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Karamba – Missing money/ hacked


Found for the Casino - The losses in question came from the player's device and IP address. If this access was unauthorised it was likely someone the player knows.

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Player's Complaint


I would love to have help from you.

I play slots at the Casino Karamba night until Tuesday 10 / 12-19. Then I later made 4 withdrawls of SEK 326,000.

And for me to take them out I send in ID documents.

Wednesday morning, 11 / 12-19, I checked if the withdrawls were still on hold but then 3 of them were gone for a sum of 300,000 SEK. I wrote to karamba's customer service and he said that I could see that 4 withdrawls were on hold and that they will soon be transferred to my account. Later that day I wrote again to make sure everything was OK with the withdrawls. But [EDIT] on custumer service Said the withdrawls were interrupted and played, and he sugested that we block my account for the safe, Since I have not logged in and canceled my transfers. I was in and playing slots the same night the money disappeared but the withdrawls where still there when i went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning there where only one withdrawl on 26000 SEK but [EDIT] on customer service Said there where still 4 withdrawls and I would not worry. Since I have no knowledge how this has happened and I do not know how to prove that you were hacked when Karamba only claims that it is the same IP address and they are played. That it is the same IP address I can not understand that it is but a hacker can be very professional and not leave traces. Am very sad and worried as this is about a lot of money and that I have been exposed to a crime and felt safe to choose Karamba website to play on but it turns out they were not. And Karamba is not as helpful as I thought and is only to blame that the IP address is the same as before.

What should I do about it? And can you help me get my money back? I feel completely powerless.

Have also send a Mail with the same information and also have the conversation between me and [EDIT].

Best regards [EDIT]

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11 Responses

Dec 18, 2019

Hi greekob123 - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.



Jan 08, 2020

Great, im still very confused what have happend to my money. Its alot of money and i keep calling karamba and they reopen the case and the next time when i call they close and open it again and investigate it. It strange that one open it then and it closes and then opens again. the custumer service is giving me diffrent information / false information. I hope you really can solve this. Starting to lose my mind every time i have to call them almost ones a week too check how the case going. Cant understand how they work with custumer, im feeling very humiliated how they treated me when this serious event have happend to me.
Best regards Anton

Jan 21, 2020

Hi Greekob123,

Having reviewed your transaction history, including the recorded identifiers associated with your play. The three withdrawals in question were cancelled and played by someone who had access to your account, was playing from your IP address and was using a device that you have used to access your account. Unfortunately, if this was not you, it was someone you know and who has access to your account.

The Karamba terms and conditions include the following:


Your Company Player Account is for Your personal use only and funds deposited into your Player Account may only be used to play via The Company Services. Verifications procedures will be carried out when you deposit funds in your Account. You may not use Your Player Account on behalf of another person. You may only create one Player Account with The Company and shall only use The Company Services using such single Player Account. Any use of Your Player Account is strictly for Your own private purposes. We take absolutely no responsibility for any third party accessing Your Player Account and We shall not be liable for any losses incurred by You as a result of such an event. Any activation of Your Player Account while using the correct Password and Username will be considered by Us as a valid entry by You into Your Player Account. Should You become aware of any unauthorized use of Your Player Account You are obligated to immediately notify us and we will suspend your Player Account pending further investigation of such unauthorized use."

Unfortunately, the above being the case, there is nothing further we can do to help you.


Jan 27, 2020

I understand what they say but I also Said the only blame the IP adress. No one has been on my divices and played. Someone has used my IP adress. Thats why i turned to you for help? So all my money is gone and no one can help me?
There is one strange thing, when i contact karamba and askes about my withdrawls and they Said that they can see the withdrawls but i couldt. But the withdrawls was cancelled 5 hours before i contact them. How can the withdrawls been cancelled and 5 hours later that say the withdrawls are on the way. Like I Said hackers use IPadresses to cover trace. Please help me.

Jan 28, 2020

Hi Greekob123,

It is your responsibility to keep your devices secure. The operator are not responsible for that. As state above there is nothing we can do to help you.


Jan 30, 2020

But know one have use my divices. I have repeat that many times now. How can I protect my account at karamba if it gets hacked and the hacker use my IP adress? Its not my foult or can not so anything if they get thru me at karambas account to my account. I had not want help if I know its my foult, when its karamba security

Jan 30, 2020

Hi Greekob123,

As stated - you are responsible for the security of your device. The play took place on your account, using your account username and password, from your device and IP address. If this was not you, or someone you know, it is an issue with your device security, not Karamba's.


Jan 30, 2020

That is not corect. There is nothing i can do if a hacker hack my device thru karamba. So if youre bank account gets hacked its youre fault? Im really shure that it Will be the Banks fault if youre bankaccount gets hacked just in this case. I use karambas site and i get hacked thru them. Nothing i can do to do to prevent it. Even if I have the longest password. That is what a hacker do. I was recomended by MGA to Ask you for help but they had clearly wrong for recommend you when you blame me for get hacked. When i all i want was help to get my money back when im helpless against hackning like all people are if you dont are a hacker youreself and can prevent it. Im sorry but i cant take Thepogg seriously when you cant see the problem or Who’s fault this is.

Jan 30, 2020

Hi Greekob123,

I'm sorry to hear you feel that way, but the security of your device and your account details are your responsibility, no-one else's.

There is nothing further we can do to help you.


Jan 30, 2020

Read what I write instead of repeat same thing. How should i protect my self against hackning do you mean? How do you protect against hackning? That is what they do the hack in to companys internet then hack thru them to get to me or you. You have clearly no idea how hackning work. Thats why I wanted help beacuse karamba need a beter firewall och something against it. And they i was the one they got and theres nothing to do you say, very strange. I cant go to the police beacuse karamba is not in my country, mybe you can look up how hackers do.

Jan 31, 2020

Hi Greekob123,

We're well aware of how hacking works. If someone has been hacked, it has not been Karamba. The play occurred from your device. If someone has been hacked - which is the less likely of the possibilities here - it is your device that has been 'taken control of'. The hacker has managed to access your account (which means alongside hacking into your device they had to have access to your account details) via your IP and your device.

None of this suggests unauthorised access, but if that has happened it has been due to insufficient security at your end.

Far more likely - given that you are the only open complaint related to Karamba and hacking at the present time - is that if there has been unauthorised access on your account this has been someone who you know and had access to your device/account details and played without your knowledge.

As stated, there is no case for us to contest here and nothing further we can do to help you.


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