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Jetspin – Accusing me with false behaviour Technical Issue


Resolved - There were some concerns that this player may have violated bonus terms but these proved to be unfounded and the player's funds have been returned.

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Player's Complaint

I received a bonus offer for my birthday. I made a deposit and started playing. Within the hour I had a balance of of 1650 Euros, or something around that.

When I had closed the game to check my wagering requirements, it said I had completed 4 % of the wagering. However right next to the bonus It said "stage - lost".

I quickly checked my balance and it was near 1500, things did not make sense so I headed over chat and told them that my balance keeps dropping and my bonus was automatically cancelled.

During the chat, the rep mentioned I made deffered bets, I don't even know what that meant until she explained it. I told her I did nothing like this and I was sure there is something with your system.

All I did was close a game to check my wagering requirements. Then I found out my bonus was cancelled and I had a balance of 1500 left on my account.

She told me she would let the Technical team know and get back to me. I went on chat again the next day, obviously my balance is zero.

This chat rep says this :

"All casinos on the software Net Entertainment prohibit the use of "deferred bonus rounds and free spins". This means that the player is explicitly forbidden by the rules to take the following steps: playing with bonus money to close the slot before the actual performance of the bonus game, and then (when the bonus is won or canceled) to return to the bonus in the real money game mode."

All I can say is that none of this happened. I was not on a bonus round, nor did I forfeit the bonus myself. I honestly hope this is a not a ploy from the casino to remove my balance and claim that I did these acts.

All I want is my full balance back so I can complete the remaining wagering requirements please. I have decided to open the complaint with you just incase they decide to put false accusations on me. You can ask for my game history, I also took a few snaps of my account balance while I was on chat.

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9 Responses

Aug 27, 2018

Hi Wildinstone - welcome back!

Before we go any further I need to be very clear - if you have triggered bonus features and exited a game, or intentionally forced exit of games before winnings have been claimed and have then gone on to play other games with these winnings/featured unclaimed, we will not support any claim. This is intended to create false zeros to reset wagering requirements and we consider this fraudulent.

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.


Aug 27, 2018

Hi ThePogg,

I can tell you with full honesty that everything they claimed is not true.
Everything you mentioned above, I have done no such thing.

I claimed a bday bonus, I played my game, at one point I had a win, I kept playing and playing, then I decided to check my wagering requirement, so I closed my game (without any features saved you mentioned of).

While I checked the bonus history page, it showed my bonus had been already "lost". However I still had my full balance. I immediately went over chat and let them know my bonus disappeared.(I did not head over to withdrawal or went ahead to play another game, without touching my current balance)

My balance started dropping, at a certain point it was at 1492, and then 1450.

I also took (pictures) while I was explaining the situation on chat.
If you wish, you can ask for my bet history and the game I played. I only played one game.
If you also wish to contact the gaming provider, you can also verify that no winnings/features were left in the game.

This is the email I received after I asked them regarding my situation.


Unfortunately you made a lot of deferred bets with active bonus. Your
winnings ware confiscated. We returned your own deposit, but bonus is
not available for you.

Pls check the rules.
7a. The management of the JetSpin casino reserves the right to withhold
or seize any bonuses or winnings gained as a result of fraudulent or
otherwise unfair practices.
7a. The management of the JetSpin casino reserves the right to withhold
or seize any bonuses or winnings gained as a result of fraudulent or
otherwise unfair practices.)

I'm very confident that I am the one is getting frauded because having to put a blame on someone after a win, I find it very odd.

I want my original winnings reinstated and my wagering put back to how it was so I can complete it and hopefully withdraw my winnigs.

Sep 04, 2018

Any news Mr Pogg ?

Thank you

Oct 04, 2018

After a month , no progress right ?

Oct 24, 2018

Hi Wildinstone,

Apologies for the delay. There are a number of overarching issue going on with this group at the present time that are slowing down the management of complaints.

I'm informed by the operator that you have received a refund for this issue a few weeks ago. Can you confirm this?



Oct 24, 2018

They credited me 1400 back instead of 1650euros.

They also applied a new rule 10x times the bonus amount .... blah blah ...

I gave in and wagered the bonus because the bonus was coming to an end date. I withdrew most of the money, however they still owe me 250 cash balance.

Original Amount 1650, they gave me back 1400. I am still missing 250 balance.

Can you ask them to credit me the 250 cash ?

Nov 16, 2018

10xbonus rule not present when we reviewed the bonus.

Why hasn't the full balance been returned?

Hi Wildinstone,

I've had a lengthy conversation with Jetspin regarding this issue and reviewed the transaction history on your account. On the 22/8 €1394.60 was removed from your account due to what the operator believed was delay of bonus rounds in breach of bonus terms. The platform provider reviewed this decision and concluded that this was a system error and not a breach of terms. On 27/9 three transactions occurred on your account. A cash deposit of 750, a bonus added of 500 and a further cash deposit of 150. This amounted to a total of €1400, more than the amount taken from your account, and the 500 bonus reattached the wagering requirement that had not been completed at the point where the funds were removed.

As far as I can see there was never a point where €1650 was removed from your account - the amount removed was just less than €1400.



Nov 16, 2018

I can provide you some screenshots that my account balance was much higher than 1400. In fact I am 100% sure it was near 1650.

Please let me know if you require the shots.


Nov 16, 2018

Hi Wildinstone,

It is not a case of whether your balance was ever higher than this, it's a case of what the balance was at the time of the confiscation. The account transaction show clearly how much was removed from your account and how much was returned. In fact, a little more was returned to your account than was removed.



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