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Kaboo - Suspicious behaviour


Found for the Casino - While it is unfortunate that the system rejected this player's bet on a spin they would have won, this is not sound ground to conclude the game is not functioning randomly.

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Player's Complaint


Not so long ago I had a very unpleasent experience with Kaboo. It happened at the game double ball. As I was playing that night more of a "high staky" game, I got to the point where I bet a total of 224 dollars( 25$ on number 20, 50$ on 14,50$ on 31 and 25$ on 9 and 2 dollars each on every double ball number,so 37x2=74). I placed this bet like this, because when watching the last statistics, after the number that just has been, usually came up 14 or 31, and since they are next to each other, I placed the bet like that. As at that game there is very little time to place your bets,not like all the regular roulettes, I always place my bets in the beginning of the betting time. Just about when the spin was about to begin, it told me that my bets were rejected, and ALL of them were cleared. The numbers that came up were 14 and 31. This is very suspicious. I wrote to them immediately and they replied that this was not because of my connection and that their system had a couple of errors like this regarding me. They said that I would be contacted as soon as possible vie phone or email. Without even giving me a case number or anything.

As I was not contacted, I wrote to them myself in 2 days. They found the incident I was referring to, SD-263788 and said that they cannot pay a bet that was not placed. As for the answer why was it rejected, they could not explain properly. It's all a problem of their soft and it was my "bad luck" that it happened to me like that.

I find that very suspicious and I think there's a possibility that they have some kind of soft that analyses bets and when the chances that the player is going to win big are too high, they just reject your bet.

Please help me get my rightfully deserved money. For my country this is a huge amount.

I do not want a penny more,just the ammount that I would of have won in that particular game.



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1 Responses

November 19, 2018

Hi he3hakomeil - welcome to!

Unfortunately there's not going to be anything we can do to help you in this instance.

Double Ball Roulette is a Live Game. This means you get to see the game getting played out on a physical table each round. The results are not computer generated and are not known before the balls come to rest. While it may be that there was a technical error that rejected your bets before the round have been played and that it is unfortunate if your chose bets would have won, this is nothing more than bad luck. It is highly unlikely that there is foul play or any software that compared your bet against the results rejecting high winning bets as if they had software that could project where the balls would land, instead of rejecting high winning bets they would simply alter where the balls were released to ensure they landed on losing numbers.

While I understand that this issue may have shaken your confidence in this operator all we can suggest is that if you no longer trust the integrity of Kaboo casino you choose somewhere else to play.

Sorry we cannot be of further help.


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November 19, 2018

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