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Lucky Emperor - loss of wagers/winnings


Unresolved - Lucky Emperor casino claims that this player has set up multiple accounts at 6 different casinos across the Casino Rewards group (more than one account under the same name at each casino) but has failed to supply evidence to support this claim.

As such this complaint has been marked 'Unresolved'.

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Player's Complaint

Hi, my username is [EDIT].

On the 25th of the April 2015 I opened an account at Lucky Emperor casino, it was a $10 no deposit bonus start. I opened the account, got the $10 bonus and started playing.(25th april 2015). I started winning and it got good so I made a withdraw on the 26th of april 2015 of $1500.00 and carried on playing. On the same day the 26/04/2015 I reversed withdraws back and forth most of that day, from the cashier. Then I had another win, and took out a little bit more. On the 27/4 15 I keep on playing reveseing money back an foward. On the 28/4/15 I had another win so I made my last withdraw making my total amount to $4000 an left about $280 in the account. So in total I made about 7 to 12 withdrawals. I was stoked, I've never won that much in my life. I logged off.

The next day, the 29/4/15, I went to log on an my account was locked. I didn't know why so I asked the support people at the casino site thay said I have to email the casino rewards risk management time in regards to my account so I did then thay tell me that I already have a account with them and they confiscated the winnings and that account was closed and the account they left open was the other account I had with them already. I said to them that I never knew I had an account with the, because usually when you open a casino account and you have one with them already you can't open one with them but nothing like that come up. So from the 25th to the 29/4/15 about 4 to 5 days before they closed my account when I was talking to the casino support at the casino they said it was because I had made a withdraw that thay notice that I had an account with them. To me if they notice that I had the account with them why didn't they say something about it on the first withdraw. They never said anything about 4 to 7 reversals an 4 to 5 withdraws later they say that your account is closed an thay have taken the money because I was in breach of the casino rules. Thanks 4 your time. I could go on an on but I'll stop there 4 now to see what use say.

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2 Responses

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May 4, 2015

Hi mangerman - welcome to!

There are several points I'll address here.

1) If you do have another account with Lucky Emperor casino there's nothing I can do to help you. The action taken by the casino is the correct action.

2) While most casinos sign-up forms will normally detect a duplicate account, this only happens if the personal information you entered is formatted consistently. If you change the format of the information this can often confuse the system.

3) Our own testing of the Casino Rewards group shows withdraws over weekend (which yours was) usually taking 4 days. That means that checks wouldn't be carried out until 4 days after you submit the withdrawal. You submitted your first withdrawal on the 25th, the standard account checks were carried out on the 29th which would be the point where I'd expect a duplicate account to be closed.

4) If you want me to talk to the casino about this issue I need you to provide me with your username and email address at Lucky Emperor.



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May 13, 2015

Okay, I've had a response from Casino Rewards regarding this issue. As is standard with this group, they will discuss evidence but won't actually show it. Casino Rewards states that this isn't just an issue with Lucky Emperor - where the casino claims the player has 2 accounts and the player states that they don't remember opening any other accounts - but with 6 different casinos across their group, all of which this player has registered with multiple time, breaching the rule at each casino. If this was the case then the claims of the second account at Lucky Emperor being an "accident" would be open to significant challenge. However, as I can't actually review the evidence that supports these claims, I simply have one party's claims against the other party's claims and no bases on which to draw any valid conclusion. As such this complaint will be marked as 'Unresolved'. ThePOGG

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May 4, 2015

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