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Magic Red - Extremely delayed cashout


Resolved - Both the submitting complainant and Magic Red Casino have informed us that this issue has been resolved and the player has received their funds.

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Player's Complaint

Registered in this casino on February, 7th. I uploaded my ID, proof of address and confirmed my mobile phone number. I cancelled all the bonuses on my account before first deposit. During February I did 7 deposits by means of SKRILL payment system in the total amount of 6500 EUR and total cashouts were 7000 EUR. I got no problems and all payments were done almost immediately. So I felt this casino is quite reliable.

On March, 3rd I deposited 2000 EUR and had few short gaming sessions in the next 2 days. When suddenly I got mail from MagicRed's manager stating that he had updates on my account and we needed to talk. In online chat he told me I was granted Platinum status as a loyal player. One of the perk of Platinum status was the so-called 'express cashout' (yet I didn't have any problems with cashout speed anyway).

On March, 5th I decided to withdraw all the balance that was 4365 EUR and redeposit later to use perks of my new status. The limit of Here I encountered the problem the most players of this casino were complaining about. An extremely long cashout processing with no reason of delay provided. So I put 4365 EUR to cashout. 2 days after casino announced my proof of addres 'expired'. So I had to upload latest utility bill once again. And March 8th they send payment for processing.

Suddenly 2 days after on March, 10th I got message stating my request cancelled. Right after I got message a new cashout request registered. I waited 2 more days and as no funds received I went to online chat and asked what happened. They told me my first request 'got stuck' and so they had to reissue it again and all was fine now. But nothing happened after. So next day I asked them and heard second request 'got stuck' and most probably I must use another payment method. They offered me to try again, so they issued THIRD attempt om March 10th. With same result - no money received and request 'got stuck'.

They suggested me to use bank card for withdrawal but I had to deposit by means of this card first. I had my mastercard, showed them and asked if possible to use it. They confirmed and asked to me to upload my card and bank agreement photos. So I did. Next I tried to deposit by means of this card but payment was rejected on casino's side. This time online chat told me they unable to receive payments by bank cards now (yet they themself suggested me to use the bank card). Later I found on this casino's T

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5 Responses

User icon
March 24, 2022

Hi ladygaga - welcome back.

Please ensure you have read our Complaint Guidance to ensure that you fully understand how our complaint management process functions.

As we are the ADR for the Aspire Global license under the Malta Gaming Authority license there is certain information we have to provide you now.

You can find all the relevant information about this service here – and the terms of use for our complaint service here -

To summarise.

– Use of this service does not preclude your seeking redress through court proceedings .

– This service is free to use for both the complainant and operator.

– At any point during the procedure the submitting party retains the right to withdraw their complaint. This does not preclude our right to continue the discussion with the involved operator of general issues related to the complaint (i.e. insufficiently clear terms and conditions).

– You are not obliged to obtain independent or legal advice or representation, though you may choose to do so.

Firstly - you've used a prohibited character in your submission and as such we're missing the end of your complaint. Please provide the rest of your complaint text.

Secondly, while we do understand your frustration, given the growing international sanctions on your country of residence payment issues are likely to quickly escalate as more and more firms pull out of conducting trade in your market. While we will be happy to try and assist you, if you are going to continue engaging with international traders you would be wise to anticipate issues sending and receiving funds.



User icon
April 1, 2022

Later I found on this casino's Terms and Conditions they don't have ability to do cashouts to Mastercards (so it was incorrect information from casino side from just for dragging the time).

This time manager told me the only way is to use SKRILL again and this time he will control the process in person and all be fine. He asked me to send photo of SKRILL account with my data. So I did along with transaction history confirming I already got payments from them earlier. FOURTH cashout attempt 'got stuck'. I asked them to provide me a SKRILL transaction number to check from SKRILL technical support but casino replied this was not SKRILL issue. So they issued FIFTH cashout request and 2 days after I still got no payment. Suddenly I was unable to login to my account and to online chat. I was really angry and contacted them via email and informed I going to issue a complaint.

On March 23rd the manager came back to me and swore the issue would be resolved 'today' and promised to send me an email message by the end of the day to confirm all sorted out. I must say that I always talk to different persons (at least 3 different personal managers). Unfortunately SIXTH attempt was unsuccessful and I got neither payment no email from them.

Thus I'm waiting almost 4 full banking weeks for cashout and money still on casino balance. They just foolish around and not going to release my money. They don't explain or comment the situation except saying all the same - 'payment got stuck' and this is not payment system issue. They don't explain what kind of issues they have there. Fortunately my account is not blocked (YET) but funds are not accessible and online chat told me the latest cashout request in the amount of 4365 EUR cannot be reverted so I don't have access to my funds anymore. The request is in underfinite state withoiut moving.

Sometimes they send me fake reports stating that my cashout request was reissued (but this have no reflection on my account history).

I filed complaint via casino's web form with no reaction from casino at all. Noone from management contacted me until now.

I'm unable to withdraw by unknown reason since March, 5th.

User icon
April 2, 2022

Hi ladygaga,

Thank you for providing the rest of your complaint.

As stated above, there is a very high likelihood that the current geopolitical situation is directly impacting the ability of the 3rd party payment processing company that Aspire Global uses sending funds to your country of residence. We will contact the operator to see what can be done, but it is unlikely that this issue will resolve any quicker due to our involvement.



User icon
April 6, 2022

Finally they just paid in full 4365 EUR to my Skrill account on April, 6th. So it took one month since March, 5th to get the money. Thanks a lot for your engagement and assistance!

User icon
April 6, 2022

Hi ladygaga,

Thanks for letting us know - it is appreciated :) Please stay safe in these troubled times.


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March 24, 2022

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