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King Johnnie - Gaming Non Compliance


Found for the Casino - The player has provided insufficient evidence to give any reasonable grounds to conclude that the games in question are functioning anything other than fairly.

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Player's Complaint

I believe that the games on this site are not paying correctly. I put over $20k into a game and did not receive the bonus or free spins. Once I finally got the free spins after putting in a huge amount of money won a total of $45.00.

In a matter of 4 weeks I had bet over $100k and had only twice thought to have won something decent only to put it back as the game did not pay out anything else. I made a complaint through through support area only to be ignored. I also contacted tried to contact Aspire Global who i believe run the gaming site, even though it is not anywhere on the website which i have not had a reply to. I have the gaming transactions if you require them and also some video footage showing non payment of the games if you require them.

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3 Responses

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August 27, 2021

Hi Miffy1 - welcome to!

Firstly, if the site do not state they are operated by Aspire Global and do not link to the Aspire Global license page, they are not owned by the Aspire Global company.

You're also playing with an entirely unlicensed site and playing games - I presume more than one - that do not give any indication of how often bonus features should trigger. Perhaps it's one in every 10 spins. Perhaps it's one in every 10 million. The point here is that a general feeling that you are unhappy with the amount you lost is not sufficient grounds to assert that the games are not performing correctly. The basic truth is that you are playing games that are weighted in favour of the operator and are wagering heavily. With just $100k worth of wagering you would be expected to lose ~$5k on most slots games. Variance could see you naturally win or lose far more than that. Bigger bets are going to increase your variance.

What you describe simply is not enough for us to act on.

Sorry we could not be of further help.


User icon
August 27, 2021

Dear ThePogg

Your response is very disappointing.

I was not playing more than one game, I was only playing the one game Magic Apple.

I had tried to ask the company about there win to loss ratio, but they only gave me a figure and when I asked how it was determined they could not give me an answer.

I had no idea that the site was unlicensed, I had tried to google the site before becoming a member but i found no information to tell me it was unlicensed as if i had I would not have been on there.

Yes I am unhappy about the amount of moneyI have lost but I still believe that the games are not performing properly and I am disappointed that no one is willing to look into this. Even if I am wrong, it would be nice to know it was at least looked into.

I would also like to know, that if you are aware that the site is unlicensed how do you still allow it to operate and why is there no disclaimers, comments or articles anywhere on the internet to advise people that it is an unlicensed site. In all my googling I only found one article that said it was an Aspire Global site to which you have now informed me is incorrect. Shouldn't someone be regulating all this to stop things like this from happening to people.

Please advise if there is another organisation i can make a complaint to as I would like to see something done. Even if i cant get my money back, i want to be able to stop this kind of thing happening to other people. Sites should be forced to advised if they are licensed or not and something needs to be done about the unlicensed sites.

I look forward to hearing back from you.



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August 28, 2021

Hi Miffy1,

You appear to have a rather distorted view of what this service is. We are an independent 3rd party Alternative Dispute Resolution service. We have neither the authority nor ability to prevent any other business from operating.

Aspire Global run, which is likely where your confusion lies.

Finally, you are playing from a country where all online casino gambling is illegal. There is no regulatory body as your government felt it was better to simply illegalise the practice than to try and control the businesses involved in it.


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August 26, 2021

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