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Magik Casino – Self-Exclusion


Found for the Casino - Magik casino are not bound by the regulatory requirements that better casinos are. We don't agree with these policies, but the regulator sets Responsible Gambling requirements.

Read our Magik Casino Review.

Player's Complaint

I am aproblem gambler and have excluded myself from all UK based casinos.Unfortunately I answered a promotional ad sent through from this casino and that was it I was hooked again. The system looked very familiar and after I lost all my money I realised it was affiliated with other casinos from which I have excluded myself.I e mailed and asked for an explanation as to why I was allowed to open an account but the response was simply we have closed your account now and excluded you. Tonight 31.12.17 as I type this to you I checked and was able to log in. Immediately a box came up saying I had no money in my account and transferred me to the cashier. I did not make a deposit however even after advising them I am a problem gambler and asking them to exclude me they have not despite saying they had. This is an unethical casino and other players should be warned. I would like to try and get my money back from them as they should never have allowed me to open an account when I have excluded myself from associated sites. There is no mechanism for a player to set a deposit limit or self exclude, this has to be done through chat and as I see tonight they don't exclude you even when they are told of a gambling problem and lie when they say they will exclude you !

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6 Responses

Jan 03, 2018

Hi Chrismeid - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

Firstly I need to make you aware that as a UK citizen you should not be playing with any operator that does not hold a UKGC license. Magik Casino do not have a UKGC license and are breaking UK law by accepting your play.

This leads me on to my next point - Magik Casino are part of the Game Tech Group N.V. This is one of the most widely Blacklisted groups in operation today and are Blacklisted here. Due to this they are routinely non-responsive to complaints posted at this site.

I'd strongly encourage you to disengage from any future play with this operator!

Further to this the license they do hold does not require them to meet the same Responsible Gambling standards that are required of UK licensed operators. As such Self-Exclusions do not carry over to other properties after a restriction at one.

I'm happy to try and contact the operator for you but you should be aware from the outset that the chances of success are very low.

Finally, we are in the final stages of developing a free Responsible Gambling tool that will help players restrict themselves from accessing thousands of gambling websites. This is intended to help people in exactly your situation by simply stopping them accessing online gambling websites. If you would like to beta test this for us please let me know.



Jan 03, 2018

Hello Pogg, Many thanks for your reply.

I have now (too late) done some digging on Magik and other casinos such as Ridika, Play Sunny and i Net as despite excluding myself from all these casinos I was not only allowed to log back in but actively encouraged to do so with e mails saying I had a bonus waiting for me. As you can guess I have a terrible problem and I am desperate to find a way of stopping gambling These casinos have no morals at all and I have lost a fortune due to their unscrupulous tactics. I would be absolutely delighted to beta test your new RG tool. Thank you very much for the offer and any other assistance you can offer to get some of my money back (although I am aware these companies are unscrupulous and the likelihood of any offering a refund is minuscule). Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you re the RG tool.

Jan 05, 2018

Hi catwowan,

The tool will be ready for testing in a few weeks. If you can provide me details of the devices and platforms you'd like to try I'll forward the right versions on asap (i.e. laptop/windows, mobile/iOS etc etc)?

I'm not familiar with PlaySunny or iNet casino. Could you provide urls for those operators?



Jan 05, 2018

Thank you this is great. I play on a lap top mac book air and have an android phone.Although I don't play on my phone I think it best to block that too.

inetbet. Here is a copy of correspondence I sent them yesterday. Despite excluding myself they continue to send me bonus offers and I can log back in. I am trying my best however the unscrupulous tactics are awful.

Begin forwarded message:

From: [EDIT]
Subject: Fwd: Manager Bonus
Date: 4 January 2018 16:43:14 GMT
To: iNetBet Manager

As you can see from my e mail below I excluded myself from your casino. Despite this you keep sending me free bonuses to entice me back on to your site. Despite the e mail below I again today received another bonus which enticed me back on to your casino. Despite the e mail below I was still not excluded and deposited money again. Please return all the deposits I have made since I excluded myself. I have complained about your unethical practices to an online gambling review site. I will also forward them this email, the one below and the one from today saying I have a bonus.
Please confirm my deposits will be returned and also confirm that you will exclude me from your site and stop sending me e mails stating I have a bonus.

Begin forwarded message:

From: [EDIT]
Subject: Re: Manager Bonus
Date: 6 December 2017 00:57:46 GMT
To: iNetBet Manager

I have excluded myself from your casino so you shouldn’t be sending me any e mails or offers. Please delete my e mail address and do not send me any e mails again.

On 4 Dec 2017, at 17:22, iNetBet Manager wrote:

Dear [EDIT],

It's [EDIT] here from iNetBet.

I trust that this mail finds you well.

We have today credited your account at iNetBet with $10.00 as part of our Bonus Program.

Latest News:

Over the past few months we have implemented numerous changes and we aim to keep adding these.

Whenever a new game is added it is applied to to the Instant Play Casino. You can now play pretty much all games via Instant Play.
There is also a section here now to see all current bonuses.

As you are no doubt aware we have a Mobile Casino too!!
This is available on all mobile and tablet devices.
You can now play over 60 of our games with more being added all the time.


There are now Daily Promotions of various types throughout the week. Be certain to take a look at the new "Daily Promos" section in your lobby:


You might also like to look at our Handy Hints section.


There is some great information here about bits of the software you might not use or even know are available.

Processing Information:

We have recently added a good many new options. All of these will be listed in your cashier. If you need any additional information in regards to processing or have any questions please just drop us a mail and we will be glad to assist.

PROCESSING NOTE: Our accounts team are doing a great job and they aim to have all withdrawals processed within 24 hours. In the past few weeks they have actually been upping the ante a little and making wallet payments within 12 hours :) (Excluding bank wires of course - we cant send these if the Bank is closed.)

Two new processor have been added recently:

UPayCard & Bitcoin

If you have any questions or queries just drop the support team a mail.

Your Lobby:

Be sure to take a look around your lobby when you sign in. Here you will also find all up to date news, updates, new game info, promotions, handy hints etc.

No need to search around when redeeming a coupon - links to all of the current offerings are right there.

Don’t forget to regularly check the Lobby for great promotional offers. At the moment there are some great slot offers which are ONLY available in your lobby, they cannot be found anywhere else.

Social Networks:

Why not ‘like’ our Facebook page for all the latest news, coupons and exclusive free chips! Especially the Manager Bonus Re-load :)

If you are more of a tweeter you can now also follow us on Twitter: [EDIT]

Be sure to join/follow us to get updates about all our latest promotions, contests and Twitter Exclusives.

If at any time you have any other questions or queries, no matter how small, you can contact either myself or the support team we will be glad to help.

Many thanks for your continued patronage of iNetBet it is very much appreciated.

Best Regards


iNetBet Casino

*Please remember to read the rules and regulations section of our website pertaining to free money offers.

More details about our Manager Bonuses can be found here: [EDIT]

If you do not wish to avail of these offers please send a removal request to mailto:[EDIT].

Jan 05, 2018

Thank you so much. I have sent you a reply with details.

I send her the url for the casinos referred to in your reply. I am amazed that play sunny allow me to deposit as it appears they have a uk url and I have excluded myself from all uk casinos.

Jan 17, 2018

Hi catwowan,

Firstly apologies for the delayed response - due to the links contained in your posts your posts were incorrectly blocked by our spam filters.

The tool is still being worked on and I'll pass along the relevant versions as soon as they are ready.

Firstly PlaySunny - At the present time there is no global self-exclusion scheme being operated by the UKGC. My understanding is that something to this effect is in development, but has not been implemented at the present time. That being the case unless you have directly self-excluded at one of the properties on the PlaySunny license. Self-excluding at other UKGC licenses would not extend to PlaySunny.

iNetBet - if you want us to look into this for you you should submit another complaint. I will however state that iNetBet are not UKGC licensed either and as such are not subject to the same Responsible Gambling requirements as UK licensed operators.



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