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Ladbrokes – Funds Frozen for over 3 months, without any reason. No explanation being provided.


Found for the Player - Ladbrokes casino have been entirely non-responsive to our repeated efforts to contact them about this issue.

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Player's Complaint


Ladbrokes froze my account on the 10 NOV 2017 and are holding on to £20,000 of my money in the account. I have had the account [EDIT] with ladbrokes since 2010 and have been successfully ID and address verified more than twice or thrice.

This ordeal started in NOV 2017. I was playing big with them since Oct 2017 and was subsequently upgraded to the so called 'VIP GOLD' level. All deposits were made from my OWN UK bank account and every transaction in that account is electronic.

On 7th November 2018 the account manager [EDIT] contacted me via email, asking me to furnish them with documents for proof of funds.

He said this was normal for any VIP players who triggers a certain threshold of gameplay and for compliance only. He also said this was requested by their 'Knowing you better' team.

I did sent all documents he asked for and he responded saying all seems to be in order and has been accepted by the team.

Then the ordeal started on the 11th November 2017. 2 days after submitting the docs and making a couple of withdrawals from my wins, I received an email from [EDIT] telling me the account has been frozen and the funds were on hold 'temporarily' pending review of documents.

Now after at least 90-100 emails and phone calls (may be more) later to their VIP customer care, [EDIT] and everyone I could get hold of, my account [EDIT] still remains frozen without any explanation from anyone including [EDIT], or the customer services or anyone from Ladbrokes.

Every time I email or call, I keep getting the same response, that this matter is being looked on to by the Knowing you better team and they are still reviewing the documents, so someone will get in touch with me as soon they have more information from the relevant team.

I tried to even get in touch with their 'Knowing You better' team via email but they never respond. I also tried to convince the customer services and my account manager [EDIT] to let me have a word with the 'Knowing You Better' team but they keep fobbing me off, saying they are a 'back end' team and speaks to no one.

The really WEIRD factor here is that it's been over 90 days now and NO one ever explained why they have kept my money frozen for so long or got back to me with any update or to asked for any further docs from me, or gave me the outcome or tried to resolute the matter.

I don't know what's happening with my funds and why is Ladbrokes holding on to them without a single explanation for over 90 days.

Frustrated I even contacted their CEO, [EDIT] on 7th January 2018. Someone contacted me saying they are working towards a resolution which can expect very soon but even that has been more than a month now without any further update.

Now when I emailed them again NO one replied back. Is it even allowed that Ladbrokes hold on to my Funds transferred from my bank account for so long and that too without any explanation?

I have lost overall with Ladbrokes just in 2017 and now they are holding on to my £20,000 without any explanations at all !!

I really am requesting you to help me get my money released / unfrozen from Ladbrokes.


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5 Responses

Feb 16, 2018

Hi rays0802 - welcome to!

Firstly, this type of check (source of funds) is relatively normal today with high rolling players. The UKGC has impressed on operators the importance of confirming where the money a player is playing with has come from for both the purposes of ensuring that the player can afford to gamble as much as they are and the prevention of crime (players playing with money that is not theirs). It may be the case that the operator is waiting on a 3rd party to provide information (credit checks etc) and this is causing the hold up.

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.



Feb 17, 2018


Thank you so much for the reply. I really do appreciate the prompt response and thanks again.

I totally agree that a casino today has to perform all it's compliance checks to make sure all is in order especially with high rollers, as you mentioned in your much coveted reply and get all relevant the information they need to verify what they have to althoughI have always played big with Ladbrokes.

However my MAIN points of concern are :

1. It's been OVER 3 months they have kept my money frozen and along with that the account, without updating me on the situation. Ladbrokes keep making promises that this will resolve soon but nothing happens.

2. They NEVER give me timeline and still refuses to do so. How can they keep holding on to my money indefinitely, especially since I have provided them all proof of funds, which they accepted 3 months back.

3. A Ladbrokes agent told me that there is a clause in their terms and condition which allows them to hold on to my funds indefinitely. All I can find in their terms is, if for any any reason they close the account then they send any undisputed balance back to the funding source bank account. The funds in the account is my money and I have sent them bank statements and declarations from where ever they came from, yet they are holding on to it last 3 months.

3. I have given them all the documents they asked for, all transfers has been made from my bank account and all money that comes in goes out of my bank account is legal electronic bank transfers and accounted for with NOT a single transaction of cash deposit.

4. It's been over 3 months now and they are NOT responding or giving me a max timeframe for a resolution. I am sick worried about my money which Ladbrokes is just holding on to.

Once again I am really concerned about how much time has already elapsed and I am yet to get an resolution.

Please HELP me.

Kind regards

Feb 21, 2018

Hi The POGG,

Sorry for being a pain but any good news at all ? Did you hear anything from Ladbrokes? I am expecting a positive news.

Every penny received in the bank account which I deposited in my ladbrokes account to play were legal bank wires, that I had received in my bank account.

I have government documentation and that too ATTESTED, proving the validity and the ownership of funds. I SUBMITTED THIS PROOF TO LADBROKES in November.

Ladbrokes is still holding back the funds in spite of me giving them the proof and the documents they asked for, proofing legal ownership of funds, which belongs to ME.!!

It's been 3 and half months !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have given Ladbrokes proof that all deposit funds are absolutely legal bank wires and ownership of the money used for deposits in my Ladbrokes account is Mine and only Mine.

I was told in November 2017 by my account manager that the documents were accepted by the relevant team in Ladbrokes.

I request Ladbrokes and also request ThePOGG to request Ladbrokes to PROCESS MY WITHDRAWAL REQUEST NOW to the same bank account registered with them and that was used for the deposit.

It's almost 4 months now and I think I am fair if I say that I have given Ladbrokes all the time in the world to check all and whatever they had to about the source of funding.


Thanking You

Feb 22, 2018

Hi rays0802,

We have not yet received a response from Ladbrokes. I will revert to you when we have further information.



Mar 16, 2018

Hi rays0802,

After repeated attempts to contact Ladbrokes about this issue we've received no response what-so-ever. At this stage I have no reasonable expectation of this changing in the foreseeable future.

All I can suggest you do now is contact Ladbrokes ADR service IBAS and submit a complaint via them.

Sorry we cannot be of more help!


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