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Konung - Casino not give 1st deposit bonus


Found for the Casino - This player has been told repeatedly not to engage in the practices they have. Did it anyway and expects us to spend time fixing it for them.

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Player's Complaint

Konung Casino's promotion for the 1st deposit is 100% and 30 free spins, I proceeded to make the deposit but the bonus was added. There is no live chat so I am left to email them and I get no reply for hours and hours on end. I have just been ignored despite about 5 emails I have sent through.

This has happened to me at a few other casinos that run the same type of software (website layout and games and payment system and all that). At each of these casinos, the support has told me that they cannot add the bonus after I played the deposit. (The reason I played the deposit is that if I had to what for the support to get back to me and add the bonus I would only be able to play many hours later. And the reason I deposited then is because I wanted to play right then.) So they say because I played the deposit before the bonus was added the system won't allow them to add the bonus manually. Each of these casinos have told me this - Bob Casino, Spina, Play Amo and Bet Chan. And now Konung. Thing is that each of the casinos before Konung did actually end up added the bonus after enough complaining from me. I have explained this to Konung but they still won't add it, saying that they cant. I was told By Bet Chan about 6 times that they cant add it but they eventually did after I showed proof that Bob Casino and Spinia did the same thing but then added it. I have shown the proof that all the casinos have added it after saying that it cant be added to Konung but I am just being ignored now.

I believe this is set up like this deliberately so that customers cant get the bonus. It is too much effort to get them to add it. All these Casinos are very shady!

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5 Responses

User icon
January 14, 2020

Hi thestuanator,

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to be saying that you have played with this particular network of operators multiple time, encountered exactly the same problem with bonuses not being credited, had the same discussion with these operator where you were told that starting to play with your deposit before the issue was rectified was problematic, but when you encountered the same problem at Konung you've gone and started to play before your bonus was credited despite knowing all of this?

If the above is correct, while I appreciate that there has been a problem with the bonus crediting system the fault for this issue is largely your own. You have had plenty of warning and experience of the problems that will occur if you take the actions you have chosen to take and have counted on the operator ultimately providing you a good will gesture to rectify the situation. This was a problem that could have been easily avoided had you chosen to do so.

I'll contact the operator but I need to be clear that this is not a situation where we would look to enforce a decision.


User icon
January 14, 2020

Yes I know that I could have avoided it but because all the other casinos did end up adding the bonus I thought this one would to. And there are several other casinos with the same software like Loki, King Billy, Joo Casino Lady Hammer that issued the bonus automatically as it should be. So how must I know which ones will and which ones won't.

And then I know that I could have waited longer after depositing until support got back to me, but after 2 hours of waiting I thought this could take many more hours and I wanted to play hence why I deposited when I did.

So to have avoided this problem either I should have not played at this casino and how must I know that this one is going to be one of the ones that are shady and wont add it. Or I should have waited for who knows how long for support to get back to me. In fact the first reply I got from them was 8 hours after I deposited and sent my first query to them.

So like I said because the others did add the bonus afterwards I thought that this one would to, although it will most likely take a bit of complaining and explaining that I am owed it and that I know it is possible to add the bonus after the deposit has been played. But this casino is the most stubborn and downright dirty casino I have been in contact with. Even after explaining that all the others did add the bonus after I played the deposit, and after all of them first telling that it cannot be added afterwards because the system wont allow it, they all still ended up adding the bonus. This casino still tells me that the system wont allow it! Which is clearly one fat lie. It's like being caught red handed and then still denying it!

So at the end of the day I am still owed that bonus as that is what I was essentially promised I would get should I make a first deposit.

User icon
January 14, 2020

Hi Thestuanator,

Yes, that's exactly correct. You should not have played until you had resolved the issue. Or alternatively, if you have repeatedly experienced issues with this group of operators previously then you should have chosen a different operator.

Knowingly exacerbating a problem simply because you are too impatient to wait for a technical issue to be resolved is no-ones fault but your own.

And you have been clearly informed previously by this group that it is their policy not to add bonuses after play has begun.

You are expecting us to invest our time and resources to pursue an issue that was 100% avoidable and the you were well aware of before the fact. That is not a good use of this service at all.

As it stands, I've spoken to the operator who have provided a Live Chat conversation where you specifically asked if you needed to enter a code to receive the welcome bonus and were clearly informed that you should not enter any code. There is no information on the Konung site suggesting you should enter any code. When you deposited you entered the code 'WELCOME' anyway which has caused this issue as there is no promotion matching that code.

The operator has been clear that they will not be issuing a bonus in this instance. There is nothing further we can do to help you.


User icon
January 14, 2020

It is only fair that I get the bonus. The reason the support takes so long to reply is exactly for this reason. Anyway don't waste your time then, I cant expect some idiot to know right from wrong!

User icon
January 15, 2020

Hi Thestuanator,

Consider yourself band from any future use of our service.

Best regards,

Duncan Garvie


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January 13, 2020

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