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Jackpot City - unfair gameplay


Found for the Casino - Unfortunately the player simply does not have a large enough sample size to establish whether the games performed normally.

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Player's Complaint

Hello ive got a complaint over what i think is unfair gameplay, I had sent the casino an email earlier this week about how its slot machine had paid.They sent back email informing about betting.I kinda kept track of spin v win/loss.I spun 100 times out of those 24 spins won something 76 did not pay anything.I also kept track of spins between bonuses ispun 224times hit bonus got .85cents had 26 free spins at 5 times multiplier. I let it go and on sat march 3rd 2018 i deposited 11.50 and believe that i stood zero chance of winning. Heres why. started play at 6pm and at 9:32pm it was gone,i was playing break the bank again.I was betting 9lines 1cent/line got the bonus that has 5times multiplier got .25 cents (I got 9 more bonuses) 2 bonus/ 5 lines got 0 the 3rd bonus 3lines won .50cents the rest are 9lines/1cent per line this is what i won 3.20/ 2.00/ .85cents/ 1.60/ 4.05 /4.60 / the last one .72 in the bonus any vault that shows on reels gives extra spins. 15 free to start got ten vaults, 25spins with 5 times multiplier. i was shocked .72 cents! within the whole game play, my biggest hit in one spin was $3.75.I also only got 5 of a kind twice witch was 10s for .50cents and Js for .50cents.I know i played for 3 and1/2 hours but ive never seen the game do this, it was just like earlier in the week. The casinos email talked about my betting but i wasnt betting crazy numbers like $5 or$10 per spin but the most .90 cents per spin. Saturday i never bet more than nine cents per spin. I not sure what can be done, if anything. im not being bitter about the money i could care less about that. im just dont believe i was treated fair. Im not asking the casino for anything but my concerns were not addressed by them. I refuse to take bonuses because their playthrogh is 70times the bonus amount $100 bonus money have to spin $7000 worth. thats just ridiculous but at least that something i can control. The gameplay both these times were unfair. im not accusing casino of anything but those were not fair. 72cents over 25 spins 5 times multiplier and only 2 five of kind. without these things showing in game there is no chance to ever win. Theres probably nothing that can be done since i cant see them handing over anything that shows unfair gameplay. Thanks

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1 Responses

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March 5, 2018

Hi tricky116 - welcome to!

Unfortunately there's nothing we could do to help you in this situation. Slot games are what are referred to mathematically as 'high variance games'. This means that there will be rare big wins a lots of extended periods of losses in between those wins. What you describe does not sound abnormal or all that unusual for a slots game and the sample sizes you describe would be far too small to draw any valid conclusions from. All I can suggest is that if you've lost faith in the fairness of the games offered by Jackpot City you consider selecting another casino to play with.

Sorry we couldn't be of more help,


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March 5, 2018

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