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Leo Vegas – Security Locked Acc With My Funds!


Resolved - This player has managed to resolve their issue without our intervention. Player should be aware that they should only use their own details and payment methods they own when playing online.

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Player's Complaint

I signed up to Leo Vegas on the 25th June 2018 and placed a number of Sports bets and also played on the Casino for slots.

At this point I was not verified and had used my husbands Paypal Account to make deposits.

Nevertheless Leo Vegas processed my withdrawal of £75.94 on the 1st July after some winnings.

Over the next few days I made deposits of £1800 the existing Paypal account.

On the 3rd July playing slots I had a lucky streak and won £3974. I then put a withdrawal request through and the Leo Vegas account the following day was "locked for security reasons" and my withdrawal was "held".

I contacted Leo Vegas almost 40 times since the 4th July (today 17/07/2018) and have not had a response nor resolution to the situation or the funds.

I was advised it was a breach of their terms to use another Paypal account however received an email not to use the Paypal account on the 4th in the future and once verified the withdrawal would be processed for the £3974.

I have an email and evidence of this from Leo Vegas. For this to happen I was asked to provide my husbands Paypal details and his ID which I sent through and my verification as well and this was accepted and verified on the 8th July.

It is now the 17/07 and nor have I had my withdrawal back to the Paypal account for £3974 nor a response despite calling every day or via their chat facility. Bearing in mind Leo Vegas already let me withdraw to the Paypal account on the 1st July for a smaller amount.

Please can you help resolve this as their should be no issues as to why this is taking so long. I have spoken to numerous chat agents, telephone calls and I have not received any response in the matter.


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8 Responses

Jul 18, 2018

Hi SRV - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

Before we go any further can you tell me if your husband has his own account with Leo Vegas?



Jul 18, 2018

First of all - many thanks for looking into this!

With Leo Vegas being a super Casino site I did not want to go through this site and complain to receive my winnings!

I can confirm that my husband does not have an active Leo Vegas account with Leo Vegas.

Best regards,


Jul 18, 2018


I have a further update this evening (18/07/2018). I received a call from Leo Vegas on my registered mobile phone and Leo Vegas wanted to do some additional verification checks to get the account verified. (This was despite being told on the 8th July that the documents were sufficient enough and nothing else was required!)

I was asked more specific questions (call has been recorded with CS agent and myself discussing the questions and answers). The following questions were asked (this is despite my account being locked so I could not remember everything from prior 4th July).

Questions were asked of the last games I played on the Casino slots - I answered it was Net Ent games and specific game name which gave me the winnings. I was then asked other games I played - again I answered it was a Net Ent game and could not verify exactly what the name was - without checking all Net Ent games or logging into the account which was locked by Leo Vegas).

Next was - the last football bet placed and exactly what team - I answered again France/Belgium games and stated the World Cup was on I placed many bets during the period and without going into the account could not specify the exact last one as I placed bets on most games).

I was then asked to provide the last deposit amount and also provided this. This matches back to the Paypal account.

I was also asked about the last withdrawal and I stated the £75 on the 1st July. Other questions were asked about any gaming limits on the account or what offers I took out - these were answered correctly.

The CS agent stated this can now be escalated and we can look into getting you verified and getting your account back up and running ASAP.

I strongly discussed that it has taken over 2 weeks to get a response and numerous calls and the agent agreed with me.

The agent also stated that this is not a fail or pass test but a check before verification.

I am really unhappy about this as how can a Casino ask after two weeks exactly what I did on the account without me being able to log into it as its locked over two weeks ago (no player would keep every record). I must also add the CS agent was excellent as he was doing his job and in all fairness was in agreement with me throughout the call.

Please ThePOGG can you continue with the support until this gets fully resolved and as far as I am concerned I have fully complied with the Casino in terms of getting verified legitimately.



Jul 25, 2018

Hi thePOGG,

Unfortunately I have had no update as to the issues from Leo Vegas. I have been on chat or call 3 times a day since 1 week persistently (and no resolution which has now gone into the third week) and the response is that until the CS agents get the go ahead from the "relevant department" they can then re-open the account.

Please can you help in resolving this? Maybe get some sort of response and better luck than myself?



Jul 25, 2018


We are only just starting our conversation with LeoVegas about this issue. I will revert to you at the appropriate juncture.



Jul 26, 2018

Hi thePOGG,

Just as an update my account has been re-opened and Leo Vegas have stated in the email that this was due the following (as to reason why it was closed) - email received below (name blanked out)

Hi ------,

I hope your week is going well!

I am contacting you today regarding your account. During a recent review, it was noticed that you have used a third party payment method to deposit and withdraw from your LeoVegas account. I would like to make you aware this is a breach of our terms and conditions please see the below term:

3.1.11 In relation to deposits and withdrawals of funds into and from Your Member Account, You shall only use funds, credit card and other financial instruments that are valid and lawfully belong to You.

It is also against our terms to share your account with anyone else as per the below term:

2.1.7 As part of the registration process You will have to choose Your username and password for Your login into the Website. It is Your sole and exclusive responsibility to ensure that Your login details are kept securely. You must not disclose Your login details to anyone. LeoVegas is not responsible for any abuse or misuse of Your Member Account by third parties due to Your disclosure, whether intentional or accidental, whether active or passive, of Your login details to any third party. Additionally, should LeoVegas detect or suspect that any other person is using the player account except for You, then LeoVegas reserves the right to suspend or close the account and retain any funds in its absolute discretion.

Please be aware that should any further breaches of our terms occur, this could lead to the account being permanently closed. Please, could you confirm that you have read and understood this email by getting back in touch with us?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Should you have any further questions we have an amazing team happy to help 24/7 via chat email and phone!

Thanks for contacting LeoVegas and I hope you have an awesome day!

Best regards
LeoVegas, Customer Support

I have been on chat and the account has been reopened (after agreeing to the above point 3.1.11). I strongly disputed the terms 2.1.7 as no one has my details apart from me and disagreed with this and Leo Vegas are aware of this via the chat!

I have also deleted my husbands Paypal account linked to the Leo Vegas account and changed my password as per the instructions from Leo Vegas CS. I then made a withdrawal to my bank account (in my name) and was advised this would be declined by the payments team due to the above issues and have to wait until the end of today (26/07/2018) for an alternative course of action.

Will update when this has happened.



Jul 26, 2018

Dear thePogg,

I can now confirm that the full payment has been made by Leo Vegas (via Paypal and a bank transfer) for the full amount.

I no longer wish to dispute this claim however would re-emphasise the incredibly long amount of time this has taken by Leo Vegas when in my view this was relatively straight forward.

I have also been fully verified and have provided bank account statements to prove this and Leo Vegas have accepted.

Thank-you for all your support thePogg - and please Leo Vegas - making it look like your customers are "criminals" (as I have felt over the period) is never a good policy - as in this case it has been proven that I have been 100% legitimate from the beginning.

I would re-iterate that your CS department has been in most cases absolutely superb when actually communicating with myself but where this has failed is the lack of pro-activeness of the casino instead making me contact the casino 3 times a day! for 22 days without response nor my funds.

I can assure you if the tables were reversed it would not have ended this way!



Jul 27, 2018


That's great news and thanks for letting us know - it is appreciated!!


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