sending a message with this harsh rule interpretation that they no longer want to cater to the player.

While I can't in any way support the misleading wagering requirement tracker, I've no doubt that the player knew that this meter hadn't tracked the wagering for their play correctly and that the casino were right in their assessment of the player as non-profitable. I'm also confident that the wagering requirement terms wouldn't have been enforced in such a harsh manner had the player approached the games in a different style.

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Player's Complaint

Hello The Pogg, thanks for taking this mediation for me.

Here's a summary of the situation I had with iNetbet:

iNetbet was not responding to my verification email and kept saying they did not receive my documents. And after seeing this (hxxp://www.gamblinggrumbles.com/Reports/iNetBet-Euro_) it scared the crap out of me. I thought iNetbet was going to "mysteriously" lose my email and then claim "I took too long" and refuse to pay me.

As a result I posted on AskGamblers asking him for help. Sure enough iNetbet finally responded.

So I did get paid, but the issue isn't over.

iNetbet has caused collateral damage while "making sure my payout goes successfully", the next 3 quotes weave together a very ugly story

"Thanks for your reply.

It seems like as you were canceling my last deposit and bonus that I did not play on, it accidentally made it that I am stuck on the removed bonus in the cashier page and I can't redeem any other bonuses right now.

Could you fix this for me? Thanks!"


Yes that is correct

You will not be able to claim any further bonuses at this stage as we do not want any further confusion on your account until this withdrawal is processed and resolved for you.


iNetBet Support

"iNetBet Casino posted on 25/06/2014

This issue was about verification of your account and has been resolved.

If you have a query regarding coupon redemptions please email our support team.

The two are not related."

iNetbet seems to be extremely manipulative. Especially seen here how they kept insisting askgamblers to close the complaint.

In the end, Askgamblers did not mediate and the complaint is automatically closed due to a 96 hour no-reply. I am in the progress of writing to askgamblers to ask for re-opening of the complaint so I can make my closing statement. iNetbet basically blatantly lied on a publicly viewable complaint and anyone in the world could see that.

Here's the original complaint: hxxp://www.askgamblers.com/casino-complaints/casino-not-responding-to-verification-documents-after-multiple-attempts-to-contact-them

Please feel free to contact me if you need further information at [EDIT]

In the event that iNetbet refuses to resolve this issue, I have another related complaint against them. They confiscated $550 of my withdrawal (The exact one in the askgamblers complaint) for reason of "not met WR requirement", where the issue is the WR listed on the tracker of the RTG software was listed as complete and the funds withdrawable. I do think I have a case here but I was able to overlook it so long as I still get bonuses from iNetbet. If iNetbet refuses to restore my bonuses, obviously I will bring back the $550 confiscation issue.

Thank you very much for your time.

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4 Responses

Jul 08, 2014

Hi Lepton - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

I've reviewed your complaint and can say that I agree with some aspects of it and don't agree with others.

To be clear I'm familiar with the iNetBet security review procedure and the delays in payment/lack of response to your email is fairly typical of situations where they find some part of your gaming activity that they feel needs further examination. This conclusion is further supported by the restriction of your bonus privileges.

Just based on your account of events and the Ask Gamblers complaint I can see that the security review iNetBet conducted has concluded that there's nothing fraudulent in your account activities, but I can also tell that iNetBet have concluded that you are a non-profitable player for them, and as such have decided to restrict your access to promotions.

And this is where I can't support your complaint - I will not demand that any casino provide access to promotions for any player. Bonuses are a promotional activity and no casino is obligated to provide any player access to them. If iNetBet casino have decided that you're not a profitable player for them they are free to - and absolutely within their rights to - restrict your access to any promotions. I can understand why you're unhappy about that, but in that case I would advise you to move on to another casino, you're not going to regain access to promotions regardless of how loud you shout about this issue. Your only other option is to continue to play without promotions until such time as you've convinced the casino that you are profitable player for them and that you are not approaching their bonuses with playing strategies specifically designed to sustain a mathematical edge over the house (tip; there's no way to tell much play that would take or indeed if your bonuses would ever be restored).

Where I can support your complaint is with regard to the wagering requirement. I have been aware of the wagering tracker that iNetBet cashier is only accurate for slots play for several year. I do absolutely agree that this is misleading for the player, however there will not be any resolution to this issue.

In most cases where the player tries to withdraw prior to completing the wagering requirement a casino will simply return the funds and inform the player that they still have to wager XYZ, even though their terms will stipulate that winnings won't be paid if wagering is not complete. A strict interpretation of the terms mean any player that tries to withdraw prior to meeting the wagering requirement is in violation of terms and conditions.

In this cases though iNetBet have clearly decided that you're not a player that they wish to keep. As such they will - as they have - take the harshest possible interpretation of the terms. You will have agreed to bonus terms with a stipulated wagering requirement, when you withdrew you will not have completed it and as such iNetBet have voided your winnings. No amount of arguing will change that. Yes it's arguable that the wagering tracker has mislead you and I'd absolutely agree with you on that point, but when dealing with a casino that actively don't want you as a player there really is no chance that they'll view that argument in any way sympathetically. If iNetBet did not already perceive you to be choosing your playing strategies to gain an edge over the house they would have dealt with this in a fashion that would have prevented it ever escalating to external complaints.

So the short story is that if you want me to say I disagree with the wagering meter that iNetBet meter offer, I'm happy to do so, but I can tell you in advance that if I contact iNetBet about this they will tell me that they only enforce the wagering requirement term in its most rigid fashion when they believe a player is trying to exploit their bonuses. The truth is that both that the wagering meter is misleading for non-slots player and that technically you have broken the terms and conditions and iNetBet will not back down due to your style of play - i.e. I have no expectation of retrieving any funds for you, no expectation of iNet Bet changing their wagering meter but neither do I feel this is enough of an infraction that I'd be prepared to take punitive action against iNetBet.

If you still want to invest your time in this pass me your username and I'll contact iNetBet to see if my assessment is correct and to emphasize my dislike of their wagering meter.



Jul 09, 2014

Hello, The Pogg, thank you very much for your detailed response.

Before I respond on here, I would like to know is it viewable to iNetbet if I respond on here? If so, do you have a way I can respond to you privately?

Jul 09, 2014

Hi Lepton,

At the present time iNetBet do not have access to this thread and historically iNetBet - as with the vast majority of casinos - have chosen to discuss player complaints directly with me rather than request access to the complaint threads. However as with all complaints, once this complaint reaches conclusion the thread will be published.

If you wish to communicate some information to me privately you are free to email me at [email protected] I am curious as to what information you feel could effect the outcome of this case without being released to the casino, but taking into account that I do manage confidential information from casinos when mediating disputes, it's only fair to accept the same from players. I will state in advance however that much of my approach to confidentiality is dictated by the fact that players posting complaints are represented by anonymous usernames whereas the casinos involved publicly visible companies. Reputational damage done to a player by a negative ruling is zero as they can simply choose a new username, casinos don't have that luxury and as such ruling against the casino absolutely requires the publication of supporting evidence.



Jul 23, 2014

Having discussed this issue at length with Lepton it's been agreed that there's no further action to take with this issue and as such it will be marked as 'Resolved'.

I will state clearly and for the record that I am not at all fond of the wagering requirement meter that iNetBet offer in their cashier as this only displays the correct wagering if you are playing slots games or other games that contribute 100%. If you play any other game type this meter will tell you you've completed the wagering requirement long before you have. It really should be a trivial issue for a programmer to change this which would stop issue like this one from arising.


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