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Intercasino – winnings confiscated


Found for the Casino - InterCasino provided clear and conclusive evidence that this player's account is unnaturally associated with at least one other player's account. As such ThePOGG.com will have no further part in the representation of this player.

As a result of this issue, InterCasino have implemented changes to their security procedures to ensure that where Notarized ID is requested, it is the very last step of the verification process.

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Player's Complaint

Intercasino login;


(please obscure the above information before publication).

On the 16th December Intercasino sent me a reload bonus offer, 100% up to £300 with a £15,000 wagering requirement.

At the time of deposit, the terms and conditions are shown on the deposit page which stated the maximum bet was 20% of the bonus amount. I have a screenshot of this and have/can provide it to thepogg.

I flat bet on slots, my bets were under the 20% max bet and once the wagering requirements had been fulfilled the balance of my account was £17,400.08.

I submitted a withdrawal request on 16th December and was asked for documents the next day which I submitted. Intercasino acknowledged receipt on the same day but also informed me my "case" was under review.

On December the 18th Intercasino informed me that they had confiscated my winning citing that I was in breach of their terms and conditions by betting over £6.25 per spin. I immediately refuted this and sent them a screenshot of the promotional terms that appeared on the deposit page.

Since there was no response, on December 19th I sent Intercasino a further email to confirm whether or not my case was still open, again pointing out the terms and conditions that were shown on the deposit page (and again sending a screenshot).

Intercasino continue to be unresponsive.

It is my belief that Intercasino were updating their terms on the 16th of December, as I have a screenshot of their General Terms from the 15th December which do not show the £6.25 max bet rule. In addition, the bonus history section in my account now shows a £6.25 max bet for the promotion in question. However at the time of the deposit the terms were definitely shown as anything below 20% of the bonus amount.

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11 Responses

Dec 28, 2014

Hi KVH - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

I will look into this issue for you, but honestly I do not expect to make any progress with it until after the New Year. The members of management that I'll need to talk to will be on their seasonal break so please bear with me.



Dec 28, 2014

Thank you.

Intercasino have now responded on the 26th December, informing me that they will look at the issue of the conflicting terms. In addition they have asked for an enhanced verification process, but the email is unclear as to exactly what they want.

I have asked for clarification.

Dec 28, 2014


I've received your cc'd email regarding the NID. I suspect they are looking for fully Notarized ID. Regardless of their response I would ask you to hold off on taking any action to acquire the relevant ID before I've spoken with the InterCasino management. This request raises certain issues with the Deposit Guarantee seal that InterCasino hold and I want to ensure that this is the course of action they want to go down before this matter goes any further.

Did you sign-up to InterCasino through this site?



Dec 29, 2014

I didn't sign up through thepogg (sorry).

I will hold off obtaining NID as per your instruction (but can/will provide it if necessary - despite the inconvenience).

They haven't responded as of yet to request for clarification.

Dec 30, 2014


No need to apologise - I don't mind where you signed up.

I was asking simply because InterCasino are covered by my Deposit Guarantee seal for players that sign-up here.

I'll let you know when I have more information.


Jan 12, 2015


Apologies for the delays and thanks for the head-up about that technical issue.

I've spoken at length with InterCasino and reviewed the issues that are causing them concern. Unfortunately I do agree with InterCasino's request for Notarized ID. Obviously I cannot discuss the specific issues that lead me to this conclusion, but I'm afraid that if you are to have any hope of receiving your funds you are going to have to procure and submit valid Notarized ID. To be clear this means sealed copies of your ID (driving license/passport and recent bank/utility bill) signed by a Notary Public. You can acquire this via an appointment with a solicitor/lawyer though check first as not all groups offer this service.

Let me know when you have submitted this and I'll revert to InterCasino for further discussion.



Jan 13, 2015

OK I will get that done.

Jan 22, 2015

Just an update on this. I have found a lawyer who offers this service and my appointment to see him is on Thurs 29th Jan, at which point I will send the documents in.

That tech issue still exists for me btw.

Jan 26, 2015


Thanks for the update. I'll inform InterCasino not to expect anything before then.

Regarding the technical issue - thanks again - unfortunately this is an issue with a redirection that keeps resetting to default parameters without permission. I have someone working on this just now.



Jan 29, 2015

My documents have today been signed and sealed by a Notary Public and these have been scanned and submitted to Intercasino.


Feb 20, 2015

I'm going to close this complaint.

InterCasino have been very cooperative throughout this investigation and have provided more than enough evidence that this player's account is linked to at least one other player account in an unnatural fashion.

Where I do have a concern is with the request for Notarized ID. By the terms of our Deposit Guarantee - which InterCasino hold - NID should only be requested as the final decision maker in any security review process - i.e. if valid NID is submitted the player is paid. In this case, while valid NID was submitted, the weight of other evidence against this player still makes clear that they have broken casino terms and conditions. As such two things are true;

1) The player should not be paid the winnings that resulted from their play.

2) InterCasino have breached a term of the Deposit Guarantee.

I've had an extended conversation with the InterCasino Security team today, specifically highlighting my concerns about this case. The InterCasino team have acknowledged these concerns and agreed to ensure in future that where NID is requested, it is the very last step in their security verification process and as such will only be used where a decision cannot be reached with the evidence they've already gathered/could gather.

Based on the above assurance, InterCasino's unimpeachable record when it's come to the discussion of player complaints with this site and the simple fact that I do not wish to strip a casino of our seal based on a complaint where the player has been so clearly shown to be in the wrong, I will overlook the breach of seal conditions in this one instance.

If KVH is unhappy with this decision I would suggest that they take their complaint the InterCasino's regulator in Malta. Contact details for the MGA can be found here - http://thepogg.com/regulator/malta-gaming-authority/

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