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Lucky247 – Refund due to previous Self Exclusion


Found for the Player - As is standard for the Broadway Gaming Group, Lucky247 Casino have offered no response what-so-ever to this complaint.

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Player's Complaint


I SE'd from lucky247 end of march 2016. I was allowed to open a new account in december 2017 & quickly make deposits totalling 290STG. I used my new email address when opening the new account but all my other details remained the same. Lucky247 closed my account when they realised i had an account previous. I spoke with [EDIT], a live chat advisor, who suggested i should wait for an email to start a refund process.

It took me to contact them days later & i was asked to verify my account. After much delaying on the casinos part(i felt like i was being given the runaround) i persisted with my documents & they almost begrudgingly verified my account weeks later. After dragging the process out they then emailed me to say, no refund due to different email. I 'circumvented'. Even though all my other details were the same.

Do they not police their SE process at all?

As a problem gambler i felt they did not do nearly enough to prevent me opening another account. I have tried communicating with them a few times since to let them know i feel strongly about the matter & will push until either i get my refund or they take responsibility for SE'd problem gamers by taking SE more seriously.

What i have found, through communications since, to my disbelief is that even though Lucky247 are a large name in the casino world they are condisending, insinscere & just generally not nice people.

Can you help me any?



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5 Responses

Mar 30, 2018

Hi peter160162 - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

Firstly you've chosen to play with an operator that are routinely non-responsive to player complaints posted at this site. As such the chances that we can do anything to help you are very low.

Secondly, what you describe is unlikely to make a strong case. When you engage a self-exclusion you are entering a two-way agreement. The operator is agreeing to take some responsibility for trying to stop you accessing their services, but you are also agreeing not to try and circumvent the restrictions put in place.

There are certain pieces of information that can be share by different unrelated people and as such do not make good identifiers. Name, date of birth and even addresses fall into these categories. Email addresses however are not often shared and as such are a strongly reliable indicator of a match. Computer systems review these situation based on a binary logic, i.e. confirmed match or no match. Email address is a field that would be universally used to identify an individual.

I'll contact the operator to try and initiate a discussion but in this situation I honestly do not expect a positive outcome.



Mar 30, 2018


Thank you.

I take your point re. different emails. & i do understand my responsibility in all this but, as a problem gamer, it can be almost impossible to be responsible.

SE is my only hope. That is why i have SE'd with pretty much every provider to the point were i genuinely cannot remember accounts i have open & SE'd from through the years.

In this case my name, address, DOB & mobile telephone number(probably my ip address too) are identical on both accounts, so i struggle with how a casino can blatently turn a blind eye to the fact that this is obviously the same person(albeit with a diff email). They take advantage of an addict & do not seem to be accountable. The blame seems to be left at the feet of the addict mostly.

I know the chances of me ever getting a refund are slim, especially based on what you have said, but if Lucky247 had just blocked my attempted registration in the first place(as they should have) then that would have closed one more avenue for my addiction. They didn't & now they have easy money from another addict.

If i do not get my refund then i want so badly for casinos like Lucky247 to HAVE accountability for their actions, some form of punishment that might just help the case of problem gamers like me in the future. Any advice along those lines would also be appreciated.

Thank you again.

Apr 02, 2018

Hi peter160682,

If you were dealing with humans reviewing your information you'd be entirely right. But the simple facts are that the registration at an online gambling operator is an automated process. As I said in my previous response, it is binary process that in most cases only looks at certain fields that can be confirmed to be unique. A match on name isn't considered relevant as multiple people can share the same name. So this information simply isn't checked. It may be relevant in the broader context with matches in other information, but a binary system isn't capable of making that determination.

Where you ask to be self-excluded the operator are taking responsibility to prevent you from reaccessing your account, and to take basic measures to stop you signing-up again/with other properties they own. However, there are limits to what an operator can do to prevent this happening and where you change your details you prevent their systems picking up that you are a self-excluded player.

There may be other details to your case that might mitigate this, but the simple truth is that the Broadway Group probably will not have a conversation with us to establish if that may be the case.

What I can suggest to you is to engage with two services:

i) GamStop - this is a self-exclusion system that will coverall UKGC licensed operators with a single self-exclusion request that will be launching in the next few months.

ii) We offer a free tool - BetBlocker - that is intended to stop your device accessing thousands of different gambling websites. This is still in its trial launch stage while we iron out some bugs, but we'd appreciate any feedback you might have.

The above can help you prevent yourself from accessing a large array of gambling services and hopefully will aid your path to recovery.



Apr 04, 2018

Thanks for the advice. I have used software in the past to attempt to prevent my gambling but it always proves futile. 'Gamstop' can not come soon enough for me.

I received this out of the blue from Lucky247(they have previously told me that their decision was final & there was no need for further communication).
Hi [EDIT],

Thank you for your patience while we were reviewing your request. 

We believe in Responsible Gambling, and as such, we have a duty of care to protect our players.  As part of this duty of care, we use a series of tools to ensure players have the correct level of protection in place where necessary. 

Upon review of your query we found that your primary account [EDIT] was self excluded via our site, please be advised that self exclusion via the responsible gaming app on our site is confined to this account and not applied across licensee.

We have also found that your duplicate account was registered using a different email address, which would also circumvent our registration process and your initial self exclusion that was existing on your primary account. 

Please find the details registered to each account below:


Name: [EDIT]

Date of Birth: [EDIT]

Email address: [EDIT]

Home address: [EDIT]


Name: [EDIT]

Date of Birth: [EDIT]
Email Address: [EDIT]

Home Address: [EDIT]

We will continue to take reasonable steps to prevent you from opening new accounts.  Part of this process includes the addition of all of the details to our Assist Database list; a list which may prevent you from making further deposits within our network.

During the exclusion period you will not be able to log in to your account, play games, deposit or withdraw.  

We would also stress that you must not attempt to re-open your account or open additional accounts on this brand or any sister sites within our network.  Should any of the above not be adhered to, we will not be responsible for any additional losses which may occur.

As part of our duty of care towards our customers and in line with our Responsible Gambling Policy, we also encourage you to consider extending your Self Exclusion to other remote gambling operators.

As advised on our previous communications dating back from March 2018, we will not be in a position of refunding the deposits made on your duplicate account. 

Please be aware that software is available to prevent an individual device from accessing gambling internet sites. For further information please visit: www.gamblock.com 

Below are links to some fantastic Responsible Gambling services should you feel you need further assistance:






Kind regards,

Lucky 247 Support

I have an issue with the sincerity of this email & do not agree with the majority of its content.

You have explained how registration works using binary. In the case of Broadway Gaming i suggest the binary system looks at almost no fields when attemting

Apr 04, 2018


to block SE'd players.

Broadway must only do the bare minimum when it comes to meeting UKGC regulations for preventing problem gaming? Almost every other provider(& even over different brands) seem to instantly block my attempt at reqistration. Even though i have moved home since the new year, so i haved used my new email AND new home address. They thankfully still block any attempts.

I have since found further transactions on my bank statement(since my original SE with Lucky247) from the Broadway group dating from August 2016. These were likely under the same original registration details but i don't even know what casino they belong to.

Broadway's system i feel has done nothing to help me as a problem gamer & i baulk at their suggestion of due care.

My addiction has become almost impossible to control & i feel it mite get the better of me someday but i still want groups like Broadway Gaming to take more responsibility, & take more actions to prevent problem gamers in the future. Binary system or not, broadway are NOT doing nearly as much as most operators when it comes to prevention.

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