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Lets Spin - rediculously bad business practices


Resolved - After some confusion regarding the withdrawal rules for No Deposit Bonuses, this player was able to withdraw their full balance from Lets Spin casino.

Player's Complaint

Hello The Pogg, thank you in advance for handling this complaint for me.

First, I must establish this complaint is against "Lets Spin Casino" . While I'm at it, may I suggest to you an "other casino" option under the drop down menu on the list when choosing which casino to file a complaint?

So oh my, where to start, this casino is an absolute joke. Here's a very brief summary of the background story. This casino obtained my email address, I don't know how, and sent me a welcome mail with a $50 no deposit bonus. After finishing the wagering requirement I requested a cash out of $138. Denied. Support basically said "Sorry that bonus can't be cashed out because it's for fun only." Funny, because it clearly says otherwise. So ok, I got scammed, I thought, fuck it, whatever, fortunately I didn't lose anything but sure did waste a lot of time.

But just yesterday they had the guts to send me another promotional email. That made me angry. So I prepared to make a complaint about them on The Pogg. As I went on their site to collect information on T&Cs etc for my complaint, I noticed...

...That they're not licensed! While attempting to display a fake licence!

Wow, didn't think they were that low, but I guess they were. So looks like I'm pretty hopeless on my $138 cash out. That's fine. This complaint will be a generic complaint against the casino for its bad practices then.

Now I will go in details on everything I find disturbing about this casino.

First of all I get an email from them. How the hell did they get my email address? The fact that they addressed me with my legal name (I almost always use my preferred name in other situations) proves they bought it from some other casinos that I'm playing at. We all know any casino that sells customer information is severely looked down upon. Yet I would say the exact same for any casino that buys customer information - knowing that they purposefully violated the other casino's T&Cs, privacy policy, and the law - is equally guilty. No legitimate casinos have to resort to buying information of potential customers and spamming their email with offers.

Now for the actual email:

Now for the customer support reply on why they refused to payout:

Note this is not the customer support who wrote to me. This email is from their marketing director. They have no customer support even though they claim they have one (when you click on live chat you're always put on a 10 minute wait, and then informed that "we're all tied up helping other customers please leave us a message")

See why I'm angry now? Who wouldn't be if they were in my position?

Ok, so let's try visiting the site. The first thing that will probably catch your eyes is this

False advertising at its finest. It's just so insane that out of all the slots they could have chosen from, they chose maybe the only one that DOES NOT have a jackpot. Anyone who played sugar pop before would know that THERE IS NO JACKPOT. Anyone who hasn't yet can do so here . I am an enthusiast for Betsoft slots, especially a big fan of Sugar Pop. I've racked up over 1 million points playing in Bovada's sugar pop. And I can tell you, no one bet will pay more than 10x bet in winnings, ever.

And then let's try going to the "about us" part. Ah, seems like the site has changed somewhat since the time I gave up on them about half a year ago. I remember back then that part of the "about us" said something like "we've been here since the stone age of online gambling and learned a thing or two along the way - trust - meaning you should trust us and deposit all your money to us" Nowadays that page shows nothing but "look how easy and no hassle our payouts are" REALLY ironic because it's completely opposite of what they actually do.

Now scroll to the bottom of the main page for the most exciting part. You'll see on the bottom left there's a button for some additional information like "payment methods" and "licence". The so called "license" looks like a button, acts like a button, and turns blue when you hover it like a button, but it links - NOWHERE. That's right, that license button is a decoy, there is no license. They must have hoped nobody noticed, but today I did, and I'm bringing it to the attention of The Pogg.

Well, since there is no licence, that means they can do whatever they want because they're not regulated. As such I don't think I have much chance getting my $138 back. Thus, this complaint mostly becomes a general complaint against the casino and its business malpractices.

Thank you for your effort again.

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5 Responses

User icon
October 10, 2015

Hi Dr Boom - welcome back!

While I appreciate your frustrations I've got to point out that the claims you've made in this complaint are for the most part unverifiable.

Going through your report claim by claim:

1) The authenticity of the license - LetsSpin display a Curacao seal and while it doesn't link to anything, that's far from uncommon for Curacao licensees. The regulatory groups involved in Curacao are far from dilligent in ensuring their licensees link to the correct place and its not uncommon to encounter operators licensed in Curacao who don't mention their license AT ALL on their site.

2) How LetsSpin got your email - while it is possible that they've bought your details it's also possible that you've played with another operator under the same ownership. Lots of operators are reluctant to reveal that they're running lots of different sites.

3) False Advertising - again, while you could be right and this person may not exist, equally what you suggest is conclusive that this is false is far from conclusive. The advert does use the word "jackpot" this doesn't automatically mean jackpot in the progressive sense. Hitting the top payout in any game can be considered to be hitting the jackpot. Moreover this is presented as a quote from the player. Common use of the word allows for "jackpot" to be used to describe any positive event that was beyond the person's expectations.

You may be right in each instance, but what you've presented is a long way off proof and making accusations like this in public opens up both this site and yourself to legal liability. I am aware that other sites take a far more lax view on these things, but we don't. For the mediation system we have in place to work both sides have to feel like they're being treated fairly and that mean that accusations of this nature aren't allowed without proof to back them up.

Regarding the bonus issue, that does appear to be questionable, but I'll need your username and email address before I can do anything about that.



User icon
October 21, 2015

Hi Dr Boom,

Apologies I thought I'd already responded to this, but the message must not have been submitted properly.

I've spoken to Let's Spin, you've misunderstood the situation. The $138 is still in your account and you ARE allowed to withdraw it. Before you can withdraw you need to make a minimum deposit to activate a withdrawal method. Once you've made that deposit, you're free to withdraw both your deposit and the $138 at any time you like.

Let me know once you've withdrawn your funds.



User icon
Dr Boom
October 26, 2015

Hello The Pogg,

It's been a few days since I deposited and requested a cash out. So far it's still pending. I'll let you know if there are any changes later on.

User icon
Dr Boom
November 4, 2015

I checked my bank today and saw that I have received the payment.

Once again, fantastic work The Pogg! You managed to recover money that I never thought I'd see again. Thank you very much for your hard work.

User icon
November 4, 2015

Hi Dr Boom,

That's great news and I'm glad you're happy. I think we can consider this issue Resolved!


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October 10, 2015

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