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Inetbet.Eu – non payment


Found for the Player - It is highly likely that this complaint and 2 others are associated in a manner that would breach casino terms and conditions. However iNetBet.eu - due to a lack of supporting evidence - appear to have forced a breach of terms to justify not paying the player which is highly unethical.

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Player's Complaint

Impossible to get even a reply from these guys.

I won there €5169 and since March I am not being able to be paid.

They requested documents which were sent right after the request.

I wagered the welcome bonus in Real Series Slots.

The deposit I made was of 200 and I think the bonus was 150% or 200% or in between

My user name [EDIT] and I used the email [EDIT]

Thank you for your support

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8 Responses

Oct 07, 2014

Hi cluck90,

Before I contact iNetBet.eu could you forward on a screen shot of the sent email showing the documentation you sent to iNetBet.eu, the email address it was sent to and the date. If you send that screenshot to [email protected] I'll contact the casino.



Oct 14, 2014

Hi cluck90,

To move this case forward I'm going to need you to produce a screen capture video showing me the email you submitted with your ID.

I also need you to resubmit your ID to iNetBet. Send your ID to support[@]inetbet.eu and CC my email address - [email protected] - so I can see the submitted email.

Below I've included a video tutorial firstly on how to get Camtasia, a free screen capture video software product and secondly on how to upload a private video to YouTube. You'll need to add my personal email address ([EDIT] as shown in the video to allow me to see your video.

Getting Camtasia and Producing a Video;

Uploading a Private Video to YouTube;



Oct 20, 2014

Hi cluck90,

I'm unable to move this issue forward until such time as you provide me with the requested video. I understand that this requires a little work, but it would be appreciated if you could get this to me asap.



Oct 21, 2014

I see the message, let me fix it and get back

Oct 22, 2014

Hi cluck90,

Firstly I've received the email with your ID. You still need to forward on proof of address (utility bill/bank statement) and the FaxBack form.

Secondly - the link to the video that you sent over does not work.It simply says "The video you requested is not available". I need you to have another look at this and see if you can fix it.



Oct 23, 2014

Video was uploaded again and all documents were sent to Casino and cc


Oct 24, 2014

Hi cluck90,

Thank you for that video - that's what I needed.

I'll be in contact with iNetBet.eu over the next week or so regarding this issue. As there are a few industry conferences on this may be a slightly delayed process, but I will let you know as soon as I have any useful information.



Nov 21, 2014

This case has gone on long enough and I've now decided to close the complaint.

The situation is as follows - 3 complaints of a highly similar nature were submitted to this site in short succession. While it's not usual for similar complaints to occur at the same time if there's a specific problem with a casino, when this happens it would be highly usual for this site to be the only one that complaining customers reach out to. Given that similar complaints have not turned up on the far higher profile CasinoMeister and AskGamblers sites this does look very odd.

On top of this, all 3 complaints involved the non-payment of substantial sums of money from March/April this year, yet all 3 complainants waited 5-6 months to issue a complaint. Most normal players won't wait that long - if the casino’s not offering any response within a few weeks it would be normal for a player to look for external help.

This leads me to conclude that these 3 complaints are not independent of each other, i.e. it's very likely that the complainants are either operating as a syndicate or all 3 accounts are being operated by a single individual.

There are however 2 other issues that are significant here;

Firstly, iNetBet.eu initially claimed that the payments were not made as the casino never received the requested ID from any of these 3 players. While screenshot evidence of the players' sent folders were inconclusive (i.e. I couldn't rule out the possibility that the images had been tampered with) each of the 3 players managed to submit video evidence demonstrating that the ID had indeed been submitted at the correct time. This leaves 2 possible conclusions;

1) That due to some technical issue at their end iNetBet.eu did not receive the player's ID


2) iNetBet.eu, suspicious that these accounts were not genuine players, decided to pretend that they had not received the ID to justify not paying the players.

I've put both of these alternatives to iNetBet.eu management. The casino absolutely denies that they ever received any emails containing identification from the players in question. That being the case it then has to be assumed that there's been a technical issue that's prevented the casino from receiving ID. The problem with this explanation is that I've dealt with numerous casinos that have experienced technical issues with their email, specifically when a casino approaches me regarding a low score for Customer Service when we do not get a response to our biannual email test. In every case so far the casino has asked for details of the email address, time and date sent and content of the email. Each and every time upon receiving this information the casino has taken it back to their technical department, identified the reason (either a technical malfunction or a team member failure) and come back with the action taken to ensure this doesn't happen again. To date and despite raising this concern on several occasions iNetBet.eu have offered no explanation for why emails that were clearly submitted to the right email address at the right time have not been received by them.

Given iNetBet's aggressive ID submission policy (players only have 5 days to submit ID once iNetBet requested it) email failures have to be viewed as VERY serious.

So going back to our 2 options;

1) iNetBet.eu has a serious technical issue that potentially could cause players to be viewed as in breach of terms when they've complied fully


2) iNetBet.eu are lying about receiving the emails and did receive them. This would suggest that while they did not like the behaviours these players exhibited, they did not have sufficient evidence to justify seizure of funds due to fraud. In other words they pretended not to receive ID to justify non-payment.

If option 2 is true, in my opinion iNetBet.eu have very likely got it right in this instance. While the similarity of the complaints in itself would not be enough for me to conclude that these accounts were linked, it does make me very suspicious. Add to this the fact that iNetBet.eu have discussed various other factors that tie these account together and I feel there's a very strong justification for non-payment due to breach of terms. The problem here is again 2 fold;

1) Despite repeated requests to provide evidence to validate the discussed factors I've been met with weeks of dead air from the iNetBet.eu management. When looked at objectively, neither the similarity of the complaints nor the alluded to account similarities are enough in-of-themselves to justify non-payment. Considered together they would be, but without being able to verify what's being claimed I cannot take these claims into account.

2) While this approach has worked in this instance, claiming not to receive ID because you suspect but don't have enough evidence to prove breach of terms could very very easily backfire and end up with innocent players not receiving valid winnings. If you don't have enough evidence to prove misconduct, faking a breach of terms is absolutely unethical.

So the conclusion here is that either iNetBet.eu have a serious technical issue that they have failed to thoroughly investigate or they are being dishonest about receiving ID from certain players and enforcing a vastly over aggressive fund confiscation policy.

I've spent a long time considering what status to mark these complaints. On the one hand I do strongly suspect that iNetBet.eu is right and these players are associated in a way that validates non-payment of winnings. On the other hand I have a casino that appears to have taken a negligent approach to technological failure or have been disingenuous in their discussion of these complaints and are engaged in unethical behaviour to force breaches of terms based on their suspicions. Ideally I'd rule against BOTH parties. However, given that I can only verify that these complaints are suspiciously similar and nothing further, it would be unfair to tar the players involved based on the evidence I can verify. More than that, the highlighted issues could potentially affect more players with this group. Therefore the only fair conclusion I can draw is to mark these complaints as ‘Found for the Player’ where ‘Player’ means the playing community in general rather than the specific complainants.


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